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  1. Anyone got ideas? I am struggling making money.
  2. Thanks
  3. Does anybody have any ideas of how to create and paint a model train? Dont have the green icon on the model landscape and i completed all the levels
  4. Thanks. Then i will wait to plat this game
  5. Will there be new game plus in the future? Dont want to start over but missed some collectibles
  6. Do u have to finish the chapter and return to the ship when u bought the doll? @baba-yaga069
  7. I hope u can also transfer the other way arround
  8. I played started on the trail version and then switched to ps5. I have platinum now on ps5, is there a way to get the platinum on ps4 with the trial version?
  9. I dont have any rock left at the beginning of chapter 10 so i wont be able to so this ?
  10. It has been patched today!
  11. Also bugged on ps5?
  12. Thanks that worked
  13. I tried it again but no luck.
  14. I have transferred the save file. But i didnt get all the trophies. Just look at my profile. I got the 100% completion trophies for the DLC but not the seperate trophies.
  15. The american version is a free update. EU and AS isnt.