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  1. Sorry to hear it, it's a shame because in the tavern game they released prior they had a boss rush mode to refight the bosses. Shame they didn't have one in this, arena would of been suited for it.
  2. Yeah sorry it was 8 hours after your post I don't really live on this site much. As for other tips, Samurais Quickdraw and Monks Obliterate are super handy. Use 60 Gems to buy the legendary pick axe for quicker gathering. Once you start earning 200k a day buy materials instead of wasting skip cards on lower levels. Hard modes are fun but add nothing to the experience so I skipped most of em. When doing arena remember to quick your bonus Exp passive, same goes for re running old content, added with a gem it's a potential 125% wxp boost.
  3. Got my platinum this morning, bosses don't show in arena so I had to redo the play through. Only fight one boss twice rest if you miss it there gone for good.
  4. So I've just realised I forgot to steal the loot from bosses which seems to have gated me out of getting this trophy. I can't find a way to re fight any bosses so looks like I have to start over so I can get this one trophy. Always remember to steal from every boss fight.
  5. Return to the workshop and you will get a cutscene about lifting some shelves. The fairy will find the recipe on some paper under them iirc. If not it may be from the adventure guild or the shop, just pass the day and visit them.
  6. That's odd, I'm 8 hours in with no issues so far (PS4PRO).
  7. Tip for Rock n Roll and Green Thumb Easy way to get this achievement/Trophy I found. I collected 5 stacks of 20 grass/rock, dropped them and recollected them 10 times. This counted for the trophy as collecting 1000 piece of each. Also having issues getting pacifist and vegetarian/no storage to ping.