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  1. The latter. You can't create Korean accounts on the PS4, PS3 etc, the system stops you. You may be able to in a browser but again I don't think you can. I have no idea why, very odd.
  2. LBP2 Muppets DLC certainly is. Issue there is the Vita Controller DLC pack that may or may not work with it, not sure. You may end up needing a copy from your Vita's region, don't know (by all means anyone correct me). Re the Vita DLC; DC is still available in UK anyway. The Marvel DLC is on the cart of the Marvel Edition and you can pick that up cheap enough pre owned.
  3. Hi all, Edit: TLDR: you can get the digital base game and the Pirates DLC on the Korean PSN store, which works to earn the trophies. I had been trying to get the Pirates DLC for months and had heard rumours of a US disc release with the content but could not track down that particular unicorn. So what I ended up doing was researching on the PSN store sites for other regions and what I found was most Asian countries had the Pirates DLC but the base game came up as Disc Only on the store. The only reliable import of the disc I could find was Japan, but their LBP servers were closed years ago. The only exception I could find was on the Korean store that had both the Disney DLC (as I shall probably do this for LBP2 and the Muppets) AND the base game digitally. In the end I got a Korean PSN account and 50,000won credit, logged into the account and purchased the digital game and DLC. When it downloaded and updated etc I booted it up on my main account (LEGOMii) and completed the first 3 levels to access the world globe and hey presto; the Pirates DLC was in My Content. You can look at my profile; I started earning the Pirates DLC a couple days ago (30/08/2020) Other notes; I am UK based with a UK PSN account. I did not need a VPN for Korea to download/upload anything. This worked as of 30/08/2020; I cannot take responsibility if you attempt this and get regional issues or the Korean servers are taken down (a la Japan; which was my first attempt at this because an imported disc is way way cheaper). This is why I did the online trophies (upload level and play 20 community levels) asap, because the rest can in theory be done offline. Good luck if you decide to try it