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  1. Hell yeah, now let's see if all trophies are obtainable. This is still THQ Nordic
  2. I would say there is nothing wrong with making games more accesable if someone choose to but trophies shouldn't be inclusive imo, they are not really part of a game. If everybody can have it with no issue it's not an achivement.
  3. Oh no, good, free content. Only trophy hunters can complain on these things.
  4. Discription in store is probably irrelevant. Just copy paste from base game and "ONLINE AND LOCAL" is was still there after game was shut down
  5. They added delux edition to the store. It doesn't say what is in it Maybe they patched in offline trophy support or even brought back online. Somebody should check Would be strange to make new edition of the game after online has been shut down.
  6. I would personally create a new one. Few unobtainale lists and not that many finished games. Starting over would push me to finish all low percent games from previous profile i want. But that's my perspective. I had to change account when I moved from xbox 360 to PS4 and starting over wasn't a big deal for me.
  7. According to new rules, yes. Works fine on EU
  8. 100% you don't need landmarks and backpacks for dlc trophies. I did 100% at least 1 dlc before I even unlocked landmarks in main campain and there is no reason to belive you need them
  9. Not mentioned yet: Anodyne Horyzon shift '81 Stick it to the man Not a hero
  10. I would love to play them all in order. And be able to have them on disc I to X at least
  11. Haven't you accused normal answer being troll in the other thread about mohjang? That's troll Or can you address rest of posts then just headline?
  12. It is not pure luck. If better player solves more percent of boards that means there is skill involved. You can most definitely lock yourself out of solving normally solvable puzzle
  13. Guess rumor was "trust me bro" Only mention i could find was random guy's post on random forum from 2020