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  1. Maybe just not enough people played but both stacks have almost same trophies unobtaied
  2. Any update?
  3. // Faeria (PS4) [WiktorM101] // https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11606-faeria // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11606-faeria/53-fall-of-everlife-collection // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11606-faeria/55-resurgence-collection // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/11606-faeria/56-puzzle-elementalist "11606": [53, 55, 56],
  4. Well, it was on xbox 360 I can't decide if it was worth it
  5. So far flags in Assassin's Creed 1 Everyting else after that is a-okay
  6. Oh, i feel bad for you considering they give DLC's for free now
  7. I don't think it would be good actually. Without proper director (which they fired) quality remake like Resident Evil 2 would be disaster/impossible for them. Simple remasters are doable but you know how it is when it's just new textures and resolution. Hope i'm wrong tho.
  8. Microtransactions are made for these games. If it would be ads OR microtransactions it would be great but being real there will be both in-game. Big gaming is borrowing mobile gaming ideas more and more. Next step is no quality control at all (even tho current in no perfect). Like steam library or even worse mobile one. If this idea sticks they will put it in AAA titles. Then you will have to buy "Far Cry 11 Digital Gold Delux Edition (includes Season Pass and ad revomal)"
  9. It would be okey if it was for everything and not even a thought about different editions/DLC's. Anniversary release of any game/series that cuts its content and sell it as DLC's is just greedy.
  10. I low key expected Rayman Origins quality level reboot. Fact that they sell "digital delux" with content that many games from the time used to have as unlockable bonus from in-game challenges. Come on. Paying for music from MegaDrive version? In ANNIVERSARY remasters? This is not how you "Celebrate the games that started it all" . Imagine paying for ability to switch between original and new graphics in games like Another World, Grim Fandango, GODS remasterd and so on. Imagine Brutal difficulty behind a paywal in Uncharted Trylogy Remstered (or even Doughnut Drake skin for $2.99). I haven't checked but i'm sure there are better tributes to these games made by fans somewhere. This is not tribute, this is blunt monetization of nostalgia. Real tribute would have all of "Digital Delux" content and even more.
  11. It looks like very high quality small/short game. I love when they put big budget into quality over quantity. Small maps with gorgeous animations. Looks like must-play at some point.
  12. Thing is, they are usually eather not complex enough to be called simulators (except maybe some farming ones or microsoft's flight one) or try to be a FuNnY one but joke was old in 2010s and goat simulator was all we needed to laugh at "genre".
  13. Crypt of the Necrodancer as a whole. Couldn't even beat game with default character. Furi - She's an 11. Sniper boss was giving me hard time so I "temporarly" moved on to another game and haven't came back since. Will go back there. SteamWorld Dig - Master Prospector. It scares me man.
  14. This thread should be locked with link to this