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  1. Great game with nice artstyle. Played a bit on PC but stopped when i discovered it gonna be on playstation. Shame is has problems.
  2. Oh yea. Game looks good so far. Still not lol on consoles that was annouced some time ago. Would love to play this at some point.
  3. Assasin's Creed Freedom Cry (and AC Chronicles series depends on how you see it)
  4. Batman: Arkham Azylum (100% on PC X360 and PS4, played campain more then 6 times. Great game) Dark Souls (Masterpiece)
  5. Imagine Super Meat Boy on PS5 with autopopping trophies and 80+% platinum rarity. Insane. It's sad they don't do multiplatform trophy lists anymore. That was 100% better. Like Rogue Legacy or Hotline Miami. Includes posibility of save transfer (and getting more trophies on new console) without autopopping. I knew it was going to be bad when Control got 5 trophy lists and games like Anodyne 2 can have 8(!!!) With these 2 you can have 13 plats but only 2 unique games finished. Madness.
  6. I watched this video randomly before i even had the game. 50h of boosting sounds scarry. Its lie. Have no idea how it can take 50h honestly. Also he misinforms on how you need 100 player-controlled creatures in siege. It counts AI zombies also but even if you would go for legit 100 player-controlled creatures it won't take nowhere near 30h of playtime.
  7. What happens when they decide its not free anymore? Usually thing you add to your acc stays yours but i want to be sure.
  8. Story in Remember me was generic as story can be tho (plot twist that makes you shake your head). Fighting system was fine and world was interisting. Beyond good and evil was great. Would play more games like that one.
  9. Styx: Master of Shadows had great raw stealth mechanics and good story with rly unexpected plot twist.
  10. Yea, even more trophies. Gonna have great time with this game again.
  11. Looks like pretty much same list from x360 but without DLC trophies.
  12. My name is Mayo is meme game. It's eazy, fast plat, but at least it's funny. You can't tell that about other eazy and fast platinums that came after Mayo like Slyde or most Ratalaika games that aim for 1h plat.