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  1. I know! Played it a few years ago, loved it, platinumed all the others, then rebought U2 and got caught up in other games again. It's my new priority.
  2. Tearaway. It's fun and you can platinum it very quickly.
  3. Bioshock Infinite. Takes about a week and is very fun.
  4. I wanted to hit level 20 for PS4 but oh well. I try for a platinum a month and that normally goes well.
  5. Jealous of your Borderlands 2 because I'll never get around to getting to Level 50, doing all side quests etc. etc.
  6. I did it. It's not too hard you just have to keep trying til you find a good partner.
  7. It happened to me today. Saved, quit to main menu, reloaded and it happened almost instantly when I went up near the exit
  8. Read something like this on PS3T pretty sure you can't ever leave the bookshop while taking out enemies
  9. Just finished Firefly journey and with that I'm completely done with multiplayer
  10. I love the UK way of releasing on Friday. It means I can enjoy the game all I like over the weekend. But I hate it when America get it 3 days before us. I think worldwide release day should be Friday for all games.
  11. Uncharted 4 PS4. It has to happen. Uncharted 3's ending didn't disappoint me but it did for a lot of people. I wanna see Drake and the gang just once more on PS4.
  12. Your Uncharted 2 platinum. It's the only Uncharted platinum I don't have
  13. Congrats on your first platinum and welcome to the community. The only fan art I have are pen doodles in my note book
  14. He owns a Vita
  15. First I played on normal for pure enjoyment, replaying now on easy for all collectibles and miscellaneous combat trophies. I'm using mlw collectibles guide online. It's amazing because it has a checklist and video for every collectible in order including kinetoscopes, telescopes, voxophones and infusions. I also bought the official guide which will be really helpful for my 1999 mode play through.