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  1. Wouldn't someone have to modify each piece of artwork to make the squares into rectangles? Seems like a megaton of work.
  2. Also, the intel files seemed to drop more readily when I was level 50. I would try and open chests on Day of the Remains with a level 50 that can fly as there are a couple on platforms on the way to the first AIM stache.
  3. Exactly what I'm's very boring so I am just listening to podcasts!
  4. The lowest ranked 999 account on PSN Leaders is Supra_jza80 His previous trophy level is 162. I haven't got far to go then 😃 ps Also worked out there are 485 people who were previously at 100 level cap, who are now under the new level cap. Also..... I wonder how this guys feels today :
  5. As a new trophy hunter, its quite a nice change having badges to aim for. Perhaps we will get a notification when we level up? I’d be interested to know if Sly knew about this in advance - it would seem a bit unfair on him otherwise as this will presumably require a lot of work to manage?
  6. Does the Challenge level matter. Can I do them all on Challenge I ?
  7. Phew...woke up this morning at 6am to order only to find out preorders with most retailers in the UK went live overnight and they were already sold out!! Then I heard Amazon were opening orders at 9am, and I managed to bag one of those before they sold out
  8. Lol....Now you got me interested in the CX again!! I might see if they come with some sort of burn-in guarantee.
  9. I've also been researching a new 55" TV to replace a 5-year old Samsung 1080p LCD. What I have learned in the last few weeks is that the more YouTube reviews I watched, the more confused I became!! I would love an LG55CX but I have read a few horror stories regarding burn-in that have put me right off OLED....I just don't want to have to think about it. With that in mind, I have settled on the Sony X900H as the best, future proof LED I can get right now. I had a look at one instore and the improvement on what I have now is huuugee
  10. I'll get it day one as longs as it has PS4 compatibility. If not, I might wait a year or so.
  11. Guns n Roses front left
  12. I hope it's not more than £500 for the full fat version....I need to buy a 4K TV as well!