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  1. Hey man. Just wanted to stop by and say I hope all is well. :)

  2. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, online is the best
  3. Nice I still have yet to get all 500 missions done on umvc3 but did do some a while ago that I never could before. Glad I was able to help x-23 10.
  4. I did this plat legit, no orb glitch and it's only half of the races that were really frustrating. Doing them in reverse was pretty easy and everything else wasn't bad to me. Still pretty tough plat only because of those races but there are much harder plats than Jak II.
  5. I did fight one of this hackers using 2 Galactus and Dr. Doom with the hidden missile assist. Actually beating Galactus isn't too bad however if you get knock down once, all they have to do is just spam punch over and over again til your dead. Also they ave unlimited meter use as well. Oh well at least I took down of the Galactus . Too bad I really like playing this game even though it did piss me off at times.
  6. I can 2nd Child of Eden, you got to have perfection in the levels while scoring high pts. To score high pts you must do it to the beat of the music and be able to get a 8x multiplier and maintain it with only messing up very little. For me harder it's than SF IV, UMVC3, vanilla DOA5 . With fighting games if your good in them already then they might not be too bad but still for most trophy hunters they are really hard. If you want some fun but pretty hard games kinda like Vanquish then Metal Gear Rising is up your alley unless you don't like hack n slash games.
  7. Yep that's right hackers now have found a way to use the boss Galactus in online matches
  8. 23 now, could of had a couple more but I've been taking a break and still on break.
  9. For the few people that know me I'm taking a break from trophy hunting. Been playing some ps2 games on my ps2 with the old tube t.v. Also been playing some UMVC3 for fun so anyone that I know who has the game is looking to play some matches for fun let me know.

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    2. snakebit10


      now don't take to long a break. LOL. Seriously though do what you gotta do.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      I warned you :). Good to take a break though. No point getting burnt out

    4. NERVergoproxy


      I like where your headed, "for fun".

  10. Congrats on your recent plats, Skyrim was long but fun and relaxing plat but that other game sounds torture. Don't blame you for wanting to do a fun plat.
  11. It's on my must see list
  12. Fantastic Four(1994) So bad it's funny but at least Dr.Doom's look is right.
  13. Yes I would change it and pay up to $10 for it.
  14. Thanks for the add, your impressive collection keeps getting even more impressive.

    1. Krzywy_87


      Thank you!! and np your collection is too awesome and I respect you man so yeah keep u great work :)

  15. #17 Fallout 3 #101 Skyrim