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  1. Its actually based on a true story. but might have somethings in common with the movie like you said
  2. I did the game and got 79/80. I was able to get an old save after beating the game to make sure that I did get all the quest done. did anyone else have trouble? Is the trophy glitched in someone? should I try to continue the new playthrough with the same character or should I start a new one?
  3. pretty sure it can be over multiple playthroughs
  4. Hey there, Thanks for reaching out to 2K Support! My name is Andrei and I will be looking over your request! I am very sorry for the issues experienced and also for the delay in response, because of the recent pandemic sweeping the globe we have received a very large volume of requests in our backlog and this has caused a certain delay in response, but please rest assured we are doing our best to look over every request asap! The best thing that I can recommend for the time being is to please try to restart the console in order to clear any momentary errors and to see if this helped. Unfortunately no future patches for the game are scheduled or expected at this time. Please visit the following article below for more info on the matter article I am truly sorry for the issues experienced and I regret that there is nothing more that we do from our side at this time. Many thanks and stay safe, Andrei K. 2K Support That’s what they sent me
  5. I have alos lost them as well
  6. I have also submitted a ticket
  7. hes no longer on it
  8. or could they have just have found and emulator?
  9. I believe that there is a way to obtain it but I dont know how. I dont think the guy hacked it or used a saved game becasue typically they would unlock all at once and it would be obvious but he's times on the trophies seem legitamate so I dont know.
  10. Was looking at this game and saw that people unlocked the multiplayer trophies after the shut down but I dont believe they hacked it. How is this possible?
  11. Some guy got all the trophies in 2017. how is that possible?