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  1. I have the same problem- these games were never mentioned in PSN blog’s “the drop” back when they did that regularly and I was constantly missing releases which is a shame because I love these games and will happily throw money at them. If you’re like me, you may wish to follow Artifex Mundi on twitter, it seems to be their main method of making announcements that I can find.
  2. Thanks, looks like I made it more complicated than it actually was. Definitely not “financial records” as characters in the game claimed. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to leave this here, incase there won't be a guide for one playthrough written. I used this guide, which was excellent: The author assumed you would play the game twice, but I wanted to do it once using saves. To do it in one playthrough, you'll need to make sure to save before crafting anything, because the trophy for using a crafted item is unique per chapter, but taking critical damage is cumulative. You absolutely have to continue the game with permanent damage to get all of the damage related trophies. 1. General note - keep track of all the times switches are mentioned in the guide, you'll need to flip them all and it's an absolute pain to backtrack. 2. Make a save before creating the taser. Then clear the police office with the taser. Reload. Complete the police office without the taser and take critical damage, you're permanently down 1HP. Continue game. 3. Make a save before creating the caltrops. Clear the market with the caltrops. Reload. Clear the market without the caltrops and take critical damage (health permanently reduced by two now.) Continue game. 4. Before making the gas mask and leaving the subway, once you have the crobar, you'll want to use this opportunity to clean up. Avoid the bottom floor to avoid accidentally proceeding. Get the backpack. Get the spectral incense. Cleanup notes from all previous sections. This guide fails to mention a second switch at Sehwa high which you should get when backtracking there, check the switch location section of the guide for details since you'll need the crobar and a password list. At this point, save, make the mask, clear the subway. Reload, and clear the subway without the mask. Your health is now permanently reduced by 3. Continue. 5. When you see the wifi looking door at the hospital, take a screenshot... The lights appear in order of switch location with Sehwa high school locations first. Dead lights are missing switches. In this chapter, we're reversing the order for the trap. Save before creating the mobile decoy... and this time complete it without the decoy first, taking your last bit of critical damage, leaving you with one health. Once you have that trophy, reload, make the decoy, and continue the game. This way you'll have 2 health for the final chapter. 6. For the Gymnasium MAKE A SEPARATE SAVE AND NEVER WRITE OVER IT. The guide lists a point of no return AFTER the point of no return. Follow the guide but SKIP the section on retrieving the Holy Water of Separation entirely. Everything else is required. After Myung-gil disappears, I chose to make my final save here. Then I interacted with the door and Yaesol appears. Once you talk to her YOU ARE LOCKED INTO AN ENDING. So don't overwrite your save before interacting with her. Talk to her without that Water of Separation, and complete the game, get ending B. Reload. Get the water of separation and get ending A. At this point you can reload and go for the secret bunker and track down any switches you may have missed. I just missed the one I mentioned. I chose to do this before the ending, and found it wasn't worth it, because it forced me to track all the way back to the end of the game and I wasted 10 minutes. Good luck!
  4. I don't want to use spoiler tags throughout this whole thing, so consider this whole thread spoilers. All ideas appreciated.
  5. I like this theory too and deeply considered it... my own rambling theory about an evil Lucien above. My major problems with this theory... does Erica have the materials to make the perfume, and if not, who is supplying it for her? With your theory, Greene wouldn't have killed Erica's father, but how then would Erica have known about Greene? From observing interactions at Delphi House? I know she lived there for a time, but the question would be how much she would have known Greene to associate Greene with her father's death. I think if I personally went down the "Erica is the murderer" route, I'd have to make things completely different... I'd have to make the cult completely, 100% fake. Totally fake. All of it fake. And that Erica was insane before she ever killed her father. I call this the non supernatural ending! So, child Erica is born to people doctors at Delphi house. Being doctors they are super involved in their work. They are always busy and not around. Erica's social interaction comprises of a lot of time with other patients... who aren't mentally fit and aren't the best role models. She starts picking up their behaviors. The Petals are a soothing smell... that's literally all it is. Erica begins showing worrying personality traits... her father decides to try his life's work, regression therapy, on his own daughter. It's his misguided way of trying to help her. It incorporates images of the masked creatures and the butterfly... it impacts her subconscious. The masks were in the hallway. The petals and the fire and the ritual, are all what Dr. Ballard says they are - byproducts of the regression therapy. But having your memories edited is hardly healthy. Erica is struggling to remain stable. It's made all the worse when her mother dies. She blames Greene for this. She would have interacted with Greene... Greene hogged her mother's attention. Greene took her mother away and it was Greene's fault her mother died. She would also blame her father, who was the one who had her mother committed. Erica's father continues the regression therapy, trying to mute Erica's pain at her mother's death, trying to mute her hatred of Greene... Erica finally snaps and kills her own father, carving the symbol of his work into his chest. She's kept at the hospital, and regression therapy continues. She... forgets. At 18 she's declared fit and released. But she's not fit. She owns the apartment. She makes the perfume... not because it does anything, but because it simply is nostalgic. She obsesses over Greene, who she still blames for her mother's death, and she's transferred this blame to her father's death. Erica is the one obessesed with the culture of the gods and the meanings, because for Erica, it has to be real, in order for her to keep her sanity. She commits the murders. Greene's manifestation is her subconscious trying to make her realize what she's done. Erica hallucinates shadows, the girls in masks, even flickering lights... she is the epitome of the unreliable narrator. Erica was the murderer. The regression therapy was at fault. There is no cult. Just girls without people to care for them being abused by corrupt scientists to test out a therapy technique. The hidden petal room is tiny, hardly a ritual chamber... it's a place to grow ingredients, nothing more. ...And the sheer number of possibilities either makes this story excellent or beyond frustrating.
  6. I feel like this whole response is spoilers.
  7. My understanding is not for seeing all the endings - I was more meaning if you're struggling with controls you can quit to main menu and cloud save so you would have less to replay if you fail. I also used it to see some of the dialogue choices not used in the guide, and for a few sequences where I was concerned I wouldn't be able to complete the commands in time.
  8. Funnily, I found the phone app completely unusable. It never did what I expected. The controller worked perfectly... maybe it's a matter of technique, or my phone is just old, try both and see what works for you. Also, You may wish to pause, quit to main menu, and upload your save to the cloud. This way you have the opportunity to redo any difficult sections. I decided to do my first playthrough blind and the end result is probably an extra playthrough, but I think it was worth it... at least for now, I'll see how I feel 6 playthroughs later.
  9. I played it. It was heavily influenced by the movies, with 3D roaming. I liked the previous game with 2D better. Just took me a few hours to beat it. I'd say it's a $5 game not a $40 game, bad impulse buy on my part.
  10. Unfortunately I do not, I don't remember it giving me any trouble Kojiro did end up showing up a lot when I didn't want him to though. I'd recommend checking multiple guides for which answers she likes... don't take anyone else at all on your missions except required characters and her. Try to get her to deliver killing blows to ghosts - that's what raises affection, those experience points. Save before the final battle... if it's not her, grind with her on some missions and have her make as many killing blows as possible... rinse and repeat. It's my only advice unfortunately.
  11. I had a similar problem. I'd read all mails but didn't get the one for Moeka reading all mails. Turns out there's one in the common route that you ONLY SEE if you don't open and read her other messages to you. How'd I find this? Press the options button. Then "Mail list". There's one for each route, including common route. Click R1 to navigate between them all. There'll be a "???" for any missing, and they're in chronological order. If all of these say 100%, my guess would be you're missing out on reading one of the messages that's preloaded on your phone when you start the game. Open all of these again and press X, some have attachments that need to be seen as well, if you use O to exit, it may not count as reading it all the way even if the little mail icon indicates it's been read. Finally for Mayuri in particular she sends you attachments... make sure you've opened all of these, because again, it may mark you as having seen it even when you haven't done so. Good luck.
  12. I wish psn mentioned these games in their blog posts “the drop”. I love playing the hidden object titles and their release dates never seem to get announced. I only stumble across them like this from time to time. It’s rather frustrating.
  13. That worked. I can't remember how I glitched it, but it may simply be missable. I somehow kept the "wing inset" item throughout the whole game. You need to use that item to get a lamp and a rune necessary for the first spell. I also had a rune stuck in my journal the whole first game run which never got used. In short though, following the text trophy guide produced no problems. Good luck fellow gamers
  14. Heads up, the spell weaver trophy for crafting the first spell seems to be glitched. I played the whole main game and never got it, yet I got Spell Master for creating a spell. I can't be the only person this has happened to, since Spell Weaver shows a greater rarity than Spell Master. I'm trying the 'delete save data and start over' method. I'll update the post if that doesn't work, and leave it alone if it does.
  15. It's somewhere in the stack room... if I remember correctly it was sitting on the ladder but post back if I was incorrect.