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  1. Got it by doing chapter select. I still got caught and hacked to pieces. Only things I did differently - I didn't die at all in the whole chapter. I also watched the monster die, the first time I kept running without watching.
  2. Just a heads up, I missed the Hairshrieker trophy. The guide suggests it’s story related, but I don’t think it is. You specifically have to escape it without getting caught. I got caught by it twice and was able to heal and keep running. Once I completed the sequence, I did not get the trophy. I think you need to escape the Hairshrieker AND not be injured by it. If anyone can confirm, please comment. Otherwise my game just glitched.
  3. Dang it, I wish I found this sooner. This is the exact opposite of what XBox and Steam guides say you need to do to get the final trophy, I was super confused. Wonder if it's truly intended this way... and the darn game autosaves... so if you don't have a cloud save (I did day 7) you have to play the whole thing again.
  4. Guides are now up. 🙂
  5. No worries. I just got feedback today that I messed up the formatting. My bad for failing to read the how to write a guide. I’m making revisions today and resubmitting once done, but I’ll see what I can do for you.
  6. It says it’s waiting for review. It’s barely been two days though and a step by step platinum walkthru is admittedly... a lot. The first run you’re forced into a bad end though and my recommendation is to play however you want the first time, and try to get the trophy for running out of sanity (answering the questions wrong over and over until it breaks works well, just save before you do it).
  7. I gotcha. The correct order: Last two choices:
  8. The keywords you need are:
  9. Ok. I've submitted a regular trophy guide and a step-by-step platinum walkthrough to PSN Profiles. It's been a few years since I've created a guide, but I think it's awesome. 😌 While waiting on approval, ask me anything I suppose.
  10. I should be done checking it works today. Assuming it works, I’ve got to copy it over to PSN profiles, format it properly, and get it approved. Not sure how long that will take, I don’t frequently write guides. 2 days? A week?
  11. I really enjoyed the story but you’ll have to deal with some wonky translations on occasion. Everything still made sense but it was definitely noticeable, especially the further on you went. If the translation was perfect, I’d say it’s worth the $50, but with the number of errors I’d feel better at $30. I’m in the process of writing a walkthrough, so that should help reduce frustration with trophies once it’s up.
  12. I am literally finishing one up. I have it written I’m just testing it on a blank account to make sure it works. I don’t have it in psnprofiles yet so depending on their approval process and how intuitive it is to use their interface give me.... 2 days to 1 week?
  13. I have the same problem- these games were never mentioned in PSN blog’s “the drop” back when they did that regularly and I was constantly missing releases which is a shame because I love these games and will happily throw money at them. If you’re like me, you may wish to follow Artifex Mundi on twitter, it seems to be their main method of making announcements that I can find.
  14. Thanks, looks like I made it more complicated than it actually was. Definitely not “financial records” as characters in the game claimed. Thanks!
  15. I wanted to leave this here, incase there won't be a guide for one playthrough written. I used this guide, which was excellent: The author assumed you would play the game twice, but I wanted to do it once using saves. To do it in one playthrough, you'll need to make sure to save before crafting anything, because the trophy for using a crafted item is unique per chapter, but taking critical damage is cumulative. You absolutely have to continue the game with permanent damage to get all of the damage related trophies. 1. General note - keep track of all the times switches are mentioned in the guide, you'll need to flip them all and it's an absolute pain to backtrack. 2. Make a save before creating the taser. Then clear the police office with the taser. Reload. Complete the police office without the taser and take critical damage, you're permanently down 1HP. Continue game. 3. Make a save before creating the caltrops. Clear the market with the caltrops. Reload. Clear the market without the caltrops and take critical damage (health permanently reduced by two now.) Continue game. 4. Before making the gas mask and leaving the subway, once you have the crobar, you'll want to use this opportunity to clean up. Avoid the bottom floor to avoid accidentally proceeding. Get the backpack. Get the spectral incense. Cleanup notes from all previous sections. This guide fails to mention a second switch at Sehwa high which you should get when backtracking there, check the switch location section of the guide for details since you'll need the crobar and a password list. At this point, save, make the mask, clear the subway. Reload, and clear the subway without the mask. Your health is now permanently reduced by 3. Continue. 5. When you see the wifi looking door at the hospital, take a screenshot... The lights appear in order of switch location with Sehwa high school locations first. Dead lights are missing switches. In this chapter, we're reversing the order for the trap. Save before creating the mobile decoy... and this time complete it without the decoy first, taking your last bit of critical damage, leaving you with one health. Once you have that trophy, reload, make the decoy, and continue the game. This way you'll have 2 health for the final chapter. 6. For the Gymnasium MAKE A SEPARATE SAVE AND NEVER WRITE OVER IT. The guide lists a point of no return AFTER the point of no return. Follow the guide but SKIP the section on retrieving the Holy Water of Separation entirely. Everything else is required. After Myung-gil disappears, I chose to make my final save here. Then I interacted with the door and Yaesol appears. Once you talk to her YOU ARE LOCKED INTO AN ENDING. So don't overwrite your save before interacting with her. Talk to her without that Water of Separation, and complete the game, get ending B. Reload. Get the water of separation and get ending A. At this point you can reload and go for the secret bunker and track down any switches you may have missed. I just missed the one I mentioned. I chose to do this before the ending, and found it wasn't worth it, because it forced me to track all the way back to the end of the game and I wasted 10 minutes. Good luck!