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  1. That worked. I can't remember how I glitched it, but it may simply be missable. I somehow kept the "wing inset" item throughout the whole game. You need to use that item to get a lamp and a rune necessary for the first spell. I also had a rune stuck in my journal the whole first game run which never got used. In short though, following the text trophy guide produced no problems. Good luck fellow gamers
  2. Heads up, the spell weaver trophy for crafting the first spell seems to be glitched. I played the whole main game and never got it, yet I got Spell Master for creating a spell. I can't be the only person this has happened to, since Spell Weaver shows a greater rarity than Spell Master. I'm trying the 'delete save data and start over' method. I'll update the post if that doesn't work, and leave it alone if it does.
  3. It's somewhere in the stack room... if I remember correctly it was sitting on the ladder but post back if I was incorrect.
  4. Another strong recommendation for this - if you played the game through once already like I did, start a new player profile (upper right hand corner on the main menu). This resets the in game trophy tracker. (This may be required anyway). This means your meter for completing puzzles without skipping and completing puzzles / HO scenes in under 2 minutes will match. Check it periodically. If the 'puzzles without skipping' ever exceeds the 'puzzles under 2 minutes' bar, you'll know you screwed up, and you can reload a cloud save. You can check progress any time in the main menu. As a side note, I magically got 'under two minutes' when I completely quit the game mid puzzle on the knight coloring, and completed the final bit of paint after reloading the save. Not sure this will work for everything though.
  5. ... can someone do a run on youtube or explain their equipment or strategy starting level 20? Explain it like I'm an idiot who never paid much attention to fighting mechanics for most of the game... And does anyone change out their higgledys? I've been using the same set for every fight. Is there an advantage to changing them, and are there any particular sets they recommend? I see a lot of posts about maxing magic stats, but what stats are those and are there specific items that do it, or do you have to hope to pick up weapons/armor with the skills as a random drop? Are weapons/armor from the labyrinth floor 80-100 the best you can get, or should I be trying to craft new ones? I just feel like I'm missing some fundamental skill for how to approach the Solosseum.
  6. Just a heads up- before starting the game, select advanced mode and turn the tutorial off in the options section. This is because when you click new game and select advanced, Advanced mode remained turned off in my options- it was fine at first, it was still in advanced mode but shortly after starting my game crashed. When I quit and reloaded my save, it was suddenly in casual mode and I didn’t notice until I solved a few puzzles- I decided to quit and restart the game. It probably isn’t a problem for people completing the game in one sitting, but everyone else should select Advanced before starting in the options menu and don’t change it throughout the game.
  7. I completed the requirements for Steady Hand in the first hidden object scene, but it didn't unlock. After that I completed multiple hidden object scenes without screwing up or using a hint - nada. I tried completely uninstalling my game and deleting my save and starting over - completed the first puzzle without error, still nothing. I saw a steam post where they said completing the first puzzle of the bonus scenario counted - because anything with an object hidden by something else wouldn't work. Tried the first puzzle - made an error. Quite to main menu. Resumed - completed perfectly. No trophy. At my wits end I clicked new game, casual, bonus scenario, used hints to skip the first minigame, and rushed thru the first puzzle flawlessly in less than a minute all continuous from starting the bonus scenario. Got the trophy. So... be forewarned. This trophy can be glitchy as heck. I couldn't tell you if my completing it in under a minute, not loading a save, or it being a puzzle where you don't have to 'interact' with anything, caused it to work, or what. I got platinum though... finally.
  8. I'm just generally curious if this drives anyone else nuts. Oftentimes I'll pick up a game without knowing much about it, boot up the game, and one of the first things I'm asked to do is name the character. I don't know anything about this character yet, so I use my real, female, name. Then sometimes a few seconds later I'm greeted with a male sprite, at which point I instantly start over and pick a male name - or in some cases like Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters it's a first person pov game and I'm 30 minutes in before someone calls me 'he' - and I start over with a male name. Other games I'll be googling 'gender of protagonist' with little to no results because I don't want to start over (Undertale comes to mind, gender neutral it turns out). I find these games either the protagonist is male, or the gender is never mentioned at all. Has anyone else had similar frustrations? I just find it ruins my immersive experience for my female name to be referred to as 'he' and would like to know the gender of the player character before being forced to name them. Perhaps it's just me.
  9. Hit X where? In the store where it says purchased? If this fixes it that would be awesome but since i already got the trophy I cannot check this solution out.
  10. Thanks - this is my first rhythm game outside the Persona 4 Dancing game, so I'm trying to figure it out. Just now getting used to the 6 note configuration. Getting better, but I still ended up resorting to random button mashing to get past some of the harder levels. You can't get more than a B that way though. Thankfully the game just requires 100 ex ranks and has more than enough easier songs to manage that much.
  11. I'm going to answer myself - I had two songs that I beat at lower speed and still got the heart sync trophy for 115% average - however both this trophy and the 110% unlocked long before I defeated all the songs, so their requirements are not entirely clear.
  12. I noticed these songs all have a default speed of 4.0. Lowering the speed to 1.0 or heck, even 3.5 can make some songs infinitely easier, and it still gives you a score like normal. Does anyone know if doing this can negatively impact the ability to get trophies, or is decreasing the speed a legitimate tactic to make getting EX scores easier?
  13. I never thought I’d be so stoked for a game announcement! I hope there’ll be a limited edition. The first Phoenix Wright game was the first video game I ever bought for the ds that wasn’t pokemon. In fact, prior to this game, my gaming library on all platforms consisted solely of pokemon, scooby doo, kirby and harry potter games. I would never have called myself a gamer- at most I was a pokemon fanatic. Phoenix Wright was my first step out of my casual gamerhood to turn video games into a major hobby. It’s also my first visual novel of sorts, but my interest in that genre didn’t really take off until... well, until I realized it was actually a genre and not just a few one off titles. ... it will probably take all self control not to buy multiple copies, I already own multiplatform. But the DS games will always be special.
  14. Warning and heads up. The Hit the Juke Box trophy is for unlocking all songs. I bought all the songs new game plus and it didn't unlock. There is one additional you need to get from asking all the questions in the Anna epilogue (unlocks after completing the game). Which I did. It still didn't unlock. Loading a save where I had already purchased everything from the store didn't cause it to unlock, nor did seeing every single song filled out at the jukebox at the bar. The only fix was to load a save prior to buying all the songs, then buy them again. This time, since the autosaved "Truth" song obtained for clearing Anna's epilogue was still owned, I got the trophy. If you are not creating multiple saves, you could potentially lock yourself out of this trophy without completely deleting all save data and starting over, since new game plus remembers everything you've bought. In conclusion - to avoid this glitch make sure to clear Anna's epilogue and get the "Truth" song before buying the songs in the store. Or create a separate save before buying the songs in the store to make sure the trophy unlocks.
  15. If you are referring to serving Stella the Flaming Maoi this can be circumvented. Day 17, when she asks for something classy, create one, then throw it out. Then give her a proper drink. She's happy, and the hidden character still shows up. Credit steam guide By BunnyBot 5000, I tried it and it works.