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  1. I like the idea too. I change up my trophy cabinet all the time based on a theme (once to trophies with images of wolves) would be cool if I could explain what I’m doing with a title.
  2. Looks like you’ve platinumed the game since asking this question but for anyone else, the key is definitely to get a good shield. I followed one of the trophy guides out there. Attack ball, secret scroll, berserker herb and power up drug fused onto a +99 buckler (leveled up) since Buckler has some attack stats to start with. These 4 things give +31 attack on their own. The guide recommended a poison def seal but i personally used an abilities +5 seal from an onion staff which raised all stats by 5. Do this and make sure to keep fusing +items to your staff, and fuse the leveled staff with whatever staff you want to work on next, and you should be able to 2 hit knockout no problem. The one thing I definitely screwed up in this game is more or less ignoring minus gear. Now I’m running the sky palace doing nothing but hunt for it on every floor. Got to -52 without trying but -99 is going to be a pain.
  3. An update to my earlier post- turning off the controller only works if you definitely haven’t died. So it’s pretty useless for The Bunker as you are considered dead the nanosecond you touch anything electrified. However you don’t die immediately when you hit fire, so if you pause and turn off your controller after first making contact with fire it works fine. It also works for the very last boss as electrified obstacles fall from the sky. Just pause, turn off your controller, disappear, reconnect and stay safe by the portal until the sky stops raining death. The bunker is my last level, I’m sure I’ll get it eventually... probably. Beating limbo without dying was easier than this
  4. I know this is an old post but I found something that may be relevant- if you're having trouble acing levels, if you ever get into a situation where you know you are going to die, pause the game, and turn off your controller. Wait until your sack person disappears and the game asks you to turn on your controller. You will be at the previous checkpoint (paused). The portal will count it as a lost life, so you can only do it a limited number of times. BUT if you do this you still get the sticker for acing the level. I haven't tried to ace the Bunker yet so not sure if it would be useful there but it was definitely useful for the Fire Pits challenge.
  5. I don't usually comment on these but I was curious. Every forum I look at says it's for the Korean version only. Your Corpse Party trophies are the NA version according to PSN profiles. This is the Korean version of the game:콥스-파티-blood-drive The Korean leaderboard fastest completion times is filled with platinums in under a minute. The north American version on your profile is not. If you can tell us how to open debug mode on the North American version, we can probably verify it.
  6. Thanks. I reformatted the memory card, not the system. The only thing I put back on there were all my photos. For some reason even after formatting the card and system 1GB memory all my physical games that I installed are still there, but the save files are gone. Strange. But every digital game that threw an error has been completelg removed. I will redownload from the store digital titles if needed and download physical saves from the cloud, only if needed. I’m hopeful that will take care of it, but since there won’t be a game coming out for the vita that I want til Q1 2018 it will be a while before I really put it through its paces.
  7. They’re at least hard to get new where I am. My local game store seems to have chosen to only stock used vita items. They only ever receive one copy of new vita games, no joke, if at all, so they don’t exactly keep memory cards on hand I reformatted my card just in case. I’ll start trusting it again at some point I’m sure.
  8. Ended up finding it on new Island while digging up holes for money, but the encyclopedia entry insists it can be found near bony tunnel. Huh. Anyway, 100% monsters achieved. If anyone wants I can post the encyclopedia location entries for everything.
  9. 32GB. It was throwing the same error for a while but that stopped after deleting New Little King and two standard resets. The only game that completely doesn't work was one I transferred off my 8gb memory card 2 years ago, and I recall I accidentally interrupted the transfer and had to start over so it’s completely possible that game and New Little King were corrupted from the start way back from 2 years ago and I never noticed because I never tried to play them. I was able to back up all the games I care about to my computer, and I don’t want to touch my cloud saves, even the ones that are out of date, just in case there’s something wrong with the ones on the machine. Truth be told this is the perfect time to do a wipe since I’ve beaten every Vita game I own except the New Little King, I just wonder if it’s better to get a new card all together. If people have successfully reformatted a card and had no problems since- I’d rather do that cuz the memory cards are so hard to get now.
  10. I’m going to revive this old thread Is there someplace on the world map you can find onii metal or is it a quest exclusive monster? It’s the last monster I need to find for the monster encyclopedia.
  11. Has anyone reformatted a vita memory card and had long term success? I had random save corruption (or failure to load) and app launch errors after beating Chaos;Child. I tried to play New Little King for the first time in 2 years which lead to it crashing and then every other game crashing upon opening. When it got past the title screen for New Little King after a reset, it said the save was corrupted. The vita seems to be behaving well now after deleting and reinstalling New Little King (one other digital game refuses to load save data at all, but multiple digital titles work, haven’t checked physical.). I’d like to do my best to eliminate the problem entirely before it corrupts a save I actually care about. My worst fear being uploading a corrupted save to the cloud.
  12. My record encyclopedia says I have 20 hats, but I don't have the wig-out king trophy. I saw a really old post someone made with the same problem but it was never resolved. Did anyone else have this problem? Do certain types of head gear not count perhaps? I have an old save when I had 18 hats I can reload but I only want to do that if it's truly a problem. Edit: It unlocked at 21 hats/masks. Doesn't explain the guy who had 32 without it popping though. I shall leave this here just in case.
  13. It’s been a few years since I played this but I remember it being fun and challenging for a while before it simply became impossible and frustrating. You will need mad skills to get 100%. That said if you don’t mind never getting all the trophies it may be worth it for the fun challenge, and it’s a good game to play in short bursts when you get bored of other things.
  14. Gameplay is pretty straightforward, mostly exploring / puzzle solving with an enemy or two thrown in. The enemies are pretty easy to circumvent though. You definitely should pick up everything you find for the best experience (and a trophy). There’s pictures of collectable locations on steam you can follow because while there is chapter select you need to get all the collectables in a single playthru. I found it will remember what you got in previous chapters so it may work if you only missed items in the last chapter for example. I thought it had a good atmosphere, I enjoyed it, and it wasn’t too long either. It should be mentioned though that the story is one where you have to infer a decent portion and there isn’t so much explicitly stated, but I think that makes it more intriguing. Everything made a lot more sense when I played it through a second time, though I likely would have understood better if I had greater knowledge of Taiwanese history. I used a guide a few times but without one it should only take a day or two to complete.
  15. Played it through twice more before getting it, so I'm going to let you know what I did - I didn't follow any particular guide. I followed Beth Bear's true achievements guide for the memory responses, including opening the door to let the dog in, which disagrees with the playstation guide to keep the door closed to stay on the father's path (kitchen memory). The ONLY items I picked up were in the house itself. In the flashback sequence in the artist studio I ALWAYS used a paintbrush and never touched a crayon and so never saw the snake, or little red riding hood. In the longest memory where you can get the preferred parent trophy, I always chose the father's portrait, and the ONLY items I picked up were the ones you need to advance the story (portrait pieces, cat wheel and tail, crayons for piano) and the only items I looked at were the ones where your controller starts whispering. So that's the train, mother's portrait, 3 birthday cakes, and the vial of medicine that appears in front of the couch. Got the darn trophy and playing like this only took a half hour instead of an hour as I wasn't picking up or looking at anything extra. If you did it right, once assembling the photos your character says "What does it mean? There has to be more to this." Then view the rat, get the map. If she just says "What does it mean?" She will be repulsed by the rat and not see the map. I did a run just like this with keeping the door in the kitchen shut and the dog out and the trophy didn't unlock so you definitely need to open the kitchen door and let the dog in.