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  1. Just knowledge sharing. Lost and Found only requires you to complete the two lost item missions, it doesn’t matter how. I destroyed the first item instead of handing it back and still got the trophy. And this is a better in game outcome too. Also, the card collection of weapons, monsters, characters, etc seems to be saved separately. I can confirm that if you get game clear data when you still have 10 items to unlock, load your save from before the final boss, get those 10 items, then start a new game with your game clear data, even though you hadn’t unlocked those 10 items when you cleared the game, they will be there anyway. So it is absolutely safe to defeat the final boss before getting all collection items, mopping up the collection, then starting a new game to get the new game plus exclusive ring and the 100% item collection trophy. You do not need to beat the final boss again- phew!
  2. Just a knowledge share, you cannot use the cloud save feature to get the whole truth trophy. I tried uploading a save before accusing anyone and then downloaded it again to accuse 3 different suspects. Got all the accuse trophies but the Whole Truth trophy didn’t unlock. Looks like you need to accuse everyone in the same save file
  3. It’s patched and fixed on ps4 (though that trophy list still hasn’t been uploaded to psn). I assume it may be fixed for ps5 as well.
  4. I’ll also throw out there that not only do Eric and Nick need to have a good relationship I’m 90% sure Eric can’t think too much with his heart or he won’t make this head choice on his own to give the uv light to Nick. That’s the only thing I can think I did different- Eric and Nick liked each other above 50% but Eric didn’t give him the lamp in my run. In my run I was trying to make Eric kind and get him back together with Rachel. I always chose compassionate answers while playing him. In my playthrough where I made Rachel break up with everyone Eric handed over the lamp fine.
  5. Annnnd to answer my own question for others.... Spooked is in Chapter 1: Tongue Tied is in Chapter 4:
  6. Placing this here since the ps4 trophy list isn’t available yet- the ps4 version the chapter 3 end seems to be similarly glitched. I get the twisted end scene and a newspaper, but no trophy. Hoping for a patch…
  7. Missable trophies I noticed I did get to help others: A leg up is in chapter 1: Self-Sacrifice is in chapter 2: Charmed is in chapter 3: Reunion is in chapter 3:
  8. I beat the game but still don’t have “spooked” or “tongue tied”. Can anyone who got these tell me how to get it? (As best as you can remember). I will also try to answer how I got other trophies if anyone is missing them
  9. Making this incase it's happened to anyone else and maybe we can find a pattern... my saved data disappeared. I'd completed 5 of the 6 cases, clicked on the 6th to get it started, clicked the manual 'save' in the pause menu, quit the game. Returned after lunch, and none of the cases show any progress. Of course my ps4 helpfully uploaded my latest save to the cloud so I can't recover. I don't know what broke it - clicking the manual save? Doing so after just starting case 6? All I know is I have to redo everything It's gone. Sigh. Guess I'll use the walkthrough this time...
  10. I’m super flattered to be nominated and am glad to see my Buried Stars walkthrough helped some people!! I will vote for Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 4 for best walkthrough as I used it to get platinum and it saved my butt and made the game super enjoyable and stress free. Thanks guide team for being awesome!
  11. I found a copy on ebay for $40 without the case. The key is not to search for the UK or EU search term, as those tend to be crazy expensive, but instead just search for Persona 4 Golden and pay close attention to box or cartridge art. The EU version has their specific 16 symbol on both cart and case. I trust it more if I can tell the seller took a photo of their own product, and not just grabbing an image from the web, otherwise I'd be less inclined to think it was the correct version. I almost spent $100 on Amazon, but the Amazon game with the EU image had commenters saying it was the US version, so I didn't trust it.
  12. I had some questions about the Innocent trophy I could find no answers to online, so here it is: 1. You CAN use Alette to weaken the enemy's armor in that first fight with Alette and Rook. I never used her again to be safe, since people say even her doing damage to humans/varl may void it. 2. There are random moments in the story where all characters in your party gain one kill, including Alette. This is unavoidable and doesn't void the trophy. She showed as having 2 kills at the end of the game, despite me never using her. 3. You CAN use Alette to shoot the silver arrow in the final fight and still get the trophy, and I highly recommend you do so, because having never used her she's next to useless, and if your Rook is strong, you may need him in the final fight. It does make phase 1 a massive pain though. As other guides have said - don't recruit Onef. Trophy unlocks at end credits.
  13. Can confirm this guide got me platinum, and narrating the directions out loud enabled me to follow a lot of it without looking at the video guide at all, which was awesome. Nice job.
  14. For others who may make the same mistake I did, I got to the fishing shack with 2 major social choices, 2 major analytical choices, 2 minor analytical choices and 2 minor social choices. It made sense to me that I should be able to make the final 2 major choices analytical to get 60% analytical, restart at the shack, then do final 2 social for 60% social. Analytical it worked as planned. Social, it failed. And the only reason I figure it did is to trigger the final social choice, you need to fail to convince Bug to stay... and failing to convince her to stay requires large social ineptitude. Sigh. One more playthrough for me. Major edit... I spoke too soon. It DID work... but I only got "Manners Make the Man" when So... potentially how to get this if you want to risk attempting it when the requirements are super unclear... And incase analytical 60% is similarly tempermental, the ending I got it for specifically involved:
  15. I somehow got it while keeping everyone alive. I'm missing the 'Angela approved of John wanting to stop Mary' because Daniel and Taylor were still alive. Perhaps they adjusted some stats, or some hidden thing not listed in the list made their affection higher. May be worth giving the Heavy Burden choices a shot on your save everyone playthrough and seeing if that raises it high enough.