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  1. If you've done every single quest in the game (first of all, WOW), you can always do a repeatable quest to get it to pop, like Beast Tribe or Raid-related. Not sure about the other ones, might have to wait a month and find out!
  2. DLC should be still be purchasable, according to the notice. You can't do anything with the DLC without already having the CERO Z game, so I guess that's the logic there.
  3. Can also add Grand Theft Auto III Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Contracts
  4. lol these two games are Shin Hayarigami if anyone is as confused as I was. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge can also be added to the PS3 list.
  5. Does anyone have a list of PSN-only CERO Z games that are affected by this, by chance? Maybe not a bad thing to work on, if anyone has the ability/time!
  6. Just in case anyone else runs into this problem: I was having the same issue, but I believe it was due to have Custom settings on the minigame. Once I switched the Setting back to Casual, it popped first try.
  7. I see that other users are getting trophies, but how do you play this game? I created a character (two, actually) without any problem, but I can't actually attack anything (the game just stutters and interrupts the attack animation endlessly). If I skip the tutorial, I can't hand in the first quest because the game stutters the dialog box infinitely and just closes it. Is there something really obvious I am missing? Is it secretly IP blocked or something? Do I just need to reinstall it?
  8. 800 million Iranian Rial, maybe 😂 Jokes aside, I agree: games are a terrible investment, but this thread is useful to avoid missing out on games. I'm sad I missed out on Blue Reflection at a reasonable price with the second one on it's way. I really hope they do a reprint!
  9. Doesn't =/= Can't. Don't get mad at me because you set the bar too low.
  10. Apex Legends Super Bomberman R Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Call of Duty: Warzone Fortnite Worms Rumble PUBG Darwin Project Spellbreak Battlefield V CRSED Hyper Scape H1Z1 Battle Royale Realm Royale Warface Knives Out The Culling 2 Borderlands 3 Arms Race Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter There's more, as well, I just added a few more in case you'd say some don't count. Have fun being difficult ✌️
  11. There's a chance to get extra ones in the Labyrinth of Memories' chests (post-game dungeon, all chests' contents are randomized). There should also be two other Blue Dice that you can just pick up in the game (I had two Blue Dice and one Dice). Seems like the other Blue Dice are in Keiv Moc (need Sorceror's Ring Lv. 4) and by trading with the Kowz in Mantaic (apparently missable, but I definitely did not do all of the steps for this quest).
  12. This game is an entirely unplayable buggy mess, unless I'm missing something big. Curious how some people got trophies... The attack animation was just glitching out constantly during the tutorial fight, so I skipped it. Jumping animation? Same thing. Can't attack any mobs in the overworld, either. Character creation was weirdly cropped with some of the images not fitting on the screen, and I can't hand in the first quest...the dialog box keeps popping up and then immediately closing.
  13. The PAL version of the game will only work with the PAL DLC (which you will need to buy from the PAL store: you will need a PAL account to buy it, but a NA account on the same system should still be able to play it). You do not need to be in that region physically. In other words, the 100% is still available for the PAL version of Lords of Shadow (BLES-01047), but not the NA versions (BLUS-30339 and BLUS-31382), unless the NA patch comes back.
  14. The PAL version of Castlevania has a different serial, and therefore searches for a different patch. Think about it this way: game BLUS-30339 needs a patch. If you install a patch for game BLES-01047, that doesn't do anything for game BLUS-30339. They use the same trophy list, but do not have the same serial, so they cannot use the same patch.
  15. 100% sure you can get Moral Victory and Survivors in the same playthrough: I got them at the same time. Make sure you shoot the guard to save Simon, and then just do everything else peacefully and save everyone, and you should be fine.