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  1. I have the disc version and I have Arcade Mode there (NA region).
  2. Yeah, they're classified as Students, not Heroes in the game. You can tell because you get different titles in-game for winning etc. with them.
  3. Lord of Apocalypse for the Vita wasn't too difficult to get through.
  4. Yeah, I ended up getting it legitimately, too...but I think I'm going to give up on getting the combo one, sadly.
  5. The ninjas teleport behind you after the first hit, and then teleport back to the other side, but just out of reach of getting hit. You need to wait until they come close again to hit them. They will then teleport behind you again, and then teleport back out of reach again. They die on the fifth hit. Can only get 153k Will not use pause method: takes the fun out for me.
  6. The ONLY trophy that you need to coordinate people for at this moment is Seeker of Truth (although it CAN still be done via Party Finder, I've done 3/5ths of it this way so far, just not easily). All the other party-based trophies can be done through the Duty Finder, where the game will match you up with people trying to do the same thing. This IS an MMO, so there are players everywhere, at all times. The reason Seeker of Truth needs a party is that it currently is not in the Duty Finder, although that might change with upcoming patches.
  7. Problem solved: I fished some more, and it suddenly popped. I think all the times I had mooched a fish didn't count toward catching a fish, so I had to make up for those ones.
  8. I had finally fished 1000 fish...but the trophy didn't pop! I fished seven more just to make sure the count wasn't off by a few, as well (Fishing Guide states: 1007 Fish Caught). I have played for about six hours since I had fished my thousandth fish, two days ago, so it's not a delay, either. Does anyone know why this may be the case, or how to resolve the problem? I don't want to perform 1000 of another class just to have the same thing occur, if it's something I am doing wrong... Thank you
  9. I did not keep Hircine's Ring in my playthrough, and I had no problems with the trophy.
  10. You're missing a quest. The Skeleton Key quest is not a Daedric quest, so you must be missing another one somewhere. Savior's Hide and the Ring of Hircine do not count for two artifacts, only one, so that won't solve your problem either. Here's a lit of the artifacts and their quests. Daedric Quest List: Mace of Molag Bal – House of Horrors Dawnbreaker - The Break of Dawn Spellbreaker - The Only Cure Wabbajack - The Mind of Madness Sanguine’s Rose - Night to Remember Azura's Star/The Black Star - The Black Star Savior’s Hide - Ill Met by Moonlight Mehrunes’ Razor - Pieces of the Past Masque of Clavicus Vile - A Daedra’s Best Friend Ring of Namira - The Taste of Death Skull of Corruption - Waking Nightmare Volendrung - The Cursed Tribe Ebony Blade - Dragon Rising Oghma Infinium - Discerning the Transmundane Ebony Mail - Boethiah’s Calling
  11. One question I've always had looking at the trophy did people achieve these DLC trophies months ago?
  12. You should be still able to play it on your main account, as long as you create a UK-account to download the DLC with. This SHOULD also work with the online-pass (I haven't tested this, but I have tested the NA Online Pass with different NA accounts).