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  1. Finally decided to reset the PS5…and…still crashes. Extremely disappointed.
  2. I tried Restoring Licenses as well, also didn’t seem to work. Also deactivated and reactivated the PS5. I’m hesitant to Reset my PS5 because it’s a pain to transfer everything over. I’m hoping someone encountered a better fix before I have to resort to that.
  3. I've been really looking forward to this game for a while, so I planned to finally start it yesterday but I can’t even get through the beginning cutscene The game immediately crashes (I see the Sony Studios logo, can choose my game settings, and then 5-10 seconds of cutscene before the crash). Error Code CE-108255-1. Has anybody encountered the same issue and eventually resolved it? I cleaned out the dust from the physical console, reinstalled the game, rebuilt the PS5 database, cleared its cache, disconnected the external hard drive, turned off Internet, made sure language is set to English (US), tried it in both Resolution Mode and Performance Mode…just can’t get it to work Any solution would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I have the same issue with the screen flickering and artifacting, but it is in no way unplayable. Just looks awful.
  5. 49 cents in Canada…that’s quite the increase from 2 cents!
  6. Stardew Valley, ugh, I check every week and will immediately buy it when it goes on sale.
  7. So, I was really excited that this might have been the solution, as I was able to play a whole three missions without a crash, but alas, mission 4 crashed on me. Has anyone else had a similar experience/done something to fix it?
  8. It doesn’t let me play the Taking AIM campaign offline D’:
  9. Hello all, I really want to enjoy this game, I'm having a good time with it when it doesn't crash, which forces me to replay parts of missions over and over again. I'm playing on PS5, and have sort of reached my breaking point. Resetting my campaign progress did not resolve Switching my graphics mode down to 30FPS did not resolve Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tried holding power button for 15 seconds causing three beeps Tried clearing cache Doesn't matter what character I play as Tried different companion characters Only tried playing Single-Player so far (but have gotten far enough to finish the Reassemble campaign, despite the constant crashes) Is there anything I can do to fix this? Playing the digital version: the missions typically crash near the same spot each time.
  10. If you've done every single quest in the game (first of all, WOW), you can always do a repeatable quest to get it to pop, like Beast Tribe or Raid-related. Not sure about the other ones, might have to wait a month and find out!
  11. DLC should be still be purchasable, according to the notice. You can't do anything with the DLC without already having the CERO Z game, so I guess that's the logic there.
  12. Can also add Grand Theft Auto III Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Contracts
  13. lol these two games are Shin Hayarigami if anyone is as confused as I was. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge can also be added to the PS3 list.
  14. Does anyone have a list of PSN-only CERO Z games that are affected by this, by chance? Maybe not a bad thing to work on, if anyone has the ability/time!
  15. Just in case anyone else runs into this problem: I was having the same issue, but I believe it was due to have Custom settings on the minigame. Once I switched the Setting back to Casual, it popped first try.