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  1. This game is an entirely unplayable buggy mess, unless I'm missing something big. Curious how some people got trophies... The attack animation was just glitching out constantly during the tutorial fight, so I skipped it. Jumping animation? Same thing. Can't attack any mobs in the overworld, either. Character creation was weirdly cropped with some of the images not fitting on the screen, and I can't hand in the first quest...the dialog box keeps popping up and then immediately closing.
  2. The PAL version of the game will only work with the PAL DLC (which you will need to buy from the PAL store: you will need a PAL account to buy it, but a NA account on the same system should still be able to play it). You do not need to be in that region physically. In other words, the 100% is still available for the PAL version of Lords of Shadow (BLES-01047), but not the NA versions (BLUS-30339 and BLUS-31382), unless the NA patch comes back.
  3. The PAL version of Castlevania has a different serial, and therefore searches for a different patch. Think about it this way: game BLUS-30339 needs a patch. If you install a patch for game BLES-01047, that doesn't do anything for game BLUS-30339. They use the same trophy list, but do not have the same serial, so they cannot use the same patch.
  4. 100% sure you can get Moral Victory and Survivors in the same playthrough: I got them at the same time. Make sure you shoot the guard to save Simon, and then just do everything else peacefully and save everyone, and you should be fine.
  5. I went to this URL through my PS3 browser on a whim, but it only let me download the patch to external storage. Darn, so close.
  6. While useful, I wish this wasn't a Google laptop struggles with navigating through it. If someone could copy the data and put it in a less resource-intensive HTML version, that would be awesome!
  7. RE: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow Yeah, the NA disc code is BLUS30339, which gives back a "Not Found." My PS3 also could not find an update to the game...really wish I did this earlier! At least that's a potential ~$20 I don't have to spend on DLC. EDIT: I guess I should have read the rest of the thread before posting, oops!
  8. One workaround that I discovered, is that if you own Forsaken on another platform (like Stadia pro free-trial, for instance) and enable cross-save, earning the achievements on the other platform will cause the trophies to auto-pop on PS4 when you select your character.
  9. So, I ended up resolving this on my own: You have to clear it with an S rank on your ZAFT playthrough that does NOT branch off into Archangel route (you can't just play it with SFreedom METEOR and replay the level with the other route on that file, it won't unlock). My S-rank score was 84782, using Heine's Destiny Gundam. I did not get shot down, saved Heine, and shot down everything except the Chaos Gundam, the Freedom Gundam, and only got one of the two ships (the CPU got the other one), and it was enough. Good luck to anyone else struggling!
  10. For some reason, I am missing the Savior Gundam Hyper Boss. I have S ranked the mission where you get to choose to join the Archangel's crew (twice, once with each option), but I am still not unlocking this boss. I did a quick second playthrough as ZAFT and chose to join Archangel instead of sticking with ZAFT this time: no luck. I can't find any information about how to unlock this, other than a couple Japanese message board posts of people running into the same problem. Does anybody know what unlocks this mission? I've beaten all of the other Hyper Boss missions (other than the final one that unlocks when the rest are beaten), and it's driving me insane, as this is the only thing in the way of my Platinum. Thank you!
  11. So, I screwed up and didn't serve *Kira*Miki tea on Day 2. It's the only trophy I'm missing. Holding down X to skip the dialogue does not work on the Vita version (unless I'm doing something wrong). Does anyone know if you give her tea on Day 17, can you still get her ending? Or does it HAVE to be on Day 2?
  12. I have the disc version and I have Arcade Mode there (NA region).
  13. Yeah, they're classified as Students, not Heroes in the game. You can tell because you get different titles in-game for winning etc. with them.
  14. Lord of Apocalypse for the Vita wasn't too difficult to get through.
  15. Yeah, I ended up getting it legitimately, too...but I think I'm going to give up on getting the combo one, sadly.