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  1. Great, now I can print it out.
  2. Although i prefer text walkthroughs, thanks anyway. Here, for you:
  3. For the love of God I cannot get past the portion with two switches in Gemini laboratories Not only this mission is very intensive, but here Alien not only react to loud sounds and stuff, but also randomly roam corridors (but ignore androids? O_o… „unindentified creature detected” when the Alien gave android an opportunity to smell it’s tail lol). I managed to flip the first switch and sometimes I can even do the same to the second, but then when you’re supposed to return to some sort of control room the Alien always gets me It doesn’t help that there isn’t alot of places to hide. At first this game caused only fear and anxiety in me, but know all I feel is rage 😒. If I were Amanda Ripley I‘d blow myself into space and not obey a random dude aka sheriff telling you what to do. And screw Ricardo too. I just want to finish this chore, I don’t care about the fancy cups. I’m seeing and hearing things in my home after playing this game…
  4. no prob at all, enjoing it
  5. I have a soft spot for this budget game: „Stolen”. It’s a good game only if you have a patience for that kind of things.
  6. This game is exceptionally scary. I like stealth games a lot, but typically you play as an assasin, murderer, disillusioned or betrayed badass or some pro-thief ninja and you are not afraid of being killed, but rather being detected is all, which ends in few punches or shots in enemy’s face. But here everything is taken on a new level. I’m playing on recommended „high” difficulty and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I can spend 10 minutes in a locker just waiting out Alien and calculating it’ś route. Oh and the motion detector… 😨 The game gives you dread and paranoia in equal measure. I’m in the 6th mission. I thoroughly enjoy Amanda’s gadgets, e.g. security access tuner, which looks familiar (I used to program hotel door’s locks and cards when I worked in hotel, and Amanda’s gadget looks sort of similar to Saflok programmer ). I think I’m going to lower down the difficulty…
  7. This game is not relaxing. On the contrary, it’ś toilsome. Very. I understand this game targets little girls who like picking flowers, BUT if one was to pick ALL of them (every, single, oneeeee… -_-) from a meadow it’d be considered vandalism lol… To sum up: mother nature is taking revenge on metal and attempt to liberate a post-apocaliptic city from the clutches of metal junk. After the liberation lawn covers everything (streets, alleys, pavements etc.) and light is brought back to the city and suddenly happy people in cars pop up. Normally I never exerpience headaches during playing games, especially not first person games with rapid movements and frequent changes (like most kids playing games complaining they are having motion sickness), no, it’s those swirling petals 24/7 that makes your head swollen. No wonder game authors recommend taking a healthy approach and make 10 minute breaks. I’d say two levels per day at most. I remember I wanted to say more, but I forgot what I wanted to say Did I say it’s toilsome?
  8. None. I don’t play games for swanky cups.
  9. This game is terrific. Thoroughly enjoing it. And online is working too. I am a novice and already a guy was teasing me by bumping onto me or stopping in the middle to give me head start hehe For somebody riding a motorcycle this game gives you an opportunity to ride a machine you probably would never be able to afford
  10. Do this website allows trophy guides only or is game full walkthroughs also allowed?
  11. Usually when something evil dies, like this: 😅
  12. When I am on night shift I listen to Resident Evil 2 (1998) soundtrack, horror tunes help me focus when tidying up those pesky VAT registries… 😝
  13. I loathe show offing… but here you go… and screw the „two-tracked cans”, as we call cars here: 🙃 What I was driving when being 20 years old… What I drive now… What I like about it? I can skip all the traffic jams and all the sardines in their cans lol. I spend a mere 14€/month for fuel to use it as much as I want. What I dislike about it? Not fast enough (but more than enough in the town roads). Maybe I will tune it in January next year. Thank you for yoiur attention 😏🏍️
  14. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - a very unimpressive americanised Japanese CGI. And short too.
  15. I can confirm this is very true for PSP. On PSP either passwords doesn’t work. Well, since they mingled stationary devices authentification with mobile devices method of SMSes it all went to dogs. But this how it is in the so-called modern times. All those corpo-slave companies or digital consumerism giants presume that if they send you additional code to your cellphone all will be secure… lol… as if mobile phone was a safety determinant (!). They think code on your phone is safe, as if the phone is only yours and nobody can see anything. Who thought about such concept was wrong. It does not add any extra security, it does not add any comfort of use. All is head ache in SMS nonesense 👎