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  1. Also just got these trophies thanks to @AnOrdinaryBloke, thanks!!
  2. First Trophy: Mercurial Magnate Awarded for defeating five metallic monsters. #1,981 1st Jan 2020 2:26:29 AM Last Trophy: Celestial Emissary Defeat Great One: Celestial Emissary. #3,855 31st Dec 2020 7:25:14 AM
  3. Skyrim on New Year's Day. My milestone for 75th platinum too, so pretty happy 😄
  4. Hi all, I stumbled across a really easy method to get these two trophies. You need someone in an online league (I don't know if the pause auto pilot occurs against AI), but basically you can auto-pilot the whole race. I accidentally got these trophies last night, details in this video. Hope this helps!