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  1. I play Rime right now. I'm a simple man I searched for Rime. I got many games with Crime or Prime, for some Reason even Alien Day and Payday 2 showed up and all the way at the end on the last page is Rime
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you actually did play the game legit on a different system then you should sync your original trophies because Playstation overwrites trophies when you have an older timestamp, which would effectively lead to show your original timestamps and get rid of the autopop times
  3. No because the DLC removes the Elite plan requirements, where some of them were aquired through a minigame that needed an online connection
  4. tl;dr Which Trophies should I absolutely boost with other people to make the road to Platinum more enjoyable with random matchmaking? I recently bought Resident Evil 3 and I thought that I may as well platinum Resistance while there still is a decent playerbase. But after looking at the trophies a lot of them seem to heavily rely on Rng, Good Teammates and the People actually playing as a team and helping each other. The Rng aspect combined with relying on other people for trophies gives me shivers already. To make the Platinum more enjoyable I was thinking about boosting at least the hardest or most annoying Trophies. As I'm not really familiar with the game yet, maybe you can give me an advice about which Trophies I should definitely get out of the way when I find a boosting group.
  5. Yes that one looks suspicious and is looking even more suspicious with the 100% shards unlocking before 25% and 50% in Infamous
  6. I think what OP is trying to say is that he and his brother are both playing on the same account but using 2 different save slots in the game
  7. Wish I would have known this, I really did not enjoy the chalice dungeons
  8. Just out of Interest since you have much more knowledge about this topic , is the problem that current guides only allow to link to 1 game?
  9. I apologize if that has already been posted before but my issue was not about different Generations like a PS4 game not working with a PS3 Guide as mentioned in the Forum post you linked. My Issue is a German PS4 Game not working with a PS4 Guide on the Page Edit: I wasn't aware of the PSNP+ and will take a look at it, thanks
  10. Hello, I think that this issue is probably a really rare occurrence that only affects a few games. In my case I have this problem with the 3 Wolfenstein Guides on PS4. Normally when you are logged in and you open a Guide, then you will see your unlocked trophies highlighted Green. In my case I'm owning the German Versions of the Wolfenstein Games and these seem to be incompatible with the Guides on this Site and treated as a different game, meaning even though I have Trophies unlocked none of them are hightlighted Green in the Guides. To be fair I don't know or understand how the guides are connected to the Trophies on your Account or the API. But if possible it would be nice to see Guides support and being compatible to all Game Versions from all Regions to see your completed trophies in the guides as well. Thanks and Happy New Year
  11. What do you mean with the game being de-listed? I can still buy it on the store
  12. Where do exophase get the number of hours played from? Do you have to add someone to your friendlist or do they track it based on your trophy times?