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  1. GT6 is far easier - but i like the challenge in GT5 and i finally did it to gold the vettel challenges, and the gold standard trophy popped now i only have to do easy grinding with my b-spec driver and get lvl40 in a-spec (im already 39,5) so platinum in sight
  2. it isnt that impossible - you just have drive perfectly for 2 laps ive tried it again last week, for about 3 or 4 hours only on nürburgring i had a lot of ups n downs - but it reminds me of GT2 back then - when i tried to gold all trophies im close to silver now, and know how to move that x1 on the track so gold is in sight when i drive perfectly i really want to get it without glitching - but i have to invest a lot of time to get it with a DS3 controller
  3. ok, finally i can play with my friend here are the things i had to do, to make it work: - had to put my PS3 into a DMZ and the problem my friend had: - he had DS Lite - after he contacted his ISP and demanded real DS (Dual Stack) it worked i hope this might help - if anyone is struggling with the same problem
  4. thanks - now i know that im not the problem
  5. Hello guys, i bought the game, and wanted to play it with a friend. But i have the problem that he cant invite me, and i cant invite him the only message is "an error occured" - very annoying. i searched around the net, and found out, that the router-settings could be the problem. so now im trying to fix this error - but i cant test it properly, because we might still both have problems heres the thing: can anyone, who played already with a friend in coop add me on psn? so at least i can test if my connection is good thanks
  6. thanks for your suggestion parker, it looks quite interesting with the attached monitor(s) the pro for that ozone is, that u dont have to face it to the TV but well - even for a normal playseat there isnt much room :/
  7. cant say that right now, because i only finished the kart junior cup yet but i remember that the big karts in gt5 were a bit tricky too
  8. i got the game yesterday, and was only able to play it for 2 hours but - i can say - wow im GT-Addicted again and yes parker - the physics are much better now - that was the first i observed and for my eyes - GT6 is far better than GT5 - very sharp picture - very detailed
  9. Controller - and i guess im pretty good with it (2 vettel golds missing in GT5) i considered many times to buy a wheel - but i need a playseat too [table too low - plus a playseat looks awesome] thats why i didnt bought one yet
  10. the trophys are looking easier to get in comparsion to GT5 still some "endurance" ones in it (driving the total length of the autobahn) i cant wait to play it - 1 week left
  11. i had to play the bunker yesterday, because i needed the 100% trophy im still loving the wheel its much more fun when u see others die and i guess i helped 3 other players beat this level - one of them even thanked me
  12. ok, i finally can play online since the FIFA14 demo isnt working i tried a different game i tried it with NFS Most Wanted (where i already got my plat) after i started the game, the origin Terms and conditions came up and i accepted them played a bit online and changed back to monopoly and now online works ... i hope this will help other players who struggle with playing monopoly online
  13. how should that help? there is no solution in this post, and the link in the last post from that EA-Staff isnt valid anymore
  14. 10 Author hearts left thanks for those who hearted me already! you're awesome! i keep hearting and playing too Author: http://lbp.me/u/havox84
  15. there seems to be a problem with the connection to EA-Servers when trying to play Monopoly online. when i try to connect its saying that the servers arent available yet, try again later after several searches i got some possible solutions, but nothing is helping :/ i tried: - port forwarding - several uPnP settings at my router - connecting directly to the modem there was one suggestion what really made sense - installing a current EA game to accept the current T&C of EA so i tried it by installing FIFA 14 Demo but still the same problem. :/ i played some other EA games before (NFS) and never had connectivity issues ... is there anybody who can help / is having another idea?