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  1. In firefox.. not sure about chrome. If you go to this link : https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard?p=1&type=clean&c=us whenever you try to change the country... a droplist will show up. the down list is covered by the numbers that should be underneath it (percentages of the gamers). this styling error does not show at https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard but will show in here https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard?p=1&type=clean&c=us Just wanted to let you know. so you can fix the z-index configuration in your css.
  2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Wipeout HD, Retro City Rampage, and any street fighter or mortal kombat game.. those are the EASIEST PLATS on PSVITA. - said no one.
  3. SHINOBIDO.. if you like ninja games. It is way better than ninja gaiden.
  4. cade emeraldhorn psn : shnisaka
  5. I agree with what you said. but there is no harm in putting two or three people to write trophy tips! that way, people can find everything they want in one site.
  6. Never heard of it. looks like its a nice place to visit.
  7. Great thread. I liked the idea. and it is really amazing that you can achieve something even though you have some kind of problem! Anyway, about myself, I wear glasses! But, if I take those glasses off, I cannot recognize anything. my vision is very bad! Thinking of doing an eye surgery but oh will! I think I can handle things with glasses I do not know if you call that physical abnormality, but, without glasses I would not be here writing a comment on your thread
  8. this error happens whenever you are in 404 page. for some reason, it redirects you to psnprofiles.com/trophy I tried adding a tip to another JP game and it worked for me without problem. try to change the browser, maybe that will help.
  9. a writing team would be more encouraging to make tips have better quality and quantity. that way we do not need to go to another website and look for some guides if we needed. we can do it all in this website. anything! It was just a suggestion! and a very easy one to do! they can fix it later and make it count the average. it will take a long time to figure out the equation for the average platinum hours, especially that people do not tend to finish the platinum in one game session. I do not know how sly is going to do it. But I think we need it =) and its good that you agree with me.
  10. I have a bunch of suggestions and a thread is good place for it - bbcode or htmlcode for Trophy Tips : we need a good editor so we can add images, links, videos, to the tips. I do not think we need colors and font resize and other stuff that could effect the style of the forum. There is a good editor you can find here : http://ckeditor.com/ . really easy to install and you can enable and disable any feature you want. it runs on Jquery by the way. - estimated time for platinum in the game page : this statistics can be gotten by taking the fastest person who platinumed it. round the time to Hours.. and add + beside it! So it will look like this : 100+ Hours. - comments under each trophy : while some people wants to add tips, others like to put some comments on a specific trophy. In order not to make things mixed up, a button beside "add a tip" could solve the problem. - Japanese translation : you can do some regex in php to find the language that is used on each trophy. If it was Japanese.. you can add a button beside the "add a tip" where somebody can translate what the trophy is saying in English. After they translate it. the name of the trophy become in this format : Japanese Trophy Name (English Translation) - Tips writers : you can open a new group (new color) where people can apply to be "tips writers". Tips writer can do something like : deleting a tip, pinning a tip, add trophy translations and so on!
  11. what is your favourite game?

    1. eburkulosis


      My favorite game :hmm: Probably Final Fantasy 13-2

  12. In the website there is only one version of bleach https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/Bleach-Soul-Ignition-JP I have the English version with the english trophy names and explanation! but even though I have them, I am still linked to the Japanese one in this website! please add the English trophy so I can know what I am doing !
  13. I am typing the cheat codes in here because it is hard to memorize while playing the game. The reason why I am doing this, because there is no guide on the internet that gives you the cheat codes! I do not know why!? Textureless Mode How to Unlock: complete the game on any difficulty. Hold then press Draw Enemy Health How to Unlock: Complete level 1 (Bolivia) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Infinite SMG Ammo How to unlock: Complete level 2 (Peru) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo How to Unlock: Complete level 3 (Tokyo) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Infinite Shotgun Ammo How to Unlock: Complete level 4 (Ghana) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo How to Unlock: Complete level 5 (Kazakhstan) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Bulletproof How to unlock: Complete level 6 (England) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Wield Excalibur How to Unlock: Complete level 7 (Nepal) in Time Trial mode. Hold then press One shot kill How to Unlock: Complete the Bolivia Redux level in Time Trial mode. Hold then press Wield Soul Reaver How to Unlock: Beat the game and complete all time trials. Hold then press
  14. It is you. [Edit] I guess the website have some problems. they should need to fix it. you are right Max Payne 3 shows 0.00% https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/Max-Payne-3
  15. that is all we get. we will see if we get anything next week or month.