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  1. it's been around for a while now, noticed it a while ago myself. don't see why they've changed such a small feature and harmless thing honestly, it's not like the PS3 is completely being killed off anytime soon (wouldn't be surprised if it was though at this point) but then again i don't feel like it's something to get worked up about
  2. whatever they end up doing i just hope we finally see cutter make a return, that's all i would ask for
  3. made a new account and stopped going for easy platinums last year after spamming them for over a year because of personally becoming sick of them but i might actually go for this one since the game itself looks fairly good and the world intrigues me so the platinum is just an added bonus to all of that (plus out of all the 'easy platinum' games added to the store in the past sometimes you always seem to be the ones to put somewhat of an effort into their games)
  4. doubt anyone has actually spent the time to read through even half of the entire TOS no matter the console although if someone has i would personally give them credit where it's due that is some determination
  5. i thought about that but at least there won't be PS4, PS5 and vita as well, that would have been too much. still sucks that it'll be between PS4 and 5 now though as well
  6. look at the bright side, at least without the digital vita store there'll be a lot less awful cheap and easy platinum stacks flooding the site now
  7. they want another success story like rocket league with this game and you can already tell it's just gonna fail and fall back on them
  8. recently started watching season 1 of the punisher on netflix and it is just as amazing as it was set up to be when he was in daredevil, neither of those shows deserved to be cancelled at all
  9. MW 2019 - taking down a helicopter with a molotov which you can do within the first mission with ease. never understood how it gives you a gold trophy for that but you know what, i'm not complaining
  10. i would 110%, haven't played it for a few years and been meaning to go back to it so it would be a perfect opportunity to revisit such an under looked game in the franchise especially now that it's canon
  11. if you liked spider-man 2018 and haven't played miles morales yet i couldn't recommend it to you more honestly
  12. 85% of my entire trophy list on a previous account filled with awful quick and easy platinums
  13. doing random custom LTS activities from the quick job menu gives you more money and RP than you could imagine especially since most the lobbies are usually filled up full with 30 players and the gamemodes themselves are pretty enjoyable especially if you're plying with friends, the other options would be the double or triple money and RP modes every week as someone else mentioned above both of those will give you a quick boost towards level 100
  14. infinte gets way more hate than it deserves, such a good game