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  1. another thread full of tears from both sides of people who take gaming way too seriously
  2. game won't last more than a few weeks so it doesn't matter
  3. calling it now that it will be one of the monthly ps plus games for august
  4. the 1st season of bad blood on netflix. decent show so far and the main character (or one of) was in prison break which was a reason i was intrigued about the show to begin with
  5. just got it on sale myself before with it being this cheap finally and knowing how bad the game is supposed to be which drove the interest for it
  6. horrendous
  7. didn't even think about that especially since the servers for RDR have been broken for a fair few years now as well ^
  8. wonder when GTA 4 will be next to go, wouldn't be surprising since the others are shutting down and that was been around for like 14 years now
  9. this is one of my most anticipated games now, can not wait for it to release
  10. yea this is a straight away non purchase for me
  11. there's your upvote šŸ‘
  12. until this list now has more and more trophies added to it and people start complaining about that one then (which i can see why don't get me wrong)
  13. not like you were missing anything, the DLCs for this game were an absolute let down compared to the main game
  14. regular and do the SF missions along the way. as i said i would recommend following the guide on here because that tells you the exact order to ensure the trophy will pop
  15. waiting for hentai vs evil to hopefully feel the same thing from that