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  1. sounds good, might have to give that a shot at some point then
  2. not exactly sure what it is but it seems fun judging from the trophies
  3. looking forward to giving this a go now that's it's been added to ps now this month
  4. it says £34.99 for the full game but then when i click on the ps now version it's doing the same here and coming up with £10,000
  5. it was 65p, i couldn't help but want to buy it and see how bad it is
  6. on chapter 5 at the moment and i have to say i think this takes over before the storm as my favourite game in the franchise in every aspect
  7. can't wait until this one gets locked
  8. i would say hentai vs evil because i did it as a joke with my cousin but then again i'm gonna redo it on PS5 so maybe somewhere inside there isn't much shame about it
  9. who cares?
  10. another thread full of tears from both sides of people who take gaming way too seriously
  11. game won't last more than a few weeks so it doesn't matter
  12. calling it now that it will be one of the monthly ps plus games for august
  13. the 1st season of bad blood on netflix. decent show so far and the main character (or one of) was in prison break which was a reason i was intrigued about the show to begin with
  14. just got it on sale myself before with it being this cheap finally and knowing how bad the game is supposed to be which drove the interest for it
  15. horrendous