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  1. Have started the grind on Merciless... also just confirming that dire shadows only respawn if you play on Merciless?
  2. Got the platinum today by playing online with a friend nearby, and even then we still got some crashes when we'd finish the levels.
  3. Yeah, One Many Army didn't pop for me until you have to 'Break' Gideon.
  4. Still able to find and create lobbies, that part is fine. It's just that the games online is fundamentally broken. In the hour and a half I tried, I got to finish one level with a random (the Main Stage) after I only would just get booted out and only get the RYAN-3002 or RYAN-3034 error. Even tried with a player I met online, every time we invited each other, we'd just get booted once a level started. IDK how you can get these online trophies, without having someone live super nearby.