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  1. Here a vid i made on how to farm money in the fastest way (if you ask me) It requires you to have beaten the game though so you can replay story missions. The mission i used in this vid is called Destroy Elite Gurad and it's a chapter 10 mission. Sure there are other missions that can give a bit more Kr but you sure can't beat those as fast as this one.
  2. He means his trophy card in his sig isn't up to date. As in it a bunch of games behind.
  3. Rule #1 never compare your current girl with an ex girl.
  4. Well time to go back where i came from then Huh? But 100 and not 1000?
  5. Uhh do i wanna know what's going on here?
  6. Kinda wish it would be possible to create a backlog list on here that allows to set up a boosting session for when you get around to play the game then.
  7. Uhh just curious but why does it show the icon of the ps vita disgaea 3 on my game list? Also it looks like the pictures for the silver gold and plat medals are down.
  8. Resident Evil so i would have 1 game less in my backlog.
  9. Care to explain this?
  10. Lol i almost posted the same idea at almost the same time aswell.
  11. Kinda curious but will there be more medals? like a has never changed a game medal or so? Not saying the current 4 are bad but could we have more varity? Or maybe something like a platinum Saber medal for those who like Saber more than miku (not that miku is bad to have as a plat medal)
  12. @grimydawg I'll translate it he/she says: Just for your info! When a console gets YLOD you can bring it back to life for a short time to copy your saves to an USB. Then you can copy them onto your new console and the trophies just start popping up.
  13. @Hertz thx for changing it
  14. @Sergen Yeah i guess they wouldn't. Guess i'm just overthinking this.