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  1. Is it me or do most people who search for coop have just garbage internet? Because here and there i get people who i have like no lag at all while others it basically tps me back by 4 secs or so.
  2. Was trying to build Graf Spee when this happened: Ships that i got: @Revvie
  3. I wonder why Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition isn't on sale.
  4. Doesn't seem to wanna load for me I found this one though: and i can confirm the items for Eva work as written there.
  5. Any list for:
  6. I'm uploading videos on Vestige Part Locations.
  7. Stuff i got before the Rerun of the Spee event started: Only Meowfficer i got: Ships and etc i got:
  8. @TheVader66 Congrats and o.o so many lev 100+ ships @Revvie Wish yostar would put out an animated emote pack aswell (like they done with the pixel one) since i really like the headnod emote aswell as the Mutsuki ones.
  9. Thanks for the info @Bumperklever I just got Short Sights on my second run! So only took me like 1200 steps.
  10. My question about how to get Short Sights doesn't seem to have been answered yet. I knew about flags being easier and i even had Grand Kingdom since quite a while but i always kinda ended up playing something else or wasn't really in the mood for gaming.
  11. 1 of 4 free Code Vein Themes
  12. Thanks a lot for the list i will copy it so i can read up on it while not on my PC.
  13. I managed to get the 20 Flags trophy woo.
  14. Woo just beat the first boss in Code Vein on my first try and aswell with no damage


    The video of it:

  15. Ships i got from the Italy event: Event Outfits that i got: Meowfficers i got: