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  1. If the trophy guide says 15h then i don't think the game will be too grindy. Or i could be wrong and that facility thingy is really grindy.
  2. @Black54Ninja After watching the trailer i do realize i have seen that one before since i did jokingly say towards the end that blue haired girl is Rem (from Re Zero).
  3. What is Blue Archive if i may ask? @AndyKazama Have you tried the repair option? If that doesn't work maybe need to reinstall? Because i don't seem to have any of these problems on my android smartphone. Besides one juusta being in chinese for some reason.
  4. Happy New Year everyone.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Happy New Year! May 2021 be better than 2020!

  5. Hmm not sure which one i'd say on one hand there's Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS3 (those trials are just ugh) Then there's also stuff like Deception 4 The Nightmare Princess I was among one of the first few to actually plat this game and since i made videos on each quest my vids are basically the entire guide for this game so others can plat it aswell. As for max grindy one i'd pick FEAR2 and honestly i don't think i could ever plat that again. If anyone else wants to look at my plats and decide one for me here you go:
  6. @MossyOakRcn42 Just wanted to point out that some of the links you post to pic do seem to be broken in the last two posts you made. As a guess of mine try to remove that ?format=jpg&name=large part and replace it with .jpg or .png depending on the pic.
  7. Hoping everyone is having some great Roulette pulls since tomorrow it will change to Flashfest banner. Which is also for many people the best time to spark. @Aranea Highwind Idk if you already read it but Granblue Fantasy Relink has a 2022 release date.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  9. Kinda forgot to post that i did get Garlic Shark from build: As for Op Siren i do quite like how there's no oil requirement as it allows for some otherwise too oil intensive fleets to be made. Also anyone gonna make a full on PR only fleet? Just to flex on all.
  10. So far Guild only was a second chat that's all it brought with it. Also if anyone is on Avrora Server the Guild i'm in (a chatroom 5 guild) is looking for people the ID of the guild is: 67120717
  11. @MossyOakRcn42 I wonder if Meta will be a level even beyond UR or if it will be it's own thing like PR kinda is.
  12. Stuff i got during the DoA collab
  13. I'm looking forward to it. Meanwhile i make the wait shorter by playing GBF on my phone.
  14. Liking the way she braided her hair. Also beware the hidden sword she has with her. Something else i would like to see is each girl having a western style wedding dress and an eastern one. (Though i always say jokingly that her Lessons of Spring outfit is her second wedding outfit.)
  15. @AndyKazama You should call her Thighza instead of Ryza Also don't think i posted these 2 that i got before the current event: