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  1. Kinda forgot to post the skins i got from the event: Harbin confirmed a whale ingame:
  2. A retrofit i got done before the current event: The ships i got: A funny part:
  3. If you like Yuel how about Societte? For more info:
  4. I see. I didn't knew that at all. I really hope then this ain't the case for the revamped version aswell.
  5. GBF VS plat wasn't locked behind dlc at all given i did play the game right at launch and was perfectly able to plat it without any dlcs.
  6. The two outfits @Black54Ninja did post in case it does show the links like it does in the quote:
  7. @Leon Castle Djeeta is the female version of the Main Char in Granblue Fantasy. As for Forte iirc she is a Rage of Bahamut char and yes she is obtainable in GBF. There's also some stuff from Shadowverse that is in Granblue. Karyl is also obtainable in GBF They did add plenty of side stories (aka older events that are now permantly available) As for Granblue the spark happens at 300 pulls (so you need 90k crystals which is easy to get) But then again Granblue also gives away a lot of free stuff over the year from crystals to weapons and etc. Something else that's only in Granblue is the Roulette which is a login event where you get around 10,20 or 30 pulls for free. (Last roulette just did end a few days ago) The roullette also has Gachapin aswell as a small chance to get 100 or 200 pulls for free. (Gachapin is draw until you get one SSR which depends on how lucky/unlucky you are so it could be just a 10 pull or going up to 100.) As for the SSR you get it's random you could get a new char which are tied to a wepaon or just get an old weapon and a gold moon. (Something you can trade in for other stuff) Granblue does have Legend Festival or Legfest Which is a sorta special "banner" in the sense it happens at the end of each month and the SSR rates are bumped up. During that you can get some Grand characters aswell as a Divine General (Makura is one of them) However Divine Generals have a special rule applied to them: Quoted dirrectly from the wiki: The 12 Generals (also referred to as Zodiac characters) are obtainable for the year they are introduced. They are then removed from the Premium Gala character pool at the end of the year, and return to the pool after roughly another year. For example, Anila was introduced in 2015, was unavailable in 2016, and became obtainable again in 2017. Note that even in years they are available, not all 12 Generals will be available in each Premium Gala. If the one you want is not available in a Premium Gala banner, it may come back in another. During the middle of the month there is Flash Gala which has another set of Grand chars. In some cases the weapon of a Grand char is more used than the char itself. And they also did divide the drawing into normal and classic so the pool is less large now. I hope i got that right if not @ASilverSeraphim check over what i wrote and add in anything i might've missed or explaind wrongly. @Leon Castle In case you wonder he's a fellow Granblue Fantasy player and i'd say he's more knowledgeable about stuff.
  8. The Type 2 ships i did get: The outfit i bought I can't put my finger on it exactly why i did buy this outfit given i'm not that huge into Swimsuits but something about it just made me go YES and BUY. Something funny from the side event: Meanwhile me: @Leon Castle Something about Ui's face makes it look kinda funny. As for something Granblue Fantasy related i did unlock a new Row 4 class: (Since i doubt anyone will check the GBF thread) As for two chars i did get on my way to sparking (aka until you can select your char after a certain number of pulls)
  9. Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all will have a great 2023

  10. I did read that article aswell and i'm honestly looking forward to what they have planned for Nep Nep.
  11. Not sure how long it has been since my last post but i did plat both Neptunia Virtual Stars and Neptunia x Senran Kagura Though i do feel like i missed something. Also just some tiny tidbit i'd like to share technically 4GO does take place after VII and Virtual Stars takes place some time after 4GO but honestly both games add little to the main plot. As for Sister vs Sister that one is confirmed to be a mainline game so in other words a proper follow up and not something like in Virtual Stars where we get like 1 scene about Gamindustri's E3 and then have everything else take place in some other dimesnion.
  12. My last two trophies were: Platinum #185 Nep Nep! Ultimate Ninja Master! Proof that you've played through Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars. Thank you for saving Gamninjustri! Survival from the Yomi Completed all of Yomi Training. Now the wait for Sister vs Sister begins. Also i sure didn't expect for Nepran as i call to be a shorter plat i was expecting the game to take like 50-100 hours. As for Yomi Training the final one was much easier than one or two of the other ones that are required to unlock it.
  13. Plat #185 Neptunia x Senran Kagura Ninja Wars


    Now it's time to wait until Sister vs Sister is coming.

  14. @Leon Castle That sure is one way to make older ships more relevant again. Also i'm already looking forward to the Christmas skins.