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  1. Ships i got from last event: As for current event you get the most for your gems by buying Suzutsuki skin because it has 5 girls in swimwear for 880 gems. Everyone in Azur Lane chat:
  2. I'm so hyped for this! Also from what i seen there will be LDK Mode. And i guess i can now make DMC5 SE my plat #200 and go ahead and plat DMC5 soon.
  3. I'm working on the MP aswell since i started like yesterday. There are still some people out there playing. So far only trophy i struggle a bit with is the multikill one with specter.
  4. Didn't need a lot of ships from this event: @AndyKazama @TheVader66 @Revvie @Leon Castle and everyone else They put a ton of skins up in the shop for a limited time! (I just say Deutschy Qi Par or Party Dress, or Azumama Qi Pao) Also first part of that Seattle pic reminds me of the Kronk meme.
  5. For anyone curious about the trophy list here:
  6. The ships i got from the event: As for wishing well: Skins i only got 1: As a little bonus:
  7. Thought i'd post this here: (somehow tagging broke after the second one wanted to tag a few more people) @AndyKazama @MossyOakRcn42
  8. From all the info i read so far they will announce the release date of Relink in December (11th-13th iirc) since that's when the next Granblue Festival is. I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if it's a cross gen title aswell.
  9. Stream has dropped a lot new info on Granblue related stuff. Only Relink news we got is that we will get new info later this year.... @Aranea Highwind
  10. Granblue going quite crazy for just the summer event: And who knows what we will get for the Summer Stream event aswell aside of maybe info for Versus and maybe Re Link. If anyone does plan to start this is a really good time to plan on starting Granblue Fantasy.
  11. New ships i got right before Sakura event: Ships i got from the event: New Retrofit i got done: (Cause i got a ton of copies of her) Card games on boatorcycles. Some funny stuff i seen in the dorm:
  12. About some upcoming outfits: Made a little gallery with the outfits coming for the girls that we get in phase 2 of the new event. Will later post all the girls i got from last event.
  13. As a huge DMC fan do i even need to say anything about this list? Should be really obvious.
  14. Me: *sees this skin* Akashi: Also on an event related note i did get I13 and Suzuya already. As for PR3 i started working on Odin and once i got her i go back to Azumama (Azuma)