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  1. Had that happen to me once when i did download the update too early only way to fix it was to reinstall Azur Lane. I take everything except Battle does work? @TheVader66 Z35 sure does look nice that mine with the face though. Also at this rate with all the Zeds i wonder if you can make a whole fleet with just Zeds. That flying Enterprise looks funny. Graf Zeppelin def is a must get. As for Sandy Claus some people were surprised that Sandy got such an ample chest.
  2. 23 Million Player Celebration will be soon happening aswell so get ready for free draws and etc. @Vadrael @YaoiGod Hope you all get something good from the Free Draws.
  3. *Superior German Ship noises* So far all i got was a bunch of colas (Pensacola) from my first draw i done for quest. Kinda low on cubes though thanks to nep event.
  4. @TheVader66 I will get the game once it's out in the west and on Android. Also one thing about the mobile market is that in JP the mobile market is the biggest and consoles are pretty much dead there. Hence why Sony said to move HQ to California.
  5. Finally did manage to get: @TheVader66 How are you liking that new Z23 outfit?
  6. Kinda curious who's in charge now of the Project Platinum in general? Since i did message ZoneHunter and he did direct me to here.
  7. I really hope it comes west and for both iOS and Android and not iOS only like neptunia and friends did. Posted about this game some time ago on Nepboards when i was looking on gematsu for new news.
  8. Almost sounds like me but i just want Green Heart and i got like all the other girls already (except Blanc). And what's worse i'm running low on cubes and coins.
  9. Granblue Fantasy will have a collab next month. Princess Connect! Re:Dive The event will start on the 9th December 2018 and will last until the 21st December. Some also talk that we might get a Zombie Lane Saga collab aswell. A new side story event will also start on the 26th November. @YaoiGod @Vadrael
  10. Some of the ships i got in the last few days (before the Neptunia Event) Got her from daily login @TheVader66
  11. Looked at the list and well i managed to get all except West Virginia. Couldn't manage to 3 star B3. Yeah Lusty's dress sure does look nice. As for Bunny North Carolina. I wanan note that that is not the only line of her where she mentions bunny girls. Though i would really like for her to get a bunny girl outfit aswell.(And one for Takao) I bound it with twitter. Given i made a twitter just for Granblue Fantasy (so i could post pics of my stared chars)
  12. I don't know how many Event ships there were. Also latest update seemed to give me some bug. I can access everything normally except for Attack when i click that i get stuck infinitly loading. People in game tried to help me with tips like relog restart phone and etc. But atm i'm redownloading the game since nothing else seemed to work. : / I did manage to draw empty that 3rd box from the drawboxes and thus got some new furniture though. That new outfit for illustrious
  13. added
  14. Should have been just closed cuz not in english after all that's one of the rules for making a dispute. But i doubt it would have been much of a dispute then either.
  15. I found some new ships: and got finally Maryland from building (gotta say i liked her old design more and i should note that i got another Minne aswell from the same triple build) and i also bought Ajax for medals (only to get her in the next mission i ran lol) also got in the last 2 days: