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  1. Well i thought this thread is for each and every game that got revealed so far.
  2. @Satoshi Ookami You forgot this one and that one
  3. Thanks for the giveaway. Now let's see how well my luck fares.
  4. Thanks didn't know such a filter existed.
  5. Been a while since i last checked in here. I do kinda would like if it would be possible to track which PP's one is in since i do seem to forget sometimes that i'm part of a certain PP.
  6. I'm looking forward to that Abyss mode. I wonder if it's a boss rush mode or something entirely new?
  7. You can use my video on how to farm money if you would like to. Here the link
  8. Pretty sure i said that i want to keep mine. As for the once per month thingy do you mean a post (as in talking about the games) or have people post an update on their stats?
  9. @soultaker655 Yeah i still wanna since it's the first time i'm an admin of anything. Also what about PP's that don't have much traffic like mine will they get delisted aswell?
  10. Your supposed to also insert the reason why your trophies were flagged. EDIT: Looking at FF13 it's pretty obvious why.
  11. Thinking about if i should buy AoT or Grand Kingdom. Also i wonder if every one will get some quote? text line before the event will end? Made some progress on Sorcery Saga aswell.
  12. After a few more runs i managed to do it even faster
  13. Shouldn't this thread be already closed?
  14. well seems like this was true now time to get the other games mentioned there
  15. If you have more than 2 flagged games then nope. Otherwise all you have to do is earn 1 trophy and then sync it and then update your profile on here. Also dispute a dispute thread should include the reason why the game got flagged. For questions like that there are other threads/topics rather than this.