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  1. @Vadrael @YaoiGod Hope you both had cleared some side stories since Granblue did hand out fully uncapped SSR summons and weapons for cleared Side Stories. Kinda hard to believe that not many on here seem to play Granblue... I thought there would be a few more people playing it.
  2. Only things that i found that did change were the search in PS store and the ps4 browser now can view longer gifs and etc again without running out of system memory. It does seem to make a second tab enter some low quality mode until it's the active tab again.
  3. A friend of mine heared the Neptunia collab will hit in November
  4. Takao sure is the best girl. (At least until they add Vert then her and Vert are the best girls.)
  5. Finally got all row 3 classes on level 20
  7. It's Kancolle but better.
  8. @IronticsDragonL sent me this link about some upcoming GBF stuff: @Vadrael @TheVader66
  9. #156 Gal Gun 2 True Gal Gun Master Unlock every trophy. As for a bit of backstory when i was at my Risu playthrough for whatever reason one day when i booted up my PS4 it was missing my User (not PSN ID) on PS4 so i had to recreate it. And it also did delete all of my capture gallery aswell as all my saves and sadly i didn't upload my Gal Gun 2 save to the cloud even though i thought i did. So i had to redo everything all over again. Also here my plat pic:
  10. @Vadrael I only have Summer Percival. Don't have the normal one yet. Also used my 3 Summer Draw Tickets and got 3 Rare chars.
  11. @Vadrael If you do want to join a guild i could recommend the one i'm in it's called Reign and is pretty much made for english speaking Granblue players
  12. @TheVader66 I sure gotta get used to tagging people
  13. The walls? I would rather get rid of that floor since it looks more damaged than the walls. Just noticed you might wanna move those 2 PC's a bit further away from the wall because atm they can only acess one of the 2 PC's from what it looks like.
  14. Granblue is handing out a free SSR Light summon (fully uncapped) better get it while you can. If it shouldn't show up right on the home screen just click on gameplay extras then click on that symbol where it says Anubis once done just scroll down until you see Enjoy your free SSR Light summon
  15. About haunted PS4 all i can say yesterday i booted up my PS4 like always and then it said please select User. Somehow my user was gone. So i went and recreated my User Profile. The first thing i noticed was that all of my capture gallery got wiped aswell as all my save files. But everything else was still there. Only downside i didn't backup my Gal Gun 2 save so i have to redo everything again (and that even though i only was like 2 more playthroughs away from platting.)