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  1. Some ships i got recently:
  2. Today is my birthday woo!

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    2. Jelloycat


      Happy Birthday! :) Hope you have a good day! 

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy birthday!

    4. Tosmasta00


      Thanks everyone! Yeah it was a good day Jelloycat.

  3. That's because i edited that part away it was supposed to be a second post but instead Forum thought it would be better to merge my both posts anyway here what i posted: Today's Quest was do 2x Hard Map so i thought why not 3-4? And well after the first run i encountered this girl: Bought this outfit for Takao: I tagged you here and asked: Race Girl Takao when?
  4. Been a while since my last post anyway here the stuff i got from the last event: Got 2 non event ones aswell from the maps Didn't manage to get Shoukaku and i was nowhere near the points needed to unlock Akatsuki On the submarine release day i got:
  5. As being close to the Plat myself I can very well confirm you can S rank everything and leave human for last since both Human and Devil Hunter are unlocked from the start.
  6. If anyone has problems with the Enigma Fantasy Riddles i uploaded the solutions to my youtube channel. (Same name as on here)
  7. @TheVader66 Saw this on JP twitter
  8. Kinda forgot to post some of the last few ships (thanks DMC5) that i got so i put em in a spoiler.
  9. Some new info for the PS4 game: https://twitter.com/CompileHeartWeb/status/1108910004294172672 A certain someone also seems to have joined As for the char roster here a link @ERGOPROXY-DECAY https://compileheart.com/alcw/chara/
  10. So far i got all of Human S ranked and missed a few S ranks on Devil Hunter. But yeah mainly focusing on beating higher difficulties once i got all secret missions and purple orbs.
  11. Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary is starting today and it's handing out a lot of free stuff and draws https://www.reddit.com/r/Granblue_en/comments/az3jxr/gbf_5th_anniversary_details/ei4z9hu/ @YaoiGod @Vadrael So if anyone would like to join in you should right now via browser on PC or via Andapp on PC or via moblile.
  12. Been playing DMC5 so far and i like the trophies so far. as for S ranking some bosses i def will have to learn better. Even got a gold trophy already.
  13. Beat DMC5 on Devil Hunter and all i will say is DMC5 is awesome

  14. WOO got this in the mail today


    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Oh wow, that's amazing! I have to wait for it to go on sale since it's too much for me but I definitely can't wait to play it and see Vergil again. :D

  15. Some of the stuff i got recently Got Victorious and Sirius from my daily triple draws (for the event quest) Vic i got 2 days ago and Sirius i got yesterday.