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  1. Everyone will probably hate me. Ships i got : Retrofits: Outfit: As for other outfits i'm not sure which one i should buy since there's a bunch of great ones. Like the Strasser "Oath" one as i call it. I also do kinda like the Katsuragi bunny one.
  2. You're welcome. Glad to know my video guide did help someone afterall.
  3. Some people are quite addicted to trophies so they buy anything that has easy trophies. Some might just be hunting for only ultra rares so those will get it aswell.
  4. My plan from the get go was to wait for the PS5 Slim. Since by then they probably allow to swap out the SSD for a much larger one aswell as some other issues that get fixed and there will also be more games to play then.
  5. As for the microlayer event i got If someone wonders about the other ships well i already had them all from an earlier run of the event. As for retrofits: As for skins/outfits i got: I also got North Carolina Bunny outfit but it seems like i totally forgot to make a screenshot of it. As for something else:
  6. Thought i'd share this one aswell:
  7. @ObliviousSenpai Yeah it's a Prototype Crescent given it's the best bow i got so far as a F2P player. Yeah i can understand wanting to clear things faster. Though i gotta say i do like it how thankful people are when i do carry a domain to a win with Amber. Some even do compliment me ingame on the damage i can do with her.
  8. They can once the domain is cleared. I do play Genshin on PS4 aswell. @ObliviousSenpai Given my Amber hasn't got a great Bow or maxed out Talents she also doesn't have the bestest Artifacts. Also i'm not in a rush to clear domains as fast as possible
  9. Thought i'd post these 2 of mine aswell @SenpaiSlap Aloy is a Cryo Bow user though. As for Yoimiya some people don't seem to be hyped much for her. Many wonder how the Constellations for Aloy will be gotten since many doubt we get all via mail.
  10. Ships i had gotten before the Idolmaster event: Ships i got from the Idolmaster event:
  11. Any char is still great. Heck i do use Amber as my Pyro Main. Rather than worrying about Tier Lists or OP damage just try to have fun with your chars. First i would say try out Diluc and see if you like how he plays. If you do i'd say stick with him.
  12. Huh i sure didn't know that there already was a topic on this. I sure would like if different regions got mergred into 1 forum since some games have useful guides or videos in only one forum so you then have to search for the game and then find the right region to get to the helpful topic which could be reduced to just having one forum for multiple regions. It also would reduce the amount of similar topics in various regions.
  13. LIke for example i seen that Genshin has 3 or 4 different forums. I guess because different regions? But would it be possible to just merge them to just one Genshin forum instead of having 4 times the forums? Given that would reduce number of topics aswell about the same questions and etc. Seen that this multiple forums for same game is for other games happening aswell.
  14. Nah i don't use reddit. But everyone always was like Amber is useless or she's so bad. Which in turn did inspire me to prove them wrong. So more of a out of spite thing. Fun thing though is damage wise i could still get even higher numbers given i haven't maxed out her talents. Bow isn't refined to 5 either. Also thanks for calling my videos good.