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  1. Bought it along with Triangle Strategy for Switch.
  2. Girls i got from the last event: As for outfits i got:
  3. So hyped for it. As for more news i guess maybe at Gamescom or TGS.
  4. Found this twitter post earlier and does anyone know where to get that Takao Standee without having to buy a ring?
  5. Was about to post this on the vita forum of this game:
  6. I know i'm late but had a bit of net porblems and seems like imgur had some problems aswell I gotta say though the story of the event was amazing. Anyway here the ships i got: One of the bestest parts in the event story:
  7. A thing about Ägir's maid outfit
  8. Kinda forgot to post my newest ships for a while so here the ones i got since my last post: As for outfits i got these ones
  9. The ships i got from the New Russian event:
  10. You can also craft that item. Also are you sure you are Embered?
  11. The ships i got: The retrofits i done: The Outfits/skins i got: As for Russia event rerun i finally managed to get the last ship i was missing for 100% russian ship (at least til new event drops) As for Vday i once again did choose Takao so i guess i'm the only one that has 4/4 Takao messages and in case some people didn't know each message is different. (Might upload pic of the 2022 message later.)
  12. @Zas She also has a retrofit.
  13. Totally thought i had posted the ships that i had gotten anyway here: Outfits/Skins i got @Leon Castle As for Chen Hai i just:
  14. Nah it doesn't disable trophies. But didn't they fixed that trick with the latest update?
  15. Happy New Year everyone!


    Managed to Solo Spiral Abyss Floor 8 with just Amber and Barbara in Genshin Impact


    Here the video of it: