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  1. Finally it arrived at my place Time to get another Nep plat
  2. @mikas3322 Odin Sphere Leifthrasir So i would have one game less in my backlog.
  3. List updated after like ages
  4. I always forget that i also have a checklist thread kinda wish it would be somewhere on my profile so i don't keep forgetting about it.
  5. I kinda like and dislike em at the same time. Given then used to have always kinda different trophy icons. Also just seen someone already got the plat like a week before the game is even out.
  6. The trophy icons though....
  7. Using my good old Nokia 6060
  8. Who's your favorite Neptunia girl? And why?
  9. Have you made sure it's not set to my games only? Because then it won't show sessions for games that you don't have.
  10. Both are for the HK region they tend to have a bunch of JP Chinese Korean and English versions.
  11. Doesn't matter if hidden or not. Why even bother disputing when all you write is that you have hidden the games as your defense?
  12. I honestly would prefer to be able to select a game before i start it since for some games it takes like forever to find someone to boost with so i'd look for people before i start the game.
  13. A topic like that is actually pretty nice where each can check if others have unbotainable trophies/plats to notify the person of em.
  14. Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords Though some say it can be gotten on the UK store aswell but it's out nowhere else in EU iirc. On PS3 you have: Battle Fantasia Record of Agarest War (with trophies) given EU never got trophies for it and it's called Agarest Generations of War in EU.
  15. I guess the first post in this thread hasn't got updated then because that's what i have checked.