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  1. For a second i thought Takao finally got a dress outfit but turns out it's Agano aww man.
  2. I see i have been tagged. As for low oil fleet.i do have one joke fleet which consists of Mutsuki Retrofit and 1 other ship. Since both are high level that's pretty much all there is to it. As for great ships all i know is. Bismarck is great. Especially if you have the item for her that negates the effect of having 0 ammo by a lot. Normally i have her and Tirpitz in my german fleet back row. For JP fleet one of the best ships i'd say there is Nagato since she does buff all the ships. While i do love using Takao she does have the downside of having not that much HP so she's better for shorter fights. Noshiro however i mainly heared is a great to use ship. For Royal Navy the best ship from what i read is Warspite when you retrofit her. (However her retrofit does require a special item which will get a rerun who knows when.) For Sandy her retrofit item will have a rerun kinda soon so be sure to grab it. Some other ship that's pretty useful for low oil costs is Z1 (if you can retrofit her). Since she does have a skill that does buff other Z ships most use her in combination with either z23 or z46. The advantage of retrofitting is that ships do get a power boost and in some cases an extra skill while not costing more oil. (Which can be a great one in some cases.) Mind you this is mainly stuff i read people talk about since i don't quite play AL that seriously i play it a bit more casually i'd say. Sure here and there i do ask about fleet compositions or what weapons would be best to use.
  3. So many pics on this page sure took me some time to load. I didn't get Tartu cause i rarely ever bother doing 60 runs for just one ship and swiftsure i didn't get either. Aside of that since i had already all of the event ships i was just collecting some cubes and working here and there towards some retrofits.
  4. Is that 3rd one Jeanne D'arc? @MossyOakRcn42 (The blonde one with some knight armor parts)
  5. @Leon Castle For screenshots i do use an app called screenshot touch. Which does let you place a screenshot button anywhere on the touch screen.
  6. Thought i'd let everyone know.


    If anyone one wants the Dynamic Tifa Theme that you only could get by buying Butterfingers. Check the Japanese PS Store since it is free in there.

    1. Tosmasta00


      Someone also did message me that it's free on the HK store aswell. But i can't verify that. So if someone can that would be nice.

  7. Ships i got: As for retrofit i got: @MossyOakRcn42 Wish i could trade you. Also had this little funny thing happen:
  8. Some new ship girls are coming in the upcoming event As for new retrofit
  9. Today is my Birthday.



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      Happy birthday! :) 

    4. Tosmasta00


      Thanks everyone. Sure had a good Bday.

  10. @AndyKazama Pretty sure everyone got the compensation for the delay. As for the Fallen Wings "Event" all i need from it is West Virginia. Since i got all the other ships the last time the event was around.
  11. Pretty much been gaming all my life. When i was like 1-3 years old i often played games at my cousin's place or uncle's place. Then when i was like 3 or 4 i got a Gameboy gifted from my cousin. Then with 6-7 i got my N64 from my parents because i had good grades at school.
  12. Kinda forgot to post the ships i got before the current event: Ships from the current event that i got: Got the bulin outfit: Also this face:
  13. @AndyKazama @TheVader66 and everyone else. (tagging kinda broke after the second one) They added also exclusive April 1st oath scenes. If you already have an oathed ship go memento>archive and then your oathed ship and press on the oath symbol.
  14. Kinda forgot to post which russian ships i got anyway here the ones i got. As for skins i got this one: Also this:
  15. The roulette is once again up to celebrate the 6th! Anniversary of GBF also this time the roulette will end near the end of the month. So hopefully you guys and girls are getting some nice things from the roulette. Also they did gave out a bunch of goodies for the Anniversary stream so be sure to check your crate for the goodies. They also did announce a lot of new things during the Stream aswell as some QoL changes and other things.