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  1. One thing i would also like to see would be for games that are on ps3 vita and ps4 that you can select one version and then when you sort it for only ps3 or so that the game will or will not show up there.
  2. The upcoming Neptunia VIIR ( read as V2 R) can be played without a VR headset aswell.
  3. Time to test my luck again. (Prolly won't win like each time i join one of these.) If it wasn't clear sign me up for that giveaway.
  4. Well after taking a look at his/her profile i will ask the following: Which is your favorite Neptunia girl? and why?
  5. I really would like that feature aswell since each beta you play will stay stuck on your profile which is kinda annoying.
  6. Welcome to PSNP. Hope you will have a lot of fun on here.
  7. I hope whitelisting never becomes a thing since people could just shut down their ps3 and then turn back on go to their user delete it and create a new one instead of syncing their trophies. But that's just my opinion
  8. Really a nice interview.
  9. To translate what the latest post says: Hi sorry but i can't comment this case. Surely you could imagine that this trophy is illegal (i think he meant unobtainable) but this isn't the case. I would never do something like that. It's dishonorable for a Trophy Hunter. I wasn't a trophy hunter before as you can see in my profile. I have seen that i still would've to 100% this. As non trophy hunter i didn't knew that the mask would be needed later. I later had the luck to still being able to have created this mask. I don't know how else i could have got it. I was always honest and didn't knew that my mask looks similiar. Check the Profile picture. I don't have any other way to prove it. Honestly even his german is quite broken so yeah i tried my best to translate it so it makes sense.
  10. If you need a link to my S rank guide then here:
  11. Thanks a lot for using my S rank guide.
  12. Just wanted to update that i did plat Cyberdimension. So the wait for VIIR has begun.
  13. Good thing is that VIIR can be played without a VR headset aswell.
  14. Cross Edge Eternal Sonata Soul Calibur 4 (with trophies hopefully)