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  1. I personally would love for such a feature to be added. (Since i do have quite the backlog of games. 100+ i guess.) I hope we also can sort our backlog like we can with our normal trophy list ( minus a 100% cleared option) and some easy option to move it out of the backlog once you start earning trophies or after a certain amount of trophies.
  2. @TheVader66 I will choose Takao as my V-day ship girl.
  3. That collab alone sure was a reason for many to even get into Azure Lane. A few of my Nepboards friends also were glad that they could get all CPUs in both forms and i think some even got a skin or two.
  4. And how can you be sure it's not just some story they tell trying to cover that they did hack the game? Also that would allow hackers to basically hack any game that is known to have others unlocking trophies for you and then just get a free pass because they say someone else hacked it. Also on PS3 if it happens just don't sync then delete the user (on the far left of xmb) and then make a new one and log in with you PSN ID and the hacked trophies are gone. Not sure if you can do that on PS4 aswell.
  5. Some stuff i got before the current event: (This could be an oath skin aswell given how much white there is) Finally she's home Now for the current event ships That shorts + pantyhose combo reminds me of Kurisu from Steins Gate I also came across this lost Sakura Empire kid:
  6. Is this available for Austria?
  7. A Jet Engine Fan 500GB PS4
  8. Everyone made sure to beat that Premium Friday Quest? The item you get from it can be traded in for 300 crystals. And the quest will be a monthly quest.
  9. Too late. Besides i still have my ps2 and ps3 so i will play on those instead of streaming.
  10. I sure would like Leanbox Ranks.
  11. Got to point out that i have 12 Neptunia plats and not 11. Though i gotta say it's a good decision that Rebirth+ got only moved to optional and not aUultrafan requirement. I do kinda miss the goddess quotes by each player but then again i was the only one who wanted vert to comment instead of Neptune.
  12. Some more ships i got in the last few days: Got her from medal exchange No more event building needed With that i got every event ship
  13. Well guess since no one replying anymore or anyone new wanting to play Granblue the thread will be inactive quite a lot. Sure was hoping this thread would at least have a small group to talk about the game and it's chars. Guess this was just wishful thinking at best. I sure will post about whenever there is a roulette again or some big event or free stuff. Like currently GBF staff gave away 3k crystals to everyone and side stories have half AP and Treasure costs.
  14. That guy only doing it to get some attention since he's got an attention addiction any attention for him is good no matter if negative or not.
  15. Done yesterday some builds and got these 2: Should note i also got Aoba (no Screenshot) as a drop from the event map. Then in the early hours of today i decided to do another Triple build (Just 3 ships) and got these 2: After that i checked the Medal shop and bought: