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  1. Just read about the server closure will i be still able to do the flag stuff in time? Also i did test play it a while ago which starting classes should i try to recruit and where should i put the bonus points for em?
  2. Ikaruga is my favorite Senran girl aswell. You might also like Type 95 from Girls Frontline i think she is. As for some other Azur Lane girl you might like:
  3. More like please burn this. Chat Room 5 where i hang out could be called the Guhehehe emote cult. @AndyKazama Nice you are on the same server as me then. A bit late but welcome to Azur Lane. By your latest post i take you are a Takao (or Taco as some call her ingame) fan? To which i say:
  4. Honestly for me the hardest part will be the 2 online trophies i need (rank 11 and that 1 player joins your room) i figured there wouldn't be many players left but yeah the online is an absolute ghost town never have i even seen anyone else online so far no matter what time i check.
  5. Some stuff i got after the event: More Meowfficers that i got:
  6. Ships i got during the event: Got these Meowfficers during the event:
  7. Some upcoming changes to Granblue Fantasy
  8. Granblue Fantasy (グランブルーファンタジー) is a role-playing video game developed by Cygames for Android, iOS and web browsers, which first released in Japan in March 2014. The game is notable for reuniting music composer Nobuo Uematsu and art director Hideo Minaba, who previously collaborated on Final Fantasy V (1992), Final Fantasy VI (1994), Final Fantasy IX (2000), and Lost Odyssey (2007). While it's only on the JP store it's one of the (if not only one) games that have an english language option. Also GBF can be played on the Chrome browser or with Andapp on the PC (no Emulator required) The game plays as a role-playing video game with turn-based battles. The game also contains summons and a class system that alters the main character's move-set and growth. Characters gain levels and abilities by accruing experience; summons and weapons equipped also confer characters with bonuses on attack power and HP. The characters themselves are gained either via quests (the main story quests or special event quests) or by using in-game currency to receive random crystal fragments, which may contain special weapons that add specific characters to the party. Characters, summons, and weapons are ranked (from best to worst) as SSR, SR, R, or N; each is also of type wind, water, fire, earth, light, or darkness. Voice actors provide voices for all of the characters in battle, and for much of the main and event storylines. About Characters i can say Granblue does have quite a lot and it keeps getting more i couldn't find an exact number of how many are there but i would guess at least 300+ so there should be a waifu or husbando for everyone. I should also note that some chars do have multiple versions. For example like R and SR version or SR and SSR version and summer versions or simply just different element than the original. As for it's Gacha i can say Granblue is really generous and they also do hand out crystals rather often aswell. They sometimes even hand out a guaranteed 100 Part Draw (10x 10 Part Draws) so you can play it without ever spending a single buck on it. Crystals you pretty much get for everything you do anyway. Also GBF does have a Spark Draw which you get if you do 300 Draws (or just 30 10 Part Draws) in which you then can choose 1 char out of the Spark Draw list and get it. The char rarities are R (Bronze), SR (silver) and SSR (gold). They also do hand out AP an EP items so unless you raid like madly you hardly will ever run out of em. Draw Ticket you can also get rather easily from side stories or event. They even hand out sometimes some SSR Draw Tickets like the most recent one was 3 SSR Summer Draw tickets which will get you 3 Summer themed SSR chars. Recently they also seem to add to events a 10 Part Draw ticket which does require quite some event materials but it's not like impossibly hard to get it. Granblue also does have a ton of events regulairy and even quite some crossover event such as Attack on Titan or Persona 5. Currently there's a Love Live Sunshine Crossover event going on. Other events that they have are like free 10 Part Draws (which currently is also on) or Half AP on everything (or almost everything) and a few other events. The are different races in Granblue Fantasy: Human Pretty much self explanatory Erune have cat like features so basically Cat Girls and Boys Draph While mostly call em demons cuz of their horns they are actually based on Cows Harvin They have pointy ears and are small (aka loli race as some call em) Then there is also unknown and Primal. There are also a few guild on Granblue that recuit only english speaking people. If you want to see some Premium Draw videos i do have some on my channel aswell. Hope this is good enough for an Opening Post.
  9. Wanted to spark for Summer Alexiel when this happened:
  10. All the ships i got from the last event: Got this outfit: As for the current event all i got so far is:
  11. Thought i'd mention it here aswell but currently Granblue Fantasy does have a Love Live collab going on. So much Nico Nico Nii that i wanna break enemies Nico Nico Kneecaps.
  12. I simply can't get Alabama and it's annoying. Got every other event ship except her.
  13. As for my draws when Summer chars were up i got lucky and got one 10 Part Draw that had 4 SSR (3 were new 1 was a moon) I do still remember one of then was Summer Cagli and other was Grand Rosetta can't seem to remember 3rd one atm but i do remember it also was a summer char. Though ever since then i haven't really gotten any SSR to show up i got 1 or 2 SR but no SSR ever since summer chars are gone. As for Versus i wait and see if English version will have codes aswell else i might get the JP version. As for Relink yeah i would like a release date aswell and maybe some new info. Also i really like how many free crystals have been handed out we also will get 5k crystals if that one hashtag stays at #1 until 5PM (17 o'clock) JP time. GBF is getting another Love Live collab. This one has nico in it so you all better get ready to break enemies Nico Nico Kneecaps @Satoshi Ookami
  14. Big summer event will have a lot of things Main one for new players would be free 10 Part Draw and a Single Normal Free Draw per day! The single Draw happens after the 10 Par Draw is over.
  15. Was waiting for someone else to post but anyway: Got her outfit Instatnly put it on her since it looks much better than her default one. Within 2 triple builds i got these two:
  16. Subs i got so far As for funny faces: As for bulins i always thought they just upgrade the girls rigging (since they are repair ships) and leave.
  17. We will get some new news for sure at this
  18. Ugh i was so close to get Fector's Challenge done in Stardew Valley. But i had to die in the wave before the final boss.....

  19. Any pic of this new fusion?
  20. Dunno if i posted about it but i use: A Nokia 6060 and a Nokia 6.1 I sure can recommend both to anyone who wants a non smartphone (6060) or a good smartphone the 6.1 also has pretty decent free space (32GB) from the get go and 3 GB RAM price was 250 bucks.
  21. Funny i got Sturm a while ago aswell. Recently i did get SSR Athena (char) before it changed to summer versions. As for something else Granblue related i got recently it's:
  22. Kinda forgot to post this one: Event ships and etc i got: I do still miss that 8k coins ship but i can get her easily anyway (already got like 10k+ coins) As for Izumo i'm at 78% on the 1 mil grind.
  23. added
  24. General Information Welcome to the Project Platinum dedicated to the devolper Experience Inc which is known for dungeon crawling RPG games such as Demon Gaze or Stranger of Sword City. The requrements for a game to be on this PP is that it is developed by Experience Inc For more Project Platinum ideas, or if you want to be an admin of an unreseved PP Please check this thread made by the awesome Zone Hunter. Admin: Tosmasta00 Special thanks to: HcG Clawz For helping to come up with the idea of this PP Dragon-Archon For letting Demon Gaze move from his PP to this PP soultaker655 For letting Operation Abyss move from his PP to this PP and for creating the banner. Neku-tan For creating the Rank Emblems Rules Every platinum has to be earned legit. Hackers will be found out and banned from the event Only unique games are eligible, completing the same games with different region trophy lists will not get you any points. You're free to choose which region version of a game to platinum (NA/EU/JP). When a new game in a "future slot" (assuming the game is not reserved for another PP idea) is released you'll have to re-earn your place in the Hall of fame if necessary. The hall of fame requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases. If you want to sign up please refer to which Hall you are eligible and provide the list of your games, i will add you to the Hall of Fame that you belong to by your PSN ID (No need to provide that ID if you're too lazy). If you are part of any date-sensitive event, i will gladly accept entries for games that has only one trophy left before the platinum Hall of Fame Requirements: Experienced Dungeon Crawler:You have obtained the platinum trophy of all Experience Inc games Muramasa Hunter: You have obtained the platinum trophy of 4 Experience Inc games Abyss Gazer: You have obtained the platinum trophy of 2 Experience Inc games Gigant Slayer: You have obtained the platinum trophy of 1 Experience Inc game Butterfly Catcher: You have joined this event without having a platinum trophy in any of the games. Games Guides Hall of Fame Experienced Dungeon Crawler Muramasa Hunter Abyss Gazer Gigant Slayer Butterfly Catcher
  25. Lucky me just did get Drang earlier today from the free draw. As for my fav track i'd say it's either one of the towns (Lumacie Archipelago) or Paradise Lost. I'm at chapter 54 since like a long time. (You should already have story Rackam by the point you are at but story chars are SR only as far as i know.) I sure would love a Devil May Cry Crossover event. My friend @ASilverSeraphim sure would like a Re:Zero event given how other Cygames gacha's got one so far. He also does know some other good soundtrack of GBF (given he is further ahead at the story.)