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  1. A bit late maybe but here the ships i got from the event: As for outfits i only got the Mutsuki event one: If i seen right this one doesn't have new Voice lines? Found some more fake ads for Azur Lane in Life is a game:
  2. Aside of skill practice missions which i doubt will be hard the only two trophies i see that could take some time be a bit harder are: Get Lumi Sword (Since it has a rather low drop rate in GBF itsellf ) Unlock all entries in the glossary's Characters and Terms section might be another one that won't be all to easy to finish. I wonder what @ASilverSeraphim thinks about this trophy list.
  4. I will keep at it don't worry. Thanks i like it alot aswell.
  5. Wish i would make 100 bucks from Youtube. but yeah i'm probably miles away from that.
  6. Some new info about the PS4 game: Honestly at this rate Neptune will be another crossover queen like Morrigan
  7. This isn't even an attempt at a dispute.
  8. I'm also thinking about buying Azuma's skin i honestly am not a fan of Taihou. I didn't even manage to get Taihou when she was buildable. Well in the ad it showed under details Honolulu inside and onsen and when guy clicked her a hand appeard and put down Honolulu's sunglasses onto her eyes. i didn't click anything since the ad pretty much is just a video. Honestly i think those ads were made with stolen assests like a friend of mine said he also saw some other ad that advertised something that wasn't even in the game itself.
  9. Luckily i already have 900 points (was just like 1 or 2 more limit breaks away when Azuma came out) As for something else i did install a game called Life is a Game and in it i decided to watch ads when i came across these odd AL ads: Should note there were more than just the 3 i screenshotted. Meanwhile the Girls Frontline ads i got were just normal ones that just showed off 1 char of the game.
  10. I was about to post the Azuma skin aswell. Also the new Prince skin ain't bad either. Also congrats on getting Maya and Choukai. I myself have neither of the two.
  11. Both the R and g are a bit lower than the other letters almost as if someone photoshopped em in lol. That aside i really do like that outfit.
  12. I'm a bit late with my post Ships i got: Outfits i got: Only got one new Meowfficer: Spent so many cubes but i simply just couldn't get Ryuuhou. As for Mama Fried thanks to the event i'm at 44% of the 1.2 mil exp step. @AndyKazama Kinda wish we could get a western style alt wedding dress for takao and others could get an eastern one. Also it's great they gave away a ring for free.
  13. Here a vid of mine showing how to get the Ornate Key early and thus saving some time. To get to the chest make sure you have the Rubellite Rifle equipped then stand in the spot i stood and press R1+Square. I will also upload a vid showing a faster way to the Ornate Key Door. Which will save some time. EDIT: Just finished uploading
  14. @TheVader66 *sad Takao noises* Since i don't see her being your Secretary. As for me my two secretaries are Takao and Noshiro
  15. Lucky a friend of mine did also spark for Vikala iirc ( @ASilverSeraphim ) while another also got lucky and got Holiday Narmaya. While i did spark for Holiday Narmaya i had her normal version (Dark) which i got a while ago from an Proving Grounds SSR ticket. As for her being dlc i'm honestly glad she makes it into the game.
  16. I once drew like 5 chicago's in a row
  17. For whatever reason neither of the two spoiler tags seem to work for me. Yours Revvie just sends me to the top of the page whenever i click it. EDIT: Now both work just right after i posted lol.
  18. I'd say in a Japanese Train station. And it's most likely some ad on a screen or a promotional banner.
  19. I did spark Holiday Narmaya since thanks to roulette i was at 111/300
  20. Since Christmas is celebrated here on the 24th. 


    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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      Merry Christmas!

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      Merry Christmas!

      (╯^□^)╯ ✩♪♬

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      Same here. God jul! 🙂

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  21. 700 I only have like 110+
  22. Even if it's really the last time the trophies will stay flagged. Because using a save (even if your own) to unlock trophies is against the rules.
  23. Some new upcoming ships: She looks like she's related to Suzuya
  24. Starting with today roulette happens so getting a lot of chars will be rather easy and the last day even has a 200 draw! Which is 2/3 of a full spark (aka pick a char)
  25. After a quick look at the AL wiki. Yeah it's the same artist. He also did draw North Carolina in case you wonder. And Type 95 for Girls Frontline