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  1. @fisty123 I'm gonna just copy this post: Eveyone sign sony starting to notice the petition made by someone from the SK team.
  2. Granblue has Drawboxes like that too (just without tiers to unlock but instead multiple of the same) and there i move on to the next one as soon as i have the main reward. The good thing in Azur Lane you can go back to older tiers and do draws whenever you like. But i'd say they prolly are tied to the event so i'd say focus fist on getting the main rewards and then draw wherever you like.
  3. Over here you do see girls wearing pantyhose. It varies sometimes more sometimes less. I personally find Marylands older look to be better. As for the Star roulette i got past step 1 pretty easy. Tried the event area and yeah might have to keep that on hold did manage to kill 1 enemy but yeah def need higher level ships for it. (Currently highest ship is only 25) Also put Takao in my team and oh wow she's strong she pretty much one shots ships in 1-4. Now to level her up and get better gear for her. Just noticed Minneapolis has a second pic where she makes a bubble gum bubble: Minor update just got: (within only 20 rewards) And before her i got both Kalk and Norfolk
  4. So just finished another 3 Limited builds and i got Portland and these two:
  5. I did watch this guide: But i will ask if i should have any questions also i sent you a Friend Request. Thanks for that chart will put it to good use. Figured i should put that pic when i seen it since i knew a bunch of people here are into Love Live. I pretty much like it when a girl wears a pantyhose i done so ever since i was little. (Though i gotta say i do like it when girls wear stockings aswell. But Pantyhose better xD) Yeah Type95 sure does resemble Takao and Atago. As for the other raifu's i liked to use FAMAS in Counter Strike. MP5 i used quite some in Battlefield 4. WA2000 i do know from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin And for something on topic i got her from normal special crafting I got Hood from my very frist Limited Crafting (Used a drill since i wanted the drills to be on an even number) EDIT: Small update i just got Belfast aswell while i was crafting 3 light ones
  6. Downloaded, updated, joined Avrora server and beaten everything up til 1-4.
  7. If anyone is curious what the first part of her line means it's german for I love you
  8. That aside thanks for the info about that outfit.
  9. Just thought i'd ask here but does anyone know if this is an official Takao outfit? (as in obtainable ingame)
  10. Friend of mine just told me that they added Monika to GBF. To unlock her you have to pay 20k points in arcanum and must have beaten all hard levels. @Vadrael @YaoiGod
  11. @Vadrael Ugh that tag thing went undeletable and couldn't write anything else. (Guess i have to tell @Sly Ripper to fix that if possible) Wanted to say @Vadrael @YaoiGod just a little reminder that the Halloween event has already started and that you can get 2 fully uncapped SR and 1 SSR weapon aswell as 1 Halloween Char Draw Ticket.
  12. Thanks for the sub
  13. @Vadrael @YaoiGod Granblue will be celebrating 22 mil players aswell so enjoy some free draws aswell as less AP costs and etc
  14. I am making A Rank videos and even uploaded some to youtube already just don't wanna spam em out like crazy though but already got vids of everything up until chapter 10. (Except Chapter 1 and Skirmish 1 but those 2 are pretty easy.) My youtube channel: I also did make A Rank vids for the first game. And a money farm one for Revolution.
  15. @Vadrael @YaoiGod Xeno Diablos is up and on the 14th the Pretty Cure Event will start. With a Halloween event at the 17th according to GBF wiki.
  16. Same
  17. I will check out my local mobile store once it's open again cuz they redesign? or so the store and it won't be done until like tomorrow.
  18. Really hope i can get to play Azur Lane soon. (still looking for a cheap and good smartphone)
  19. Seems like reddit and etc made a little mistake the tales of event got added as a side story.
  20. Some Granblue Fantasy patch notes: A friend of mine said Magisa (which i have) has gotten a decent boost @Vadrael @YaoiGod And here some info about the upcoming Tales of Event:
  21. I knew about the Chinese version before and honestly gotta say i do like that one piece they made.
  22. I'm looking forward to play DMC 5 aswell as playing some of that coop.
  23. @YaoiGod You still can trade in for summons and etc. But now you do get when finishing a side story some free max uncapped stuff. Like the one i'm on it says i get a free max uncapped SSR weapon when i reach a certain point. @Vadrael Granblue Festival sure is handing out a lot of presents:
  24. @Vadrael @YaoiGod Hope you both had cleared some side stories since Granblue did hand out fully uncapped SSR summons and weapons for cleared Side Stories. Kinda hard to believe that not many on here seem to play Granblue... I thought there would be a few more people playing it.
  25. Only things that i found that did change were the search in PS store and the ps4 browser now can view longer gifs and etc again without running out of system memory. It does seem to make a second tab enter some low quality mode until it's the active tab again.