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  1. I'm working on Izumo and i finished all steps except for the exp grind got like 30% for her though (on the 1m) from mainly farming for mini Belfast.
  2. The ships i got from the 2 events that were going on The message that Kizuna AI has left
  3. Got Freezie from the free draws from the Golden Week Special.
  4. I'd say P5S could be a hit like Hyrule Warriors i def will keep an eye out for it.
  5. Some ships i got recently:
  6. Today is my birthday woo!

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  7. That's because i edited that part away it was supposed to be a second post but instead Forum thought it would be better to merge my both posts anyway here what i posted: Today's Quest was do 2x Hard Map so i thought why not 3-4? And well after the first run i encountered this girl: Bought this outfit for Takao: I tagged you here and asked: Race Girl Takao when?
  8. Been a while since my last post anyway here the stuff i got from the last event: Got 2 non event ones aswell from the maps Didn't manage to get Shoukaku and i was nowhere near the points needed to unlock Akatsuki On the submarine release day i got:
  9. As being close to the Plat myself I can very well confirm you can S rank everything and leave human for last since both Human and Devil Hunter are unlocked from the start.
  10. If anyone has problems with the Enigma Fantasy Riddles i uploaded the solutions to my youtube channel. (Same name as on here)
  11. @TheVader66 Saw this on JP twitter
  12. Kinda forgot to post some of the last few ships (thanks DMC5) that i got so i put em in a spoiler.
  13. Some new info for the PS4 game: https://twitter.com/CompileHeartWeb/status/1108910004294172672 A certain someone also seems to have joined As for the char roster here a link @ERGOPROXY-DECAY https://compileheart.com/alcw/chara/
  14. So far i got all of Human S ranked and missed a few S ranks on Devil Hunter. But yeah mainly focusing on beating higher difficulties once i got all secret missions and purple orbs.
  15. Granblue Fantasy 5th Anniversary is starting today and it's handing out a lot of free stuff and draws https://www.reddit.com/r/Granblue_en/comments/az3jxr/gbf_5th_anniversary_details/ei4z9hu/ @YaoiGod @Vadrael So if anyone would like to join in you should right now via browser on PC or via Andapp on PC or via moblile.