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  1. We will get some new news for sure at this
  2. Ugh i was so close to get Fector's Challenge done in Stardew Valley. But i had to die in the wave before the final boss.....

  3. Any pic of this new fusion?
  4. Dunno if i posted about it but i use: A Nokia 6060 and a Nokia 6.1 I sure can recommend both to anyone who wants a non smartphone (6060) or a good smartphone the 6.1 also has pretty decent free space (32GB) from the get go and 3 GB RAM price was 250 bucks.
  5. Funny i got Sturm a while ago aswell. Recently i did get SSR Athena (char) before it changed to summer versions. As for something else Granblue related i got recently it's:
  6. Kinda forgot to post this one: Event ships and etc i got: I do still miss that 8k coins ship but i can get her easily anyway (already got like 10k+ coins) As for Izumo i'm at 78% on the 1 mil grind.
  7. added
  8. Lucky me just did get Drang earlier today from the free draw. As for my fav track i'd say it's either one of the towns (Lumacie Archipelago) or Paradise Lost. I'm at chapter 54 since like a long time. (You should already have story Rackam by the point you are at but story chars are SR only as far as i know.) I sure would love a Devil May Cry Crossover event. My friend @ASilverSeraphim sure would like a Re:Zero event given how other Cygames gacha's got one so far. He also does know some other good soundtrack of GBF (given he is further ahead at the story.)
  9. My stance on all of this is they should stop to censor stuff which wasn't an issue to anyone until a loud minority decided what can and can't be shown in games.
  10. I only fully uncapped kallen so far. Nice i honestly don't know what i should spark for yet. I had planned Grimnir but i got him kinda early when going for a spark of him. As for Grand chars so far i have Grand Io which i do quite like using for my light party.
  11. Ships and etc i got recentlyish
  12. I'm glad to see someone new post here. I started some time last year in January I'm looking forward to Versus and Relink aswell. As for the Code Geass event i already got that 10 Part Draw ticket.
  13. Friend of mine gave me a Nioh Alpha code and yesterday i finished all the Alpha had to offer. Now i just wait for Granblue Fantasy Versus and Code Vein beta to open up.

  14. Ships and etc that i got since the UI change:
  15. I'm working on Izumo and i finished all steps except for the exp grind got like 30% for her though (on the 1m) from mainly farming for mini Belfast.