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  1. Wanted to spark for Summer Alexiel when this happened:
  2. All the ships i got from the last event: Got this outfit: As for the current event all i got so far is:
  3. Thought i'd mention it here aswell but currently Granblue Fantasy does have a Love Live collab going on. So much Nico Nico Nii that i wanna break enemies Nico Nico Kneecaps.
  4. I simply can't get Alabama and it's annoying. Got every other event ship except her.
  5. As for my draws when Summer chars were up i got lucky and got one 10 Part Draw that had 4 SSR (3 were new 1 was a moon) I do still remember one of then was Summer Cagli and other was Grand Rosetta can't seem to remember 3rd one atm but i do remember it also was a summer char. Though ever since then i haven't really gotten any SSR to show up i got 1 or 2 SR but no SSR ever since summer chars are gone. As for Versus i wait and see if English version will have codes aswell else i might get the JP version. As for Relink yeah i would like a release date aswell and maybe some new info. Also i really like how many free crystals have been handed out we also will get 5k crystals if that one hashtag stays at #1 until 5PM (17 o'clock) JP time. GBF is getting another Love Live collab. This one has nico in it so you all better get ready to break enemies Nico Nico Kneecaps @Satoshi Ookami
  6. Big summer event will have a lot of things Main one for new players would be free 10 Part Draw and a Single Normal Free Draw per day! The single Draw happens after the 10 Par Draw is over.
  7. Was waiting for someone else to post but anyway: Got her outfit Instatnly put it on her since it looks much better than her default one. Within 2 triple builds i got these two:
  8. Subs i got so far As for funny faces: As for bulins i always thought they just upgrade the girls rigging (since they are repair ships) and leave.
  9. We will get some new news for sure at this
  10. Ugh i was so close to get Fector's Challenge done in Stardew Valley. But i had to die in the wave before the final boss.....

  11. Any pic of this new fusion?
  12. Dunno if i posted about it but i use: A Nokia 6060 and a Nokia 6.1 I sure can recommend both to anyone who wants a non smartphone (6060) or a good smartphone the 6.1 also has pretty decent free space (32GB) from the get go and 3 GB RAM price was 250 bucks.
  13. Funny i got Sturm a while ago aswell. Recently i did get SSR Athena (char) before it changed to summer versions. As for something else Granblue related i got recently it's:
  14. Kinda forgot to post this one: Event ships and etc i got: I do still miss that 8k coins ship but i can get her easily anyway (already got like 10k+ coins) As for Izumo i'm at 78% on the 1 mil grind.
  15. added