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  1. Shadow of the Colossus. Would not mind that one!
  2. I think the 100 Crucible wins is a little misleading, as I'm sure I haven't had that toal of wins, but still managed to get it ticked off. Maybe a 100 Guardian kills in Crucible is more accurate. I have all the hard mode raids and Skolas to complete. only have a 32 Hunter at the moment, so is going to be difficult without help.
  3. Doubt
  4. I like AF's this round.
  5. Look at that gun. Look at those teeth. If Chimerans honestly think the best way to kill a human is to block it's nasal passages, they have to be the stupidest race in the galaxy.
  6. You know Red Dead's glitches are out of control when Marston starts trying to ride dead bodies. "I said fuckin' giddee-up!"
  7. Yeah, I'll go oscar too. Nicely done.
  8. steelsammy stole the show for me.
  9. Yours was my second favourite, ScreechingOwl, and almost got my vote, so I would say it was still a good round for you.
  10. AF for me this round.
  11. Jesus Christ Air to Macarena to Faceplant x3 combo = 3750 points
  12. Everytime I try and update my profile I get added to the queue, it tells me I'm number 41 in the queue and doesn't change. I assume it's related. Edit: Scratch that, it just worked.
  13. Hahaha. Seems a bit sluttish, doesn't it. I got all the DLC trophies done now, so no need for me to boost, but if anyone in this comp needs someone for the DLC, let me know. ;P Awesome job being in first, yo. My Aussie heart was quite proud seeing you at the top. On Australia Day of all days too! *bogan salute* And just a little something for y'all consideration... My rarest trophies stash consists of the DLC trophies... 0.17%, 0.18% x3 and 0.19%. Tried copying and pasting that shit, but epic fail occured.
  14. Damnit, wish I knew about this comp before it started! Great idea. Tip for anyone who has the AC: Revelations DLC... get the trophies. I got two, and one of them was Ultra Rare 0.09%. Add me on PSN if you want someone to boost them with, can be done in Private matches. DJ_Keyser.
  15. Screeching Owl for me.
  16. "L,E,M,O,N,P,A,R,T,Y,dot, org. Press enter. You'll fucking love it, promise."
  17. Oh godofwar, too bad you were late lol.
  18. Sammy this time for me.
  19. Batman was well pleased he met the minimum-height requirements for the 'Bane Of Your Existence' thrill-ride.
  20. Screeching Owl for me this time.
  21. The Usual Suspects
  22. Surprise Butt-Secks!
  23. Let's get to voting... Wade_VC for me.
  24. Game does look dope. I must play it.