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  1. #62 Uncharted: Golden Abyss Platinum Fantastic game despite the QTE boss battles at the end. I thought the story was well conceived and had great pacing overall. The game really shines on Vita and I had to pinch myself a few times as a reminder that I was getting a console experience in a handheld device - a great showcase piece for Vita. I breezed through a Crushing playthrough in about a day which left me a bit disappointed that the difficulty wasn't a more noticeable ramp up from Hard.
  2. I saw Blue Ruin and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey over the weekend. Blue Ruin was an interesting take on the revenge genre and featured performances from Devin Ratay (Buzz, Home Alone) and Eve Plumb (Jan, The Brady Bunch). I didn't have any expectations going in, but thought it was a fresh take on the genre. And the Hobbit was solid - there are so many little interesting things about Tolkien's world (personal preferance, probably) that really carry the movie.
  3. Some epic wrong going on in this post. Not sure about PSN or other outlets, but I received 3 beta codes through my Amazon pre-order.
  4. #61 Tearaway Perfectionist
  5. I'll be turning 40 later this year.
  6. It took a long time to convince myself to give it a try due to not having much interest in politics, but I've been binge watching House of Cards lately. My wife lost interest before the end of Season 1 but at about the mid-point through Season 2 I'm hooked.
  7. I had some fun with Ben 10 Omniverse and I've heard from friends that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is decent.
  8. Destiny alpha is pretty phenomenal. Better than I expected.

    1. Gwinambele


      I cant wait for beta ;)

    2. Arc-Tangent-
  9. Downloading, Destiny alpha.

  10. I don't get why people have had so much trouble with this trophy. I unlocked 20/23 songs (the last three being story related) long before I even finished Act 1. Of course, I did take the time to explore a great deal on foot - found all hotspots, unlocked all towers, etc.
  11. Are mini-games impacted by difficulty setting? I wonder if playing on 'easy' makes this less frustrating.
  12. The Last of Us Remastered releases when exactly on PS4? I read it releases over the summer, but no retailer has a summer date listed.

    1. Saltyie


      Probably announced at E3

    2. ChickenExotic


      a few retailers fucked up and posted the date on twitter; JUNE 13th, SONY told them to take that shit down given it some validity...most likely Sony is aiming for "THE LAST OF US WILL BE AVAILABLE THIS WEEK!" then we all lose our shit!

    3. dontwaketheKIDS


      Ah, cool, gotta love the surprise street date. Beats the string of game delays lately.

  13. Pros - The modes fit well with the theme of the game. I hate when MP modes are so outside of the universe of the main game that it's nearly a separate experience just so team deathmatch can be squeezed in. The MP is an integrated experience. Length of each match is a plus. It's easy to get in, have fun, finish a match, and go back to what I was doing before. And I like the paranoia of knowing someone can be watching when I least expect it. Cons - Hacking is difficult. The area shrinks so small that the last quarter of the hack that it's near impossible for the 'hackee' to not trip over the hacker. You have three chances of success - you've used elevation to your advantage, you've managed to circle around an object to avoid detection, or your mark is a complete noob. Depending on where on the map you get dropped in, difficulty can vary. But it's still a rush when you pull it off a hack successfully or get detected but manage to slip away with your life. Overall I like the MP in Watch Dogs. I haven't tried online decryption but look forward to giving it a try.
  14. To everyone having problems getting the 'Traced' trophy, are you tailing others? I would get trailed within 10-15 minutes of ending a trailing session.
  15. Oh, I got you now - misread the original post. I've noticed the initial load takes quite a while, but that's a pretty frustrating bug if it won't even let you finishing load the game.
  16. Already purchased. Hopefully by the time I get 90% into the game it'll be patched. And is the bug a multi-platform issue?
  17. Exactly what I was waiting for. I've been holding out hoping The Walking Dead: Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us would eventually make it's way to PS4.
  18. So much to see and do in Watch Dogs.

  19. #60 BEN 10 OMNIVERSE Omniverse Overlord Fun, short, action brawler. Played most of it with my daughter, until she lost interest somewhere around the last chapter.
  20. 100
  21. Pretty good month for EU PS+, if you ask me. Not exactly sure what games the disappointed ones are looking for.
  22. It's kind of a dick move to tease a 2-minute gameplay event last week and then pull the rug out a few days later and announce a delay.
  23. I think digital distribution channels are generally overpriced - specifically games available on both disc and offered digitally. A $60 retail box and a $60 digital download are not of equal value.
  24. #59 Transistor Plat()
  25. Thank God for cloud saves. Lost about 2 hours of gameplay when my PS4 inexplicably turned off and my Transistor save corrupted.

    1. Razza


      Man thats lucky :P