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  1. 10 years ago today my wife (then girlfriend) took a job and moved half way across the country so we could live in the same city. She had some settling in to do with her new job, but we agreed to get together that evening and celebrate. So evening comes and she calls... goes straight to voicemail. She calls again, same thing. I let it go 5 or 6 times. She's panicked at this point, thinking the worst, like I've got another girlfriend or this was my lame way of breaking up. Her messages were pretty hilarious. The last one she left was just "Hey, you need to pick up the phone" in about the tight-lipped, angriest voice I've ever heard from her. Then I figured it was about time to call and explain. We still get a good laugh at the whole thing from time to time.
  2. Bring it. I've warmed up to the idea of bringing select PS3 titles to PS4. I already have Metro:LL backlogged on PS3 since it was a PS+ game, but I'd happily pay for the collection on PS4.
  3. In Spare Parts defense, it was an entertaining co-op game. One of the few, in fact, my wife and I played together start to finish last gen.
  4. Had me at Contra, but I was wondering this as well. I watched a gameplay vid or two and didn't see the comparison. Tough bosses? Crafting new weapons? 4 player online/local co-op, has all the makings of a fun game.
  5. Hey, I keep a gaming spreadsheet and track backlog, trophies, compare progress vs. goals, etc. so I have a part of me that likes to quantify things. I guess I tend to think less in terms of total time (I'm married with children, so finding "free" time is like hunting Bigfoot) and more along the lines of "am I having (in this case) fun with the time I've set aside". Fun has no quantifiable, practical cost to me. I've just never looked at what a game costs as a determination of whether I'd purchase or not. Or considered length of content as a factor either.
  6. Have to laugh at this scientific approach to determining if you've gotten your money's worth out of a game. Seriously? What's next, determining if a Starbucks latte is worth the cost by analyzing its cost per sip? If the game is fun (whatever your definition of fun is), it's worth it. I get it, time equals money, but if $60 breaks your balls, consider a new hobby.
  7. #55 Soul Sacrifice (Vita) Epic Tale of Sorcerers
  8. Stoked, haven't played it. Will definitely be picking it up for PS4
  9. Flight + long layover = Plenty of Vita time

    1. amebapiko


      how longs the stop over, it sucks when its really long

    2. dontwaketheKIDS


      About 3 hours, in ATL. Not my favorite airport.

  10. Reached PSN level 20 a few days ago.
  11. How does Toukiden compare to Soul Sacrifice?
  12. I wonder how much recent indie studio successes play into some of these types of movements. Couple that with Sony's commitment to indie developers and I'm not surprised to see folks leaving the big studios to go independent. That said, not sure if this bodes well for Driveclub.
  13. This is what happens when someone brings drinks and weed to a brainstorming session.
  14. inFamous games aren't particularly hard. With that in mind, I started a good karma Expert karma playthrough this afternoon for the added challenge. Then I can cruise through an Evil playthrough to finish up the platinum.
  15. This is that weird grey area (or at least overlap) between mobile devices and VIta for me. If I'm truly on the go (read as no available wifi) aside from the screen size advantage Vita has over my iPhone 5S, I'm better off using my 4G LTE capable device (with no data cap, I might add) instead. These are nice additions to Vita's overall mainstream accessibility, but I'm not sure it's something I would realistically ever use.
  16. 40 hours was about what I was expecting. If it's anywhere in the neighborhood of RDR, I'll be a happy gamer. Let's just hope the MP isn't tacked on and there aren't any more delays.
  17. Ha, totally forgot about the family trip to Disney this weekend! I guess Second Son will have to wait a few days.

    1. MrCostari


      There's one in Paris :(

    2. d3m0nd00d


      We go for about 2 weeks every year around the Halloween/Christmas party. My oldest is handicapped and Disney is by far the best place to go for kids with disabilities. lol - I won't let my wife know where you live or she might want to move in. Have a good time this weekend. ;-)

    3. dontwaketheKIDS


      Haha, thanks man.

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  18. Finally playing Festival of Blood this week as a primer for Second Son.

    1. snakebit10


      Great choice. I loved it.

  19. "Society has taught you how to fail, not nature". Liking FC3 already.

  20. #54 Hitman: Absolution Top of Your Game Disguise, blending, and AI detection issues aside, I really enjoyed Hitman start to finish. Exploring all the different ways to take out targets and complete a level without being spotted was pure joy. I wish the trophy set was more reflective of a stealthy approach to the game but there's not much to complain about because the trophies themselves were fun to achieve.
  21. Corrupted save file 20 hours in on Hitman Absolution. Thank God for PS+ and cloud saves.

    1. Xxleonardo97xX


      phew....good game

    2. wwedx12


      when i first got that game it did that to me all the time

  22. I remember doing Chatterbox completely by accident. But, I'm pretty thorough to speak to EVERYONE any chance I get in these types of games when given the opportunity. It's all part of enjoying the story and character development, imo.
  23. 18% or 1,385 points to LVL 20.
  24. I only have a few pacts remaining in X. Recursion (60/40 currently), but if anyone needs help send an invite.
  25. I remember taking a polaroid of the screen the first time I finally beat Super Mario Bros, so "savoring the moment" has always been important to me.