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  1. 5 hours ago, SlimSanta94 said:

    Personally I cancelled my pre-order for this when the first 2 expansions were announced, I feel like it's going to be Destiny 1's launch all over again, where you only get 10 story missions, a strike and a raid on release day and then they'll just sell you the rest of the game bit by bit every year for an extra £40 each..


    You must have not been paying attention to the reveals and information dumps, especially Bungie's focus on deepening the story content.  D2 will be a very different game at launch than D1 was.


  2. I honestly don't recall, man.  We're talking about a 5/6 year old game and it's been 3+ years since I've played the DLC and I've played a lot of games since then. 


    It's hard not feel like I'm getting trolled here. Who are you? Did you report this? Are you some sort of white knight who just registered on the forums, with a fresh PSN account whose only platinum is My Name is Mayo?


  3. And don't get me started on the fact they're gonna release three DLCs with content that should have been included in the full game from the start...

    I think there has to be a responsible distinction made between content being withheld as a part of future DLC plans and a developer truly expanding their game over time through DLC. I get the impression that Massive falls in the latter case.

    Honestly, I respect that they've been transparent with how they plan to roll out new content over the next few months. What I hate is when DLC and season passes are presented to the consumer blindly with no details around what they are really getting for their money. And what I've played so far of The Division feels like a "full" game so I have no complaints


  4. Boss trophies should only unlock if you do it solo on a Waste of Skin, Level 4 run. C'mon, man.

    It's hard to make an argument for what the "developers intended" when the co-op mechanic exists in the first place. And honestly, I'm having more fun sharing my Bloodborne experiences and strategies with friends or piecing the lore together than comparing trophies for rarity or caring if they had a co-op partner when they did it or not.

    I think you grossly oversimplify why someone may visit this site, be an active member of the community, or display their trophy card in their signature.


  5. 5000 kills left and 1 level... and seems like I will never get this platinum for this game. Community is doing so bad...


    Having bought the game just a few days before the first war ended, the drop in players has been remarkable given the fallout from trophies not popping that should have for people. I contributed to the war effort, but almost feel guilty for being one of the lucky 219 achievers of 'Peace and prosperity reigns again'. Pretty sure 'Defender of Humanity' glitched on me at least once, so I guess that makes up for it. I can at least still get the plat though.

    The real problem is that the devs have stated (source, /r/Helldivers) that the game gets progressively harder with each war that is won. Increased difficulty coupled with a decrease in players is making the second war the cluster it currently is. The only hope is that glitches/bugs are fixed (I won't even get started on cross-play with friends between systems), new content is added, AND new players join the war. Otherwise the second war is going nowhere and Helldivers will die a quick death.