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  1. I have an urge to get back into Destiny. Should I jump in now or wait until The Taken King?

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    2. Rowdi


      I'm still doing NF's and the ocassional PoE until TTK. Message me if you need help with something. I can solo the abyss and run the sword if you still need flawless. Piss easy now. I'll probably help Piggie when he's ready. Two birds with one stone maybe.

    3. dontwaketheKIDS


      Yeah man. Just msg me when Piggie is ready for flawless. I've got some leveling to do. :)

    4. Rowdi


      Will do. Easy peasy if you have HoW. Ascend an exotic and buy something from Variks....poof, level 33. You'll need an armor core from a 32 PoE that takes about 30 minutes.