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  1. In New Zealand they are also available?
  2. I pressed the button "Me Too". Lucky fellow.
  3. I'm also experiencing this problem.
  4. Which countries can participate?
  5. Which countries can participate?
  6. Online Store In Game Spain, the games are between 65 and 70 € http://www.game.es/Search/search.aspx?custom=ComingSoon&Family=ps4
  7. Thank you very much for this information
  8. I've performed in English, right? where I can buy it? that PSstore is available?
  9. I see you have launched this GOTY and let me know where you are selling?, it Store? greetings.
  10.    This trophy: Vanquisher Complete Campaign Mode is rarer than: Master Become a Master How can that be?, to get the trophy MASTER, it takes two weeks to Boosting, months without boosting. The trophy VANQUISHER it takes a few hours to get it. PD: "Instead of spending your time on things like this, you should put all those who were once in the list of cheaters back where they belong" PD2: "if you want to make a list of all the cheeters and trophies Hacking"
  11. This system does nothing but detract from the system, as there are big mistakes, which buys a DLC usually get 100%, look for Mushroom Wars: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/314-Mushroom-Wars You tell me to get the trophy Master is easier to play 100 games offline??, you're drunk or what?