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  1. If you want the fine details: - Shangri La was completed with 3 others as required for unlock. - Shadows of evil was completed with 3 others as required for unlock of both Rev trophies. - DE and Zetsubou revive trophies were completed with a friend as required for unlock. - The rest which didn't require more than 1 player was completed on solo. So if you want to be technical, no, i required 1-3 others for mandatory player requirements. Amusing? Not sure how. Regardless, as i said before, Shangri La and Multiplayer are the only hurdles in regards to obtainable plat and 100% due to player count. If we're talking about how difficult the game is I'll leave that in your expert hands as it seems you had some difficulty playing without others. Take it easy mate.
  2. OP asks: is this platinum still obtainable? My response: the only roadblocks will be shangri la and multiplayer due to player requirements. Your response: Non constructive response in regards to game difficulty and not how obtainable it is. What does completion time have to do with it? Well your response had nothing to do with the topic at hand so i thought i would add some useless information as well mate. I feel like this has upset you so i apologise, id be hurt too if it took me 4 months to complete this game whilst also having help from others. Whats wrong?
  3. I don't know what you mean? Multiplayer lobbies are somewhat empty in AU, so i am speaking from personal experience. Based on how sessions have been going from where i help people, session hosts can't coordinate to save their lives, so finding a reliable 4 man to help could be difficult. As for Single Player, EZ. This game can be cheesed on campaign and zombies is even more basic. This is my personal experience of course. Seeing as it took you nearly 4 months to finish this game and it took me just over a week by myself i think its safe to say you have no idea what you're talking about mate. Whats wrong?
  4. Train go boom! But in all seriousness, multiplayer and shangri la are the only hurdles if you're going for 100%, the rest is very doable.
  5. Mate, i used US West/East for day matches and unfortunately Europe (unplayable) to play at night. There is no matches that i could find for AU.
  6. This is because you have a story already in progress. You cant do mission select from the main menu and have this work. You need to complete missions like this in one playthrough or select a mission from the hideout.
  7. It treats your resume as a continue, not a restart checkpoint. Dying is a restart checkpoint, resume story is not. You have to be quick though, the moment you're down you have to pause and close app. If you want to be safe, equip emergency reserve, pause and close app while its reviving you.
  8. These trophies were bugged, resulting in a support ticket needed for an unlock. Despite the requirements being met, they don't unlock.
  9. Nice, so did I
  10. Not really, ive played a couple hours everyday this week and unlocked it yesterday.
  11. Im just suprised at the amount of hosility and gloating going on about one trophy. Amazing, I don't know how humanity is ever going to defeat the Borg with their type of attitude.
  12. Lmao weren't you that same dude who said people's infallible trophys were meaningless?
  13. The fall guys official discord shows patch notes including the removal of the ability to earn it in custom game modes.
  14. Aaand.... it's patched
  15. Oh well, looks like they patched it.