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  1. I submitted tickets when Shadow Plague bugged and they patched the game a week later. They may have knew about it prior, however their CS was responsive and fixed the issues.
  2. I had some issues finding a guide for Fake News, so in preparation i found a guide on xbox achievements for The Cure. All credits to the guide writer. Hope this helps.
  3. The same thing occurred with the 'Fake News' update. I imagine it will be released shortly.
  4. Says Souls games are overrated, hasn't completed a single one on their account. 2 trophies unlocked for Skyrim, hard to please ey? Call of Duty, specifically zombies. It is a shadow of what it once was, riddled with MTX mechanics and easter egg fetch quests which make no sense. Every zombies/multiplayer game is just a reskin of the previous title.
  5. Sure, however this exploit just means you start again from a checkpoint whilst obtaining the accolade. Some of the missions are pretty difficult and dying is rather easy, so using this exploit makes it trivial.
  6. I have explained a workaround for making this accolade trivial. Sure you could restart the mission, but that takes too long, too many chances to die easily.
  7. Baker, sometimes this can glitch even though you have unlocked 25. If you have the DLC weapon unlocked through the black market purchases for 2000CP/50 crates then you may max that weapon. If you do not own it, don't level it. For some reason i maxed 25 and didn't unlock, i maxed a 26th and it unlocked. Some people say DLC weapons don't count however I maxed 'Tigershark', 'Vendetta', 'Peacekeeper' and 'Echohawk' as a part of the 25. Bowie Knife doesn't count either FYI. Hope this helps.
  8. Looks like the only other alternative is NG+, which is required for the platinum anyways.
  9. Ensure you have a full bee army and then tackle the lair in segments, replaying the first portion until you have a substantial bee count, then save and tackle the second one and so forth. Youll find ways to save bees and make it easier going forward.
  10. I used to speedrun donkey kong country on SNES and PC emu, so platformers are what I love and this was next level. However that being said, the impossible lair is hard for sure and for all the wrong reasons. I agree with you on how there are some points where being hit is unavoidable. They have implemented the save feature for the 4 parts which was a nice addition for those struggling with it.
  11. Short answer: No, there are specific things that need to be done again. Levelling, Crawmerax, Arenas, etc. All listed in that guide. Cross save transfer is also allowed.
  12. No idea, i obtained souls and covenant items the way they were intended, progression and pvp. Just advising you cheesing this game will seriously hinder the enjoyment. Not sure how you intend to beat The Nameless King on NG++ if you can't beat the game without glitches.
  13. You are seriously doing yourself a disservice by attempting to do glitches in the soulsbourne games. Regardless of exploiting soul level, if you cant master this game, you're going to get steamrolled in pvp. Unless you choose to cheese that as well.
  14. The recent update allows your PS4 save from the cloud to be downloaded into the PS5 version. Mine personally crashed the game and i restarted with auto pop for the trophies unlocked on my PS4 save.
  15. Not related to this game, but I have found it reverse when hosting sessions. Most players never show up, or have other game priorities, then complain when you kick them out for other players or finish the session. Some people also join the sessions as a way to be carried without any effort on their behalf.