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  1. Very possible
  2. 4 playthroughs seems like an extremely great idea
  3. Considering it hasn't released yet, we have no idea. Im not sure if Cyberpunk autopops, but if it does I imagine the PS5 version of this may follow suit.
  4. Playing on Survival mode made me realise how much i took the fast travel for granted. I get the reason why they made it that way, but my goodness did it increase playtime significantly. Nice to see that this game is ageing well considering the bad reviews at launch.
  5. Hello Sun Bros, I am running a trading service for 'Knight's Honor'. I am also available for summoning services for all Bosses if you need help as well. If you need assistance please join the session below.
  6. Removed from the store, sorry.
  7. You need to be holding the item whilst you fulfil the requirements. If you die and respawn without having met the requirements, you'll need to find the mugshot again and get that kill.
  8. You've played some Dark Souls, do you think you'll play the other titles in the series? What was your go-to game for the N64?
  9. This is something that happened to me on the PS4 version: I was playing early game and a level 9 player joined my game and took the air drops in my game, leaving them checked off. I did not unlock the trophy for the air drops even when all were ticked off. So, to fix this, i joined a random game and took the airdrops that I didn't physically capture myself and the trophy unlocked. Sorry to that random player who now can't unlock the airdrop trophy. Not really my fault techland didnt QA test their game.
  10. Random intervals between 2 and 10 rounds apart. If you do not want to go high rounds, wait for the excavator to drop before advancing rounds for 'One Giant Leap'. If you are chasing 'Ground Control', only hack the excavators once each and allow them to breach the second time that respective one is called out, also holding a zombie whilst you wait for the drop.
  11. For that section, i suggest triggering the alarm and running back into the cafeteria and luring all the enemies towards you. You can actually peek with dual ar's to deal most damage. Those explosive spheres are just too dangerous, that coupled with panzersoldats and hounds.
  12. The locket will only be found in the supply drops from the plane, accompanied with a shotgun.
  13. The DLC is quite short, has some mini-bosses and the typical giant raid boss. It was just a cash grab by Gearbox as an interim to get players interested in BL3. Not worth the money, but if you are a completionist i guess you gotta do what you gotta do.
  14. There is a custom lobbies glitch that alot of players have used to avoid playing mutiplayer. If you choose to do this legit then hardcore modes can expedite this by granting more exp.
  15. This all seems like Xbox Game Pass from