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  1. I plat the game in 76 hours and had an absolute blast. Can honestly say I wasn't bored once.
  2. The controlling (based on videos I've watched) doesn't seem to intimidate me personally but, I guess it's one of those have to play to see type things.
  3. Anyone stuck on this? I got the game but, haven't played it just yet. Seen a handful of tweets from people complaining about the difficulty but, after watching 2 runs on YouTube it looks fairly easy..? This is coming from someone who got the plat for CTR which I thought was moderately hard at some times. Not sure if that stacks up to this or vice versa.
  4. Haha, I'm sad this is just now being posted but, yay for the people that haven't started their grind yet. I've been doing a downtown 45 second line I came up with. I'm 97, should hit 100 today or tomorrow.
  5. school 2 sucked but, i hated venice.
  6. Hey glad you knocked em all out! Good luck with the grind!
  7. All the hard get theres aren't too bad with the exception of like two. Could always start with the hardest ones (Venice, Bullring, School 2 in that order for me). Would be a shame for you to give up when you're so close. Don't give up !
  8. Unironically I've been runecrafting this whole time. Just hit 90 lmfao. I'd almost say its harder because I have to actively pay attention to Tony Hawk where as RS I do not
  9. I'm actually playing Runescape on my pc while playing this. Tony Hawk is more grinding no pun intended lmao.
  10. I honestly doubt they did but, at the same time we're barely four days out of release. Still such a grind though haha.
  11. Good math but, I figured out earlier you can leave the match and still get the xp for it. It also doesn't have to be on a classic park or be the classic game mode so if you're fast enough you can do all this in like what, a minute? minute thirty? Also game mods is new to me, I never thought to try that.
  12. Some kind of daily or weekly challenges would be a really good addition actually yeaaaa.
  13. Yea the online wasting XP thing is why I'm trying the Warehouse method I stated above. Takes about a minute thirty to do and nets around 200 XP but, I'm not forcing it. I don't personally care about the trophy leaderboard so I'll get it eventually. I hope you're right about limited time challenges didn't even think about that. Honestly just dunno how much they're going to support the game after launch and that's what I was a little worried about with these huge margins between LVLs I've cleared less than you actually, are you doing all XP challenges or just things over a certain number? And I'm almost certain all challenges do not get you to LVL 100 haha.
  14. More so directed to the people around LVL 70+ I've seen a lot of you saying you've done most of the challenges worth doing (basically anything over 200). I'm just about in that same boat at LVL 65 with a handful of easy gap challenges I need to do but after that, then what? I tried multiplayer and it honestly seems pretty meh for XP gains overall. What I think is the correct strat is going into a map, getting the max combo/score XP, and going for a long grind, manual, and vert trick, rinse repeat. Custom skate parks can also net you XP so maybe something will be made in the coming days/weeks. Maybe double XP in the near future..? Just kinda curious if anyone is doing anything different as this is the last difficult trophy a lot of us need and I haven't seen much talk about it. (I'm not sure why two posts were made..? Sorry!)