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  1. 21 hours first version thats because i slept. Second version took just over 6 Hours, im tied for quickest achiever on the ps5 version atm
  2. Yeahp just platted both versions can confirm that’s true, no option to carry over the save like Crash 4.
  3. Anyone know if you can autopop this version after doing the ps4 one? Or if certain stuff auto pops or not?
  4. Oh for sure then Couldn't agree more, very well put together!
  5. Yeah but there’s no proof of him using it for his main account. His second account should get taken down not his main.
  6. If you check the last achiever for logging into PlayStation home it’s him. But it’s a second account with only 3 plats. So he will be taken down on his second account I assume but not his main.
  7. You will get banned from here if you manipulate or autopop trophies (in a order that they physically can’t be) Although you won’t be banned by Sony for that. They don’t care less about ps3 trophies being popped. But like I said if anything seems suspicious you will straight up be taken off the leaderboards here.
  8. Oh god that was a while back but i think so. I was able to complete it no worries and i don't speak it at all.
  9. I know im late but there are three stacks of this game. One normal digital for all regions but japan. Another digital only stack for japan. Then finally a physical version that can only have trophies earned via the disc version.
  10. I've tried to send a ticket to them telling them about my problem. Hopefully it does get fixed though.
  11. Any else have the problem of all progress not carrying over? Do you need to do something to unlock it again? Its the same blizzard account i had before connected so i dont know the issue.
  12. It’s a little help but I kind of already knew that, I basically don’t know how to improve in the rankings each year especially the satisfaction one. I also need to win more competitions to get more land and I’m stuck as I don’t have anymore space and can’t win anymore contests, I also don’t know any combos that will help as I’m stuck on 11 of those.
  13. Great, I’m stuck for this game still then haha.
  14. It’s such a shame, have you played this game? I literally have no idea how to upgrade my stuff or how to climb the rankings I’m stuck. By the percentage of how players have done this I didn’t think it would be that bad but god I’m so lost, may have to give up here.
  15. Is anyone planning on making a guide it’s a really niche game I know but god I have no idea how to get any of them trophies pat opening a farm, like getting first in the rankings. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?