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  1. Does saving the person after a boss fight affect the trophy at all?
  2. Finally found it, it was glitched under the snow. Could hear the voice when i got close and just spammed the X and got it
  3. I am Missing the Fionn Part B, i've searched all of frozen ridge, so im kinda clueless
  4. No problem! I gave slight wrong info then, but glad you found it! I'm just scratching my head looking for the last vestige part, google is a no go, sadly
  5. You're missing Flood of Impurity, It's from a sidequest i believe. I just ran around doing all quests before fighting last boss
  6. This^ PvP would work wonders in this game with it's combat mechanics. Also the tools i barely used any them at all while going through the game, Mostly just for the late game bosses. Same for the combat arts, They were never worth it imo. The puppet ninjutsu was alright tho
  7. Is it just me or does anyone else feel bored after 1 playthrough? Well i'm at last boss, struggling a bit but i lack the motivation to finish the game. The world is amazing and i always wanted to see what was ahead and loved it. But the bosses? kind of a letdown (Exception of Guardian). It's all the same i feel like, Dodge/deflect and attack. rinse and repeat. Unlike previous titles where you had lots more choices for combat. spells and several different weapons types to spice things up and suite your playstyle. In previous titles the bosses were the exciting part, For me it's the other way around in Sekiro. And seeing how NG+ doesn't bring anything new (to my knowledge atleast) Only more Vitalty/Posture DMG from enemies and higher health pools to make it even harder, considering most if not all bosses currently can 1-shot you in NG already. Don't get me wrong, It's an amazing game but i don't see myself going through this until NG+5 and beyond like i did in all other games. Fromsoft makes amazing dlc's So i'll be waiting on that and see what more they can bring to Sekiro
  8. Yeah, i give in. These Finals killed the enjoyment of the game for me. Just finished 1 then another appeared. cba
  9. What's up with the insane difficulty spike on these? I mean i can 0 fault a Extreme track, But these are almost impossible. Currently stuck at the Schoolyard Finals, You need to win 3 races in a row and i just can't do it, i've tried the Mantis and Second bike (forgot name) Top Canine NPC just comes flying past me on every jump
  10. They are just randoms peoples ghosts, or RedLynx's ghost. Not live players. Can be stressing sometimes but they are usefull to discover shortcuts you might have missed
  11. For me, It has to be the FFXV Ultimate Collection. Don't remember the price but it was hella expensive, Was lucky enough and got the last one in stock in EU. As for most loved game, I don't know. so many great games, i can't pick 1 - edit: Just checked, apparently it was 270 euros + 20 in shipping.
  12. That's a very nice build, But also a lot of grind since i have no Gil on me, And i'm kind of dead tired of comrades after the 1 million kw trophy... I also had the problem of finding players for it. Out of my 15 or so tries, I only got 2 full parties of 4 people. the rest was 1 other player and 2 AI's. But like i said earlier i'm not too bothered if i can't 100% it. If i'm not enjoying it i won't push for it Unless offered a carry haha
  13. I barely have any Gil, 24k or so. If only i knew about the builds you guys are suggesting sooner, But i think i'll let this one go. Don't feel like bashing my head against this challenge anymore tho. But thanks for all the suggestions and help! 😄
  14. Not using any "builds" really, just str/vit boosted katanas and Rampage Sigil, but could never successfully build a full meter for the special before i'm dead. Ardyn warp strikes from off screen and 1 shots me. Everyone i meet focuses on Ravus first, i deal about 200 damage per hit on him. I have 1,2k str and 817 vit and 4,5k ish HP
  15. Not going to 100% this due to the last bonus quest. I'm all out of ideas on how to beat them even after watching videos on it. Done around 10-15 quick plays with several lvl 99 players and we still cant make their HP bar move down, Not to mention i get one shotted 1 second after loading into the fight. Amazing balance on this fight