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  1. Ok cool, Thanks. I'll just work on sheep trophy then and speedrun the rest. Do you happen to know if there is a requirement to Ending B? Mine didn't pop so i'm quessing it glitched on me, Luckily it's only B so can do it after the speedrun trophy.
  2. Does anything from route E carry over to the D save file you get back once you finish the game? I had 5 side quests that were uncompletable on previous save, Can i do them here and have them carry over? And does materials gathered here carry over aswell?
  3. Can't farm for 1 specific skill, they are all random loot drops from revenants, best way would be to join some discord that does trading and adding them as friends, killing their revenants grants 100% loot drop for specific items that they have on them. But beside from that any mission will work. it's just rng is very bad
  4. You can also wait for a tower archer to climb down a ladder (aggro him first) shoot him in the leg/butt once and he will fall down and die. Did mine by accident, he was already half way down it.
  5. Got it 1st try with this, Thank you!
  6. You can do it alone, it's not difficult
  7. I know the location of all the snakes. But the very first one to the right when you go down to the water, I just cannot kill it. I've tried everything, shooting off screen/all wrath skills and all common attacks and it just escapes into the rock and i have to restart. I'm over 30 attempts now. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Pretty sure it's only 1 yeah, didnt need to max the others so doubt you would for this one
  9. After you complete the game (any difficulty) and unlock apocalyptic you can level select and do them, you keep all your stuff so its very easy. And difficulty trophies stack. no need to to hard The only difficult trophy for this list is the "Collector" trophy. Only 1 orb is hard to get and that's the leviathan which requires an insane jumping puzzle. I'm sure this will stop a lot of people from getting the plat
  10. Does saving the person after a boss fight affect the trophy at all?
  11. Finally found it, it was glitched under the snow. Could hear the voice when i got close and just spammed the X and got it
  12. I am Missing the Fionn Part B, i've searched all of frozen ridge, so im kinda clueless
  13. No problem! I gave slight wrong info then, but glad you found it! I'm just scratching my head looking for the last vestige part, google is a no go, sadly
  14. You're missing Flood of Impurity, It's from a sidequest i believe. I just ran around doing all quests before fighting last boss
  15. This^ PvP would work wonders in this game with it's combat mechanics. Also the tools i barely used any them at all while going through the game, Mostly just for the late game bosses. Same for the combat arts, They were never worth it imo. The puppet ninjutsu was alright tho