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  1. I already had it before this release
  2. Yep, that is true! At least they saved the trouble to 100% again it
  3. With the last update I expected to find new trophies such as "unlocking every secret again", or "unlocking the forgotten". Will they be added in future?
  4. I Keep getting portals 1 ,2 and 3 for both riku and sora... I never get 4 , 5 or 6... Did I miss something? Do I have to keep dropping?
  5. I have obtanied the 1000000% trophy after buying the physical copy! As soon as I installed the game 3 (or 4 i don't remember exactly) secret appeared in the secret list and they were locked. 1 Secret was for "unlocking the greedier mode" which unlocks if you donate 500 coins to the greed machine, another one was for unlocking "Apollyon" (which i already unlocked in my previous game save of the digital version) which unlocks if you defeat megasatan, then there was another secret that unlocked the "Void" (that again i already unlocked in my digital game save) whick i think (but maybe i don't remember well) unlocks if you beat the Lamb , and maybe there was another one. (I'm not sure) Anyway I am not a cheater, I won the trophy following the advice of another player here on this forum. For some unkown reason the physical version of the game has theese extra secrets that the digital version don't have because it unlocks thoose secret in a different way (for example I remember that Apollyon was already available when i installed the update, and i didn't have to defeat megasatan to unlock him...). This could be the reason why the trophy doesn't pop up in the digital version since the game still needs the secret of the physical version...
  6. I hope they will not add trophies... After all the trophies are always related to new characters, and they should only add more items... I strongly hope for no extra trophies!
  7. I sent a message to one of the 2 achievers and he told me that when he launched the game with the physical copy some secrets reset (in his case he had to re battle mega satan, the lamb, and donate 500 coin to the greed machine and finally the 100000% triggered).
  8. So if I get the physical version and load my save i should get the trophy?
  9. And did it work?
  10. That's sad Did you try the old trick od uploading data then delete, then downlaod it again and check the secret list? It worked in the past with some trophies...
  11. Did you beat the Hush?
  12. What is the problem for the 1000000% secret? I only need broken modem and then it should unlock. is there a bug that don't make it pop even after collecting all items and secrets?
  13. Hmm I think you have to beat them separately when they show up to unlock the trio after the final mission. Maybe if you start a NG+ they will pop up again. Hopefully...
  14. I used six and got the secret.
  15. In my opinion it could have something to do while transmitting data to the server after completing the daily. Maybe once you have uploaded a certain value of data you get the achievment. Or you could have to win ??? daily run (not in a row) to unlock it. Anyway the best way to get it is to do the daily every day trying to complete them