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  1. I played between 100-150 psvr games from early 2019 till now, so top 10 lists don't work anymore. There were many that I liked a lot. I'll share my top 25 + other recommendations that rock, and the ones that I didn't like. Basically, I will share a potential "top 50 best psvr1 games" list in this post. Top 25 best psvr1 games for me: Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Dance Collider, Beat Saber, Sprint Vector, Blood and truth, Stardust Odyssey, Raw Data, Sairento, Tumble VR, Bound, Deracine, Electronauts, Xing, Rigs mechanized combat league, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, Until You Fall, Time Machine VR, Unearthing Mars 2 [with the aim controller], Fujii, Pistol whip, SuperHyperCube, Racket fury table tennis, Pixel Ripped 1995, To the Top, Rush VR (Honorable mentions: Batman VR, Curious Tale of the stolen pets, The Playroom VR, Spiderman Far from Home VR experience, Audica, Form) Not my personal favorites, but these are other awesome psvr1 games that many players will put in their top 10's for sure; I tried them (I even completed some of them) and I do think they are worth recommending 100%, even if I am not putting them in my personal top list: The Persistence, Rush of Blood, RE7, Saints and Sinners 1, Driveclub VR, Wipeout Omega Collection, Skyrim VR, Moss 1+2, Creed rise to glory, Farpoint, Borderlands 2 VR, Playstation VR Worlds, No heroes allowed VR, I expect you to die, Statik, Chromagun VR, Lucky's Tale VR, Ghost giant, Tripp, Job simulator, 2md VR football, OhShape, Synth Riders, Space Pirate Trainer, Star Wars Squadrons, Eagle flight, Tetris Effect, No man's sky, Dreams, Stride, Oh my Genesis VR, Catch & Release, Pinball FX2 VR Other potential "top games" that I haven't played enough yet, so I can't rank them or recommend them yet: Wanderer, Windlands 1+2, Zenith the last city, Iron man VR, In death, Republique VR, Doom 3 VR, Doom VFR, Vader Immortal, Apex construct, Operencia the Stolen Sun, Red Matter, Puzzling places, Table of Tales, Transpose Worst (these were extremely mediocre, and not worth it, even in a super discount, which was why I got them): grand museum vr, vr ping pong pro, vr ping pong, space explore vr, virtugo Way too difficult to be fun, but some people might still like them anyways: ultrawings, polybius, hatsune miku vr, beats fever, thumper Not necessarily bad, but I didn't like their gameplay style: super hot vr, drone stryker
  2. No, but based on what happened with the last trophy I am pretty sure that Psychonaut must be obtainable too. The problem is that it will pop up when it feels like it, even if you have the 500 trips done, because the game has problems with giving trophies at the right time. Theta Wave Surfer (finish 10 calm trips), on the other hand, seems unobtainable. If we look at the psn percentages (0.6% for Psychonaut and 0.3% for Theta wave surfer) that already says that it's likely that Psychonaut is obtainable. The 0.3% from the other one can be the % of people that cheated to get all the trophies. If you check Tripp (ps4) at other trophy websites that don't filter out the cheaters, you are going to see that there are 2 or 3 players that got all the trophies for this game at the same time (cheating obviously) and psn still counts them in its trophy percentages. Therefore, I will assume that the Theta wave trophy is broken or unobtainable, and Psychonaut is doable, but don't count on it showing up at the right time. Expect that it will take hours for it to pop up all of a sudden after the 500 trips are done. That's what happened with "spiritual gangster" for me. I probably have 460 trips done at this point and it decided to show up now, when I wasn't even doing any trip. I was just surfing the menus and the 400 trips trophy appeared.
  3. So, after a couple of months without using Tripp, I went back to look at the new content (which isn't much, it's just a few new real locations and 2 new virtual locations, one in Calm trip and the other in Focus trip)... And guess what happened ... The 400 tripps trophy pops up! I didn't even run any focus/calm trip at all. I was just browsing the menus and the photos of the locations and it happened. Clearly, there are major problems with the trophies in this game. 🤔
  4. All of those are good recommendations for active VR games for sure. (Note: I have played Synth Riders, Until You Fall, and Pistol Whip. Knockout League is the only one I haven't tried and don't own, so I will keep that one in mind. I own Stride, but haven't played it yet.) However, the challenges in Sprint Vector are something else, especially if you want to complete them with 4 stars to get the trophies. I also think that even the standard Sprint Vector races in single player are really good, as a VR cardio activity and as a fun racing game, but the challenges were even more intense than that. It is recommended that you can get 1st place in some races and feel somewhat comfortable with the game's movement mechanics before the challenges though. Otherwise, they will feel too frustrating. If you are just getting started with Sprint Vector, do the tutorials a few times, train at the track for the power-ups tutorial and at the main screen's stadium, and just do the normal races in single player until you unlock them all. You can jump into the challenges after that and see why this was, in my experience, one of the craziest and most intense VR cardio activities. I'll take a break now, as I usually do when I finish a really difficult game, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying Stride after seeing everything in Sprint Vector. It definitely seems like Stride is a Sprint-Vector-wannabe without other racers and with shooting involved. I think the platinum is unobtainable in Stride however (last time I checked there was a glitch that stopped one trophy and it wasn't fixed), so I'll probably play Stride just for the fun of it.
  5. I think this game is very punishing for beginners and it doesn't even explain key stuff (such as how power-ups work) with an in-game tutorial. So, I am going to explain how those work and share some essential tips that I learned from my 100 hours in SuperHyperCube lol. First of all, the game has 10 levels and 100 walls to pass, so it doesn't go on forever, but (and this is a big but), there are only 3 lives available, which makes the challenge of reaching that 100th wall a big deal, because you can only mess up a maximum of 3 times during all 100 walls. Also, you get the two extra lives at 1,000 points and at 10,000 points, which means that you can't really rely on them to survive. You will need to understand power-ups and have a solid strategy to solve walls fast. The key to success in SuperHyperCube is solving the walls as fast as possible. The main reason for that is that how fast you press the X to send the cube flying towards the wall determines the amount of charge that gets added to the 2 power up circles above. This is actually pretty bad for new players (and a life saver for players who are already fast and good at the game) because it means that new players barely get any additional power up charge because they are taking longer to throw the cube towards the wall with X. The key to survival in this game is always having 1 power-up circle filled up to summon the "time slowdown" mechanic, whenever a wall catches you off guard (meaning you can't solve it very fast). That gives you additional time to solve the current wall before crashing and losing one of the three lives. Without exploiting that it is too hard to advance in this game. In addition, it is much easier to guarantee having at least 1 full power-up circle for time slowdown if you completely ignore the bomb power-up that takes 2 circles and destroys 1 wall. That "destroys 1 wall" power might sound great for a beginner player that is not used to solving walls fast, but using the bomb automatically means that you will have to go on 4 or 5 walls without access to time-slowdown, and the chances of messing up are high. Thus, it is safer to fill those 2 power-up circles to guarantee 2 uses of time-slowdown, than to waste them with a bomb that saves you now but leaves you very vulnerable to losing a life, right after using the bomb. So, just remember that what charges the power-ups is the time the cube takes to reach the wall after you press X to throw it towards the wall. In essence, you have to get used to solving walls before the cube reaches them, otherwise, you get no time-slowdowns, which are what will save you. I think that covers power-ups and how to charge them, which should have been included in the game as a tutorial for all new players. Now, I will share the two most useful tips to make the game easier (perhaps, even beatable). The first one is that playing without changing your distance from the cube at the beginning is too hard. If you have the cube on your face, you can't even see the edges well when it starts to get large, after wall 50, so the idea is to walk closer to the camera before you start, hold the options button to recenter, and then you are going to walk back and the cube will be further away from you. This won't make much of a difference in walls 1-30, but after that and when the cube gets massive and more complex (walls 55-90) having that larger distance between you and the cube (which will give you better visibility of its edges) is the difference between game over and success. The second major tip to make the game easier is that you only need to look at 3 non-opposite faces of the cube to find the face that has the shape on the next wall. Because all that really matters to go through the hole on the wall is how the borders of the cube look, that means that 2 out of the 6 faces work. One will work perfectly and the other face that is on the other side (directly opposite to that one) has the same borders, but you just need to move it twice to put it in the same exact position. That's all. What that means is that you only have 3 different shapes with unique borders forming on the cube at all times (each face and its opposite one on the other side, since there are 6 faces, you have 3 of those). And, you can check all the 3 major shapes forming right after each wall (while it's adding the new cubes before next wall) if you just look at the face you have there (shape 1) and then press down (look at that 2nd face, or shape 2) and press left (look at that 3rd face, or shape 3). It turns out that by doing that, which is simple and very fast, you just checked 3 non-opposite faces and the 3 shapes that are forming on the cube. And guess what; the next wall is one of those three for sure. I got very good at this game because I got very fast at checking the 3 shapes, looking at the next wall, remembering which one of those 3 shapes it matched, and then going back to it to throw the cube with the right shape and the right position towards the wall (as fast as possible). Using all the tips above and simply training to get faster and better at solving the walls will make most people go a lot further in this game than if they didn't know any of this. However, there are a few other advanced tips that I am going to share here. These are useful for walls 60-90, when the cube gets complex looking. First advanced tip is to get used to looking at the entire figure or the complete border (the perimeter) as a whole figure, instead of just focusing on the little things that "stick out." It is true that at first, focusing on those L's or little hooks sticking out from edges makes it much easier to pass walls for any player. However, when the figure gets much larger and more complex, it can have more of those little features on all sides, or even none. How do you differentiate the 3 different shapes then? You probably won't. Game over. That is why almost no one goes beyond wall 70. However, if you were used to looking at the whole figure as 1 shape and not just at the smaller shapes sticking out, you are more likely to continue doing the pattern recognition correctly, even after the shapes get more complicated, when the cube starts to get larger. The second advanced tip is that when the cube gets larger and more complicated (walls 60-90) it tends to have 2 or 3 sides that start resembling a full cube and a 4th side where it's still not quite there. It is a little bit easier to solve the walls at that point if you position that "emptier side" of the cube on the most visible edge for you. Even if you have space between you and the cube, it can get difficult to see all the edges clearly when the cube is at its largest size. Then, it's important to have the side or edge with the most differentiable features on where you can see more clearly. That raises your chances of solving it right. The third advanced tip is something I noticed from playing this too much. The face of the cube that you are seeing has a 1/3 chance of being the one that appears on the hole on the next wall (it resembles one of the 3 major shapes) and the other faces (the other 2 major shapes) have a 2/3 chance of appearing next. Therefore, when the cube is complex looking, if you notice that there are 2 shapes that you can handle and there is one that looks terrible to solve, place the face that looks like a mess facing you, before the next wall appears. That means that there's a 1/3 chance that you will need to play with that difficult one next, and a 2/3 chance that it will be one of the others that were easier. This is more advanced material, so I wouldn't worry about this at first. However, it's one of those little facts that helps beyond wall 70. The fourth advanced tip is simply explaining how scoring and the bonuses work in this game. The more cubes it gets the more points you get after you pass next wall. That's simple. But what the game doesn't tell you is that you get additional cubes added each time (thus, more points) if you do it fast enough or if you do it with a specific number of moves on the cube. Let's say you are in level 3. You get 3 additional mini-cubes for passing a wall (because it's level 3), but if you do it in 3 moves only [the "smart" bonus], you get 3 more cubes added (because it's level 3). Also, you get 3 more cubes added if you do it "fast" (in less than 2 seconds I believe). The minimum number of moves for the "smart" bonus is always 3 moves, except in levels 1 and 2. In level 1 walls it is only 1 move and in level 2 it is two moves. (Note: I got this tip from TheGlyph's video in youtube. He was the first top scorer in the game, and the one who beat the game faster than anyone else.) It's important to note that scores go up very fast after wall 60, but very slow in walls 10-40. The reason is that you are getting +700 points per wall passed later on, but at the beginning you are only getting 40-150 points per wall. And last, I will mention something that might motivate some new players to try to beat the crazy challenge that is this game: scoring-wise it really doesn't matter how you play, as long as you pass many walls; you can even ignore bonuses and all that; if you pass wall 100 (the final wall) you will have at least 30,000 points at the end. What that means is that you are automatically in the top 10 scorers globally if you just beat the game. It's easier said than done, but that's how it is. Only the top 7 finished the game, which means that you should just worry about solving walls fast and passing walls and forget the rest at first. The only real difference between me and the other two top scorers was simply how fast we were solving walls throughout the entire run. Ultimately, solving walls fast is the key to beating this game, and to scoring even higher, if you keep playing after beating it, like I did 😁😎. Also, it's probably worth mentioning for beginners that those rotating walls at the end of each level always do the same thing, so, after you know what they all do (example: wall at end of level 3 rotates 3 times in the same direction) it's much easier to pass them every time.
  6. I have played Creed, BoxVR, Racket Fury, and most of the rhythm games, including beat saber in expert+, but nothing made me sweat as much as Sprint Vector's challenges. Also, even the standard races are a really fun way to do cardio, especially after you get better at the controls and you start to get 1st places with more ease. Very highly recommended for those of you that want games as a fun way to exercise!! 😎
  7. I went through the trouble of attempting to get these two offline and online with bots only. I even managed to hit someone with a shut down missile with the right timing so that the racer would fall down in the middle of a jump and respawn. I did it in the Outer Vegas stage, which, in my opinion, is the easiest one to pull that off. But guess what... it didn't work. I can confirm 100% that "shut down" and "a little push" trophies only work vs. another real player online. So, at this point, you will have to coordinate with a friend to be able to get those. Otherwise, it's all bots and there are no real players in the races. This is why so many people got those 2 trophies when Sprint Vector was released (the servers were full of real players), but only 2 or 3 people got them in the last couple of years (with help from another player, obviously).
  8. I can confirm that there are 3 trophies that require online play: win 1st in an online match and the "shut down" and "a little push" trophies, which only work if you hit a real player with those power-ups and force him/her to respawn, because of your hit. If you hit a bot with those two it doesn't work for the trophies. At this point, the servers are pretty much empty, so, the only way you can get those last two trophies is by having a friend join you in an online Sprint Vector race to get them. The "win 1st online" trophy can be done solo however. You can just play a quick match online with bots only and if you get 1st it gives you that one. The easy way for a beginner player to do it is to plan to get it in Winter Rush, which is the easiest stage to get 1st place. Although I can get it anywhere at this point, at first I wasn't that good, so that was how I got that one (in winter rush stage, online vs bots).
  9. For excellent games with no trophies, The Orange Box (Portal 1 + Half-Life 2) and Folklore come to mind. Both are PS3 games. For great games with trophies, but with no platinums, there are a lot to name on PSVR / PS4. Journey and Abzu are obvious ones. For the great psvr ones I saw with no platinums, these come to mind: Synth Riders, Dance Collider, Rush VR, Apex Construct, Batman Arkham VR, Vader Immortal, Racket Fury Table Tennis, and SuperHyperCube. There are many more I bet, but I didn't play them or I don't remember them right now.
  10. Excellent final world cup match, and I wanted Argentina and Messi to win it since the very beginning, so I was quite happy with the result. To make things even more awesome for me, during the last 24 hours I also watched Avatar The Way of Water (epic movie! it's even better than the first one!). These last 24 hours have been excellent 😎 ... Avatar 2 surpassing my expectations (it's even better than Top Gun Maverick!) and the world cup final that I wanted, both in the same day!! Great day! 🎉
  11. I think France is the tough team to beat in this world cup. I hope England manages to beat them so that Argentina has better chances at reaching the finals 😎. One thing is certain, all the matches are going to be on the edge in the quarters and in semifinals. Great matches on the horizon for sure.
  12. The easiest one to get all the trophies is Synth Riders, but it doesn't have a platinum and I don't think it is anywhere near as good as Beat Saber for exercising or weight loss. (Note: I have tried most of them.) If your main goal is exercising or weight loss gains, instead of getting a VR rhythm platinum, then, stick to Beat Saber. Eventually (in 20-50 gameplay hours) you will get good enough to get that platinum without any trouble, and by then, you also got what you were after, in terms of the cardio workouts. So, I recommend to not fear the initial difficulty and to stick with beat saber. Also, don't try to jump from normal to expert. Go little by little, difficulty by difficulty. Start with easy, then normal, then hard, then expert. Use the practice mode (the hat icon for each song) with lower speed %, or just use the slower song modifier from the left screen, if you think the next difficulty mode is too hard or too fast, even though you feel good about how you are doing in the previous one. If your main goal is getting a VR rhythm platinum, there are no easy ones among the ones I played. The easier/faster ones don't have a platinum trophy AND they do have at least 1 challenging trophy in their list. Even Synth Riders has a trophy that requires 3 full-combo runs in master mode levels. However, that's a lot easier and faster to get than the 15 full combos in beat saber's expert mode, the S rank run in dance collider's extreme mode, the gold stars in Audica, the completion of OhShape's expert levels, the SSS ranks in Hatsune Miku VR, the S rank in Pistol Whip, and the platinum in the glitchy and sort-of-boring BoxVR. Believe it or not, Beat Saber is not the most difficult one to platinum or the most time-consuming one. It's not even in the top 3 for those things. OhShape requires 96 hours for one of its trophies (it's not hard, it just takes forever with that 96-hour requirement) and I consider Audica and Miku VR a lot harder than Beat Saber's platinum. Audica's expert mode makes Beat Saber's platinum look easy.
  13. I think the only way to truly enjoy that 1000 goal is if: #1- You don't have any other highly time-consuming activity to worry about for real (meaning you can do gaming as your job, if you wish). If you have to worry about anything else, such as jobs, kids, relationships, college classes, etc., this will get in the way big time, unless you don't mind doing it without any hurry and in years (rather than in months). However, judging by how this sounds, it's as if you want the 1000 for next month, lol. Trust me, you will have to slow down if you have anything else asking for time in your life. #2- You choose to complete all the easier, shorter, and more enjoyable games first. Don't do stuff like Final Fantasy X if you want to reach the 1000 in a reasonable amount of time. FFX is great, but it can take 100 hours to platinum, and that's if you already played it before. Focus on fun games that are also short and easy. If you want to prove your "hardcore-ness," lol, do yourself a big favor and wait until you have 990 done. My recommendations are the following: ***#1***- If you are already 100% sure that you are dedicating all that time to it, try to see if you can make something out of it or get something out of it. Like, if you know you are doing it no matter what, document it with a Youtube channel, or with a Twitch, where people can see your reactions about all the 1000 games that you will become an expert on (as you play them). You can even plan to do it live, if you don't want to take any extra time on video editing. I recommended this to ikemenzi (he's Japanese but understands English) and to other friends who have TONS more platinums and all-things hardcore-gaming-related than me. My reasoning is that if you are going to spend all that time on it because you (obviously) enjoy it, you might as well see if you can make real cash with your hobby. You were going to do it anyways, so, you really don't lose anything if that "side venture" doesn't work out. And if it does work, congratulations. I bet that's how many of those gaming channels got started. #2- Focus on Ps4 if you don't want to open a hole in your pocket. Ps3, Ps5, and Vita get less discounts on everything. Ps4 has a larger number of those "good but short or easy" games, and it gets tons of discounts often. I would also recommend adding a psvr to the Ps4 to open up many more short games that can be chosen. #3- Be open to looking up stuff online if you get stuck. There are MANY easy games and short games that have 1 or 2 little hidden collectables that would take forever to find if you have to lift every rock yourself, but they take just 1 minute if you see a youtube video that shows you where that is located. Be open to looking that up. Otherwise, it will take forever to get a thousand 100% completions. #4- List of easy, short, and good games I played: [note: I'm just sending good advice here, I'm not really that serious of a hunter, unless you think that being in the top 100 of the VR category in this site makes me "serious," but I wouldn't say that, lol]: (non-vr) Abzu, Aer memories of old, Flower, Minefield, Duck Souls+, The Knight of Queen, Journey (this is good, easy, and fast BUT it can take much longer to 100% if you don't find other online players for the trophies that require it) (with psvr1 on ps4) Bonfire, Fujii, ArtPulse, Form, Brain beats, Mind labyrinth vr dreams, Twilight path, Sea of memories, No heroes allowed vr, Deracine (great story-driven game and very fast if you are open to seeing a video walkthrough if you get stuck, otherwise, it will take much longer), Electronauts, Synth riders, Lethal vr, Pirate flight, Unearthing mars 1, Vrog, Harmonix music vr, Psychonauts in the rhombus of ruin (awesome and short, but forget about the piano trophy here if you don't look up how to get it), You are being followed, Moss, Job simulator, virtual virtual reality (note: I haven't completed this one, but it seemed easy and interesting from what I saw) For the record, I think this "goal" would be quite reasonable and pretty cool for any gamer if it was 100 fun games that don't take +40 hours each, but at 1000 you are going to need tremendous patience and dedication to finish it for real. This is surely the kind of patience that I will need to complete my series of sci-fi books!! Way to go haha Good luck with your quest
  14. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Folklore was also great, but it doesn't have trophies.
  15. I think DanielVT's post has convinced me that I need to play Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. I only played half of the original wolfenstein 3d game and I am planning to play the PSVR wolfenstein game, but I had 100% skipped this series (and most FPS's since 2012 really). Now, because of this post, I think I'm raising the "new order" Wolfenstein's up to the top of my non-vr queue, even before Doom Eternal. I'll probably play them on easy and focus on the story. Nowadays, the stories of these games seem even more important, with all the real-life "new order" worldwide bullshit that's going on since Covid. Let's see what MachineGames came up with here (and play a superb shooter, like in the good old days!) 😎. Republique: Anniversary edition also hits this same niche in terms of story, but honestly, an epic shooter done right is more exciting than a stealth game. So, I guess my Republique VR playthrough will have to wait for Wolfenstein.