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  1. So I have completed a very easy run(Jill), knife only run (Chris) and a 3 hour speed run on normal difficult(Jill).I saved over my old cleared data each time not aware of the importance of it but I am pretty sure I also went new game each play through rather than once again. I haven’t saved over my 3 hour normal difficulty run as it was after that I realised. I still have to play real survivor , invisible enemies and no save run. Also when I started real survivor the only extra costume I had was for Jill. How will this effect the remainder of the game for me ?
  2. I never thought of using Jill so that I could skip plant.. gonna try that if the Chris run fails me
  3. Seriously? From what I have read I thought it would be nearly impossible without using V-Jolt…. Did it take you many attempts?
  4. Just got the 4 masks in the mansion with Chris but only found out that by saving Richard I am now unable to use V-Jolt against Plant 42. Is defeating it now to difficult for knife only? Is it best to start again? Playing on very easy difficulty. Thanks
  5. Finally come back to Fifa on both versions, is there any way to auto pop the Qualify for Fut champs trophy? I got it on the Ps5 version and looking for a faster way to get this one
  6. Currently finishing up Aliens Vs Predator. Was planning on doing Modern warfare 3 next, is it still attainable? I didn’t think there was any online trophies?
  7. I emailed them also, they acted all dumb as if I was trying to play the Dlc on Ps4. I explained that I’m obviously trying to play on my PS3 and they stopped replying to me. Don’t wanna know about it cause it’s PS3 I guess? Some said they got refunded I didn’t so I think best bet it look for your refund and just buy it on its own using a separate account
  8. I’ve tried this a lot of times now , I get fully connected to the internet with a proxy and then when I put on the game it disconnects instantly.. is that normal ? Is there anything else I need to try or will I eventually find one that stays connected for a few mins?
  9. Hey I’ve come across the same issue this week. I have bought them all and don’t have Dlc 2 or 4. Did you ever get this resolved?
  10. Ah was afraid that would happen, It seems like an easy list but it’s the Volta trophies that put me off
  11. Don’t really want to do this on PS4 and ps5 so thought if I do just the Ps4 one can I unlock the ps5 trophies instantly ?
  12. Hi all so me and a friend have been doing the grind towards the platinum in this game, we have both got level 50. I’ve got the platinum and my friend seems to not have “job skills “ unlocked .. this is a pretty easy one and we tried multiple times to get it but doesn’t seems to be working , we thought it was tied to a Chain bonus but that didn’t work.. he also has Fast learner unlocked ... we think this may be glitched has anyone else come on this problem ? Maybe we are missing something simple.. any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  13. Only started the game last week and this is one of the last ones I need , am I able to change my time on the console in order to get this or how would that effect the time stamp and does it still count as getting legitimately?
  14. Great advice guys thanks for that. Going to give it a go with a few friends after we finish up another game. Will probably give you that add @Paperclip1776 at some stage thank you Also @da-Noob123 I’ll be sure to check out that boosting guide
  15. Thinking of playing the original battlefront. Haven’t played it yet but wondering how difficult it is to get platinum in? Apart from getting level 50 is there anything really tough? And how is match making