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  1. The game is a blast and the trophy list was absolutely fun to obtain! however, the multiplayer server is dead which is making the Platinum unattainable. There are four trophies related to multiplayer two of which don't require match play.
  2. Disintegration Platinum Unattainable: No server action which is affecting the following trophies: Job's Done Complete all other Trophy requirements. Platinum 0.4% Rare Battle-Tested Complete a multiplayer match. 6.9% Rare Happy Little Trees Craft a custom badge. 9.4% Rare Suit Up Customize a multiplayer crew. 14.5% Rare Complete a multiplayer challenge.
  3. Mad Max was a serious grind! Half of my trophies are duplicate letters! LOL
  4. I don’t know if the game Disintegration multiplayer option is broken, not working, Turned off, or just nobody is playing. When I hit the join button, absolutely nothing happens.
  5. Is multiplayer broken? Weird. Any platinum hunters out there want to help me figure out how to complete these multiplayer trophies? 🏆 PSN: MaxABStevens