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  1. It's over! The funny thing is that BO2 is and will always be my favorite COD 😁



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      How monstrous! 👍

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      Congrats! Impressive stuff :yay:

    4. Cruscah


      Good luck @CelestialRequiem, you are so close! Doubt that anyone will have the skill to go through all those games before you

  2. Unless one of the new trophies requires it, no, there isn't. Still would recommend doing it tho
  3. Another top tier indie from PC coming to consoles, really curious to see how some stuff will work (even with the trailer spoiling a little bit). Make sure to go blind playing this one, it's the kind of game with an unforgettable and very unique experience. It took me 8 hours to get the 100% on the Steam version, but there are 3 new trophies that could make it take a little longer: Wallpaper Wizard (Collect all wallpapers) Color Coordinator (Collect all themes) Social Butterfly (Collect all friend entries)
  4. Here are the descriptions:
  5. Personally, I'd prefer a list like BO3 (PS3 or PS4, any version) over a boring one like MW2019, but I doubt that this will happen. I'm more curious about Warzone 2 trophy list tho... that will be interesting.
  6. Nothing buggy nor unobtainable. And yeah, everything can be done in private matches with bots, took me ~20 hours. Make sure to select Darkside for the Master Survivor trophy, the other map ends at 30 waves.
  7. Rogue Warrior was not in my plans, in fact, I never knew about the existence of this game until a friend convinced me and 2 others to play it. The campaign is extremely short, but it's fun (not great, don't get me wrong), you have to finish it 3 times because difficulty trophies doesn't stack. The multiplayer is what causes the platinum do be an UR, the game is region locked and one trophy requires 5 people, you'll not find randoms playing this game and boosting it take roughly 6 hours in total. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2.56% / 0.25%) 100% Call of Duty: WWII (1.51% / 0.25%) 100% Dead Cells (4.15% / 0.40%) 0% Descenders (1.45% / 0.56%) 100% Just Cause 2 (4.93%) 100% Killing Floor 2 (8.07% / 0.61%) 0% Rogue Warrior (4.12%) 100% (IN) Shotgun Farmers (3.98%) 100% Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (1.35%) 90% (OUT) Tennis World Tour 2 (0.98%) 97% Verlet Swing (0.69%) 82% The recent announcement of Trackmania 2020 coming to consoles gave me the motivation needed to get back to Turbo, let's see if I'll be able to finally get the platinum. I'm also almost done with Red Dead Redemption, another game that's not on my list lol, so another swap will happen soon.
  8. I mean, it was just 10 days and everyone was freaking out, you are going to be quoting me until 2030 if they don't fix things?
  9. Looks like we got our answer...
  10. Thank you for this, a much needed feature that will be extremelly helpful. I know that it's pretty early, but I would like to report a bug already In some cases, where the DLC has a guide, trying to load the info gives a "Guide for ... not Found" message. A few examples that I could find: I think that this is happening because of small differences in the name of the guide and on the DLC itself. List: Outlaws To The End Co-Op Pack Guide: Red Dead Redemption - Outlaws To The End Co-Op DLC Trophy Guide As you can see, the guide is missing the word "Pack".
  11. This is huge for Nadeo, their playerbase is about to get so much bigger. Imagine playing Kacky on console, I can only hope... Edit: No Kacky for us, console players won't be able to join user-hosted dedicated servers. Also, @PapyChampy I'm not sure if you're with Nadeo still, but please don't take it easy on the trophy list
  12. Descenders was dope, extremely fun during the entire journey. One of our event hosters, Arcesius, wrote good guides for both the main game and the DLC, I only disagree with the difficulty rating, a 5 seems too low comparing it to other games, I would personally rate it a 7/10, but that's completely subjective at the end of the day. In Descenders you have to get from point A to B (with no time limit) and, since the worlds are procedurally generated, you can't predict what is about to come. There are 3 platinum blockers: Deathless Run, Volcano and Bonus Worlds. The deathless run is not that bad once you practice unavoidable boss jumps (big ramps) with seeds and start to understand better what each world can generate, some luck can help but every run should be doable with enough skill. Volcano is the secret region in the normal career, getting in there was the hardest challenge of the game for me and also why bonus worlds are hard too (because there's one in volcano), to get in there you have to get a fire node and also do every boss jump (you can't avoid them like in the deathless run). The DLC requires you to basically get the platinum and do a bunch of other stuff, there's just too many things to cover here. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2.56% / 0.25%) 100% Call of Duty: WWII (1.51% / 0.25%) 100% Dead Cells (4.14% / 0.40%) 0% Descenders (1.49% / 0.51%) 100% Just Cause 2 (4.93%) 100% Killing Floor 2 (8.07% / 0.59%) 0% Shotgun Farmers (4.05%) 100% Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (1.34%) 90% Tennis World Tour 2 (0.98%) 97% Verlet Swing (0.69%) 82% I've played SARPBC, but I don't have the skill nor the patience to practice now, a swap will likely happen once I complete another game with URs.
  13. Arcadegeddon trophies finally got fixed, all stacks can come off the list.
  14. New patch is out: Had to restart the game twice for some reason, but just got the plat 😄