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  1. Anyone else seeing much longer load times? Also Cloud Sync seems broken.
  2. It's not that hard with the save button. Eventually you'll get a clone run.
  3. There's some new ones at the bottom of the Steam Achievements:
  4. I note he no-hits Mega Satan. Also seems to have a ton of items, perhaps similar to the "You broke it" achievement?
  5. You might have done it before the booster pack patch.
  6. Yeah. I have them all now except for broken modem and 100000%. Given the hints from the dev, I wonder if the way you're supposed to unlock is by not playing dailies. i.e. your modem is broken so you can't play dailies, but you do have to play otherwise. And if it required a certain number of days played, it might explain the 0% on 100000%. But I think glitched is probably the more likely explanation at this point
  7. You probably got it in a daily. Everything is unlocked in dailies. There's a lot of discussion on the subreddit about how to unlock. A few claims of having done it, but they go silent when asked for a screen cap. I'm in a similar boat. But I know I got them filled in by missingno. Which can give you items you haven't unlocked yet. I'm not sure that is even necessary to get it to get 100000%. Real platinum God will unlock as soon as you have all the rebirth achievements, so booster pack ones may not be necessary. The DLC has only just been out 31 days so few people will have the dedication one. I'm on a four steak for dailies, so I'm not going to play today's, but I'm pretty close to 31. So I'll know the truth soon.