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  1. Thank you very much!
  2. Hey all, Sorry to ask this but I was wondering if I may ask "What counts as a crime?" is it a combination of Premeditated crimes and the random crimes you stumble upon while moving through Gotham City, or is it just one or the other? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey there! Sorry I haven't finished many of the games I planned to do, been busy with a lot of other stuff as of late but I did get a Pink game done today! Took my time with it because I wanted to take it slow but here is my next Pink game.
  4. Erm... well let me put it this way, I went Digital back in 2020 and every game on my account other than Destiny is through PSN, not including all the games I have through Playstation Plus I have 484 games currently, a few of those are collections like Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Megaman and so on. Many of the games were brought during the sales and some on day one (which I regret because so many games I just brought and never touched). If I had to give a total I would say at minimum £5000 in total though the real answer I can only say is WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH.
  5. Yeah my focus on completing games is out of wack, plan on fixing that very soon
  6. For me it really depends on how far I got into the game, say I was close to the end when I stopped then I'll just mess around and relearn controls before going for the end, if I'm only a few hours in when I last played then I will restart it.
  7. Greetings, I am merely posting this thread in case anyone sees that there is now a PS5 version of the game, went to see if they can get it for free and were confused as to why it isn't. I didn't even know a PS5 version was coming out unti I saw it today on this site. EDIT: My bad for not looking at the PS4 version's forums to see there was a thread about this already.
  8. This sucks, this sucks big time, as silly as this sounds I think all my gaming plans for this month are going out the window and in honor of him I'm finishing Arkham City and Arkham Knight.
  9. : Angler's Club Landed all catches at one fishing spot. : Koco Leader Gathered 200 Koco. : Kronos Island Expert Viewed all Side Stories on Kronos Island. : Celestial Rain Encountered a starfall for the first time. : Ticket to Tranquility Earned 100 Purple Coins. : Kronos Island Memories Repaired all Portals on Kronos Island.
  10. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens : Traitor! Defeat Finn using FN-2199 : Family Reunion Have Kylo Ren and Han Solo in the same party : Show Me, Grandfather Defeat Kylo Ren playing as Darth Vader : Little Short For A Stormtrooper? Use a hat dispenser to put a stormtrooper helmet on a small Minifigure : Chewie, We're Home Play as Han Solo (Classic) and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon : STOP.....Kylo Time As Kylo Ren, Force Freeze another character
  11. Howdy all! Would any of this count as Pink? Just finished the PS5 version of Demon's Tier+ today so would like to put it forward if it counts, there is a lot of pink on the left hand side.
  12. Hey all, I got my first two games for November done! Thanks to the brand new DLC that got released it made Resident Evil Villiage no longer 100%, now I have gone through the entire dlc, gotten all the trophies and now it's back up to 100% again. Resident Evil Village PS4 100% Rarity: 0.62% Completed in 1 year, 5 months I also finished the PS5 version too! Resident Evil Village PS5 100% Rarity: 0.72% Completed in 1 year, 5 months
  13. Destiny, been tempted getting this but I really don't think I can justify paying full price for it even with all of the expansions. Night of Azure 1 and 2.
  14. How strange? I got a pink too! (Yes I finished this too)
  15. Well seems I got a third game done this month. Platinum Rarity: 13.71% (I expect this to change soon) Platinum in 1 year, 8 months.