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  1. I'm not sure why it wasn't put on the PS4 but I will say, I enjoyed this DLC quite a bit, seeing this I might download the game and play it again.
  2. In all my trophy hunting days... which I'll admit has only been properly about a year and a bit, I've never wanted to cuss out a dev for a set of trophies... whose bright idea was the trophies for Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot? 3 hours I just spent getting the Hell-Burbia trophy and I still have 2 more arenas to go. Think Borderlands is taking a break for some of the other games I got suggested... blimey what a painful mess that dlc is.


    Are any other DLCs for Borderlands games as painful?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      I haven’t played the other Borderlands games, (got my fill and then some with the first one,)…


      …but given that I’d argue very few DLCs in any game are as painful as Mad Moxie’s was, I’m going to guess probably not! 😂

    2. Sylvanticore


      Haha, you got a laugh out of me with that one xD

    3. rjkclarke


      @Sylvanticore I feel your pain on this one...., I really do!  I really really don't like that DLC, which is a shame because I had a really good time with all of the other DLC's in Borderlands 1, but Moxie's Underdome can what's the correct terminology?..... Oh yeah, get in a flaming bin and post itself to the moon, sorry that's just my terminology 😂....


      I had a nosy little look at your profile, and if you enjoyed the main game, I feel pretty confident you'll at least have fun with the other ones you have left for Borderlands 1.... the other games though.....


      Right, this is just my opinion obviously, but I think Bordlerands 2's DLC's are in general, really good, even the smaller ones without trophies.


      I haven't played 3 or Tiny Tina's Wonderlands yet, but I will say this, the Pre-Sequel is a little bit of a mixed bag. The Claptastic Voyage DLC I thought was genuinely excellent, and even better if you play it as Claptrap (in all his majestic annoyingness). The other one is a little more like Moxie's Underdome, but takes a fraction of the time.


      So I took a long old time to get to the point, 😂 but, erm, no I don't think any other DLC's for Borderlands games are as painful. 

  3. Hello all, my second game for the month has been completed now (Kind of) as I just got the platinum for Borderlands on PS4 : Borderland Defender You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with Time to platinum: 2 years, 1 month, 1 week, 6 days, 9 hours Rarity: 30.12% Uncommon. This wasn't my first choice for my 2nd game as I was thinking either Star Wars: Republic Commando or Celeste as my next game but I stopped on RC cause I was having issues with Hard mode and I ended up finishing Celeste much earlier for another event. My youtube suggestions as of late were always for Borderlands lore because of the new game so I decided to get the platinum for the original game, I'll do the DLC another time but at least another game is done.
  4. So after completing Celeste for the first part of this event I decided I was going to do Destroy All Humans for the second part, that didn't happen because my brain is like a blast from a shotgun in video games and scattered, so remembering one of the choices that was put up for this part of the event I went with the first Borderlands game. As was stated the second part of this event was for: #TogetherforMentalHealth which is supposed be for encouraging others and to spread the word via social media, TV, internet, etc. So for this year, to earn this badge, you must play a game that prominently uses social media, radio, TV, or the internet in the game. In Borderlands you are a vault hunter and you have of course come to look for, you guessed it, a vault, but how did you find out about the vault, through television or radio in the Borderlands universe? it's unclear, but what is clear is that during the events of Borderlands you are always contacted through the ECHOnet, which as the Borderlands Wiki states: The ECHOnet is a system of communication across the greater plain of Pandora. It is mainly wireless, requiring only a personal HUD unit, provided to new arrivals by the Dahl Corporation. Thanks to this ECHOnet your characters deeds are known well throughout the planet of Pandora, people hear about you and ask for your assistance and even the villians of the game use it to taunt you as you progress. In closing I'm happy to have taken part in this event, hopefully this will count for it and thanks for doing this event @Beyondthegrave07 Mental health is something that a lot of people I know suffer from, some days are a lot tougher than others and even when you think you have control of the situation there is always that feeling in the back of your mind, you can have a good day only for something to hit you like Brick hits bandits with his ability and you're in a horrible place for a long time.
  5. Honestly I really wanted to 100% everything on my games list but there are many I know I'd never do, either trophies not unlocking or games like Dragonball FighterZ and Street Fighter were I will never be good enough at the online. I have actually started to wonder if trophy hunting is worth it in the long run, while I do enjoy going for trophies there have been times lately where I've not wanted to play anything because of trophies.
  6. : Weapon Aficionado Reached proficiency level 10 with any weapon type : Pandora-dog Millionaire Earned $1,000,000 : Ding! Hardcore Earned level 30 Currently I am trying to get the Made in New Haven but I swear side missions just keep appearing out of no where, I really should have made a list and crossed off each quest first.
  7. I wouldn't say the game is completely and utterly bad, but I would say that the game suffers from being incredibly bland in areas, I loved the designs of the suits you wear and the game play that sometimes made you feel like Iron Man, but the rest of it was just really bland, collectables were annoying to get, the combat is your typical over the shoulder shooter with some special abilites. I will say though, if it's super cheap in a sale then sure go for it, but out of sale I wouldn't even think about trying it.
  8. I hate how scatter brain I am when it comes to playing any game, so many times I can sit and focus on one game till it's done, and then there is times like now where I end up playing around 10 different games because I can't gel with one. I start one game, play for about 15 minutes then just stop, start something else and the cycle just repeats over and over.

  9. Abuse the ever loving hell out of the rewind system, it's what I did to get my hardest diificulty trophy.
  10. You're extremely close, there is 16 levels in the game.
  11. Trigger Witch without a shadow of a doubt, the game is made in the style of a 2D Zelda game but with twin stick shooter gameplay, it has some incredible music and if you're a trophy hunter the trophies are extremely easy to get if you just play the game normally with some collectable clean up at the end which isn't difficult real.
  12. Wait really? That's awesome! I was just looking through what games I have on my account and I saw that and thought I wonder if that could be done but wasn't sure. I just got done doing Celeste for my mental health game (posted already earlier today) and now I know that I'll get started right away
  13. For this event I went with a game I had only played a few times but during the time I had playing it before I came to realise that the main character suffered with Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks which you see a few times within the game itself and as I look at the cover art I can see one of the reasons for her panic attacks.
  14. Thanks for the response, I guess it's a good thing i'm from the UK then.
  15. Sorry for bringing this thread back to life, I saw this was in the current sale on PSN and noticed that the trophy is still marked as unobtainable yet people have been able to get it recently, is this trophy fixed at the moment or still broken?