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  1. I only just now started playing it but might I suggest VA-11 Hall-A? [VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is an indie bartender simulation video game with visual novel elements] I thought the game itself may be stressful but even before you start the game it comes up with a notice saying this. Thank you for playing VA-11 Hall-A! This game is best played getting comfortable.Grab some drinks, some snacks and enjoy! So sit back and relax. We hpe you have a good time! Granted it is a story game but I can assure you that there is no time limit to reading, no pressure of doing the wrong thing, and even when you make a drink for someone, there is no time limit and evenything you need to know is in a book that appears on the top left of the screen. You are free to take your time with it.
  2. I came here to check how people could see the trophy list, but it seems while the PS5 version is synced up, the PS4 version is not so can't update my account to show the trophies I've earnt.
  3. Well are you in luck! Yes it now buyable on PSN, been playing it this evening but seems the trophies are not yet synced up so can't update my account to show them, but it is on sale now
  4. These look amazing! Thank you so much for the event and the badges! was well worth the wait
  5. : Fanfare Used emotions 100 or more times. : The Curtain Rises Won friendly match one or more times. : Master of Titles Earned more than 50 or more titles. : Together We Fight Fought other players online 30 or more times. : Challenger Challenged other players 10 or more times. : Our Bonds Fought other players online 100 or more times. Another soon to be shutdown game's MP trophies out of the way! I can relax now with these games
  6. Before the end of the month I'd like to get Killzone Shadow Fall's platinum out of the way, now that I have all of the online trophies anyway, gonna also try for Code Veins and MAYBE, Monster Hunter World's platinum, if the crowns behave that is!
  7. : Co-op Captain Win 50 co-op games Last online trophy collected! Thank god xD, only had 3 days left before the servers shut down.
  8. It's my birthday today! 38 years of experience! and what am I doing? STILL TRYING TO GET THE 50 CO OP TROPHY IN KILLZONE! shoot me...

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      Happy birthday!

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      I really should have posted something here, but thank you everyone who gave me Birthday wishes! It made my day! :D

  9. : Necromancer Revive 50 Team mates in co-op : Tactical Triplets Get 250 kills with the Tactician Turrets in co-op : High And Dry Get 250 kills with the Marksman's LS70 sniper rifle in co-op : Bare Hands Get 5 brutal melee kills as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op : Pyromaniac Get 250 kills with the Assault's Breacher automatic shotgun in co-op : Wallstreet Banker Bank 2500 points as each of the four Combat Roles in co-op ONE MORE TROPHY TO GO! Just need the 50 wins in Co-Op and then i'm done with all the online trophies for this game, I can get it done before shutdown but I need a rest for tonight.
  10. Thanks for the advice,been at it a few hours today, already got 2 of the class trophies, Close to 2.5k on Medic and not far off with Tactician and almost at 15 wins.
  11. How long am I looking at for doing the co-op trophies with randoms? I have 1 last mp trophy to go before I attempt it and to be honest I'm not looking forward to it, when I tried it before I was getting killed almost instantly without any real idea of where the AI was coming from.
  12. This is the information I was looking for, I left this game a little too late and want to work on the MP trophies as soon as I'm finished with Killzone's trophies, glad to know it will take me between a few hours and a day at minimum.
  13. So after grinding for about 7-10 hours each day for the past few days I'm close to having all of the PvP trophies of Killzone Shadow Fall, all that remains is actually doing the wins on all maps and the Insurgent class trophies, hopefully that will all be done by midnight tonight so I can spend the next 2 days getting all the co-op trophies done... god I wish I had done this sooner as right afer that is all done I need to finally jump onto Jump Force and smash out those MP trophies before it shut down at the end of the month, I need to stop leaving things so late!

  14. Greetings, Like many others I'm trying to get what I can done before the shut down of the servers, I've decided to try and go after the collectibles, which I am having a terrible time with due to how random it appears the location of them are. I have some questions I would like to ask about them if that is okay? 1. Where abouts should I be looking and is there a good map I should use for them? 2. Is there more than 1 collectable on each map. 3. If someone in the game has collected the collectible (the sound notification saying that it's been found) does that lock me out from getting it that round since the map says it has been found? Thank you for your time.
  15. So very recently in my town, a shop opened up and is your normal small book store, it has half of the store for your normal books but the other side is for Anime and Manga, well I had never brought a manga before and I wanted to support the shop since it was brand new, ended up grabbing 3 books and without realising I was their first customer, since then I have popped in every couple of days to take a look at their stock and brought 5 more since then. I don't have a working camera at the moment but I picked up Volume 1 of the following mangas Beastars Chainsaw Man Demon Slayer Dr. Stone Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Kaiju No.8 Monstaboo My Hero Academia So far I've been enjoying them and once I have some more money I want to hunt down volume 2 and maybe 3 of each of the mangas above. I also want to try and find Overlord and So I'm a Spider, So What?
  16. Slowly but surely chipping away at the Killzone: Shadow Fall trophies, boosting bot lobbies are helping a lot but it's taking time, I might get most of the MP player stuff done before the shutdown but I don't know if I'll have the co-op trophies done by then.

  17. Started watching this a few days ago, I enjoy it quite a bit... when it focuses on Kumoko (That's the name of the spider)
  18. Thank you for the response, this trophy is a bit of a pain it seems, joined one where another person was on the other side and they must have been lucky as they got the collectible within 10 seconds of the match.
  19. Press O to Meow That is all I need to say.... I'm joking, in my honest opinion this is my favorite game of 2022 so far, I've said it before but Stray is one of the only games in recent years I've brought day 1 and played for an entire day, normally I'll get bored and put it off for months but I loved this game so much, couldn't help but explore, interact with robots in the world and just being a pain in the butt! you know? normal cat stuff. The last few minutes of the game I couldn't help but feel sad, the relationship between B12 and the Cat was really sweet and that ending... I didn't want to get up. (Also yeah... why the 9 lives trophy >.<)
  20. I'd be kind of okay with this, sometimes I put off a game because I'll look at trophies for the game in question and I'll just feel eh about it, not really sure why to be fair, something in my head telling me "Why bother if you can't get those trophies?", I mean I VERY rarely go for trophies on my Steam games.
  21. I'll end up playing God Eater again soon, was mostly looking for suggestions for the event Monster Hunter World I've been putting off, perhaps August I'll finally get the crowns! Borderlands .. fair I just need to get my arse in gear and finish the arena before moving on, and as for Uncharted I held off because needed to get a physical copy since the cheats don't work to get brutal doone, but got some ideas now Thank you.
  22. Think I need some advice on what games to play next, I got 2 games planned for August but other than that my feelings towards some games are waning a bit, any suggestions would be good I plan on doing Phoenix Wirght and Darksiders 2 next month.
  23. I believe so yes, I messaged MissShake about this the other day since I was on my 10th game already. Had more I wanted to do but yeah, 10 games and you're done, so vote wisely and don't go wild like I did hehe.
  24. : Star Cadet Complete a Stage without dying : Necessity, Mother of Impressive Defeat a Boss with the Lv1 Pea Shooter : Dedication to a Fault Use a single weapon for one entire stage : Dance Like you Want to Win Defeat a Boss without getting hit : Officer Complete a stage without getting hit : Associate Intern Complete Episode 1
  25. I noticed on the main post that the Great White Shark only has 1 vote, it should have 2 votes! hehehe, Keep it up everyone!