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  1. Haha yep! He's the one.
  2. M8.. Exams start Wed!

    1. CptCookieMonsta_


      And its gonna be meeeeaaannn!

  3. I'm a massive Warriors fan! Was so happy after our win today over the Storm! Yea I agree with you about the top 4 and I think the next 4 will be Doggies, Sharkies, Warriors and I feel maybe Gold Coast?
  4. School Monday? xD

    1. Mio



  5. Fav - Coke Least - Dr Pepper (It taste disgusting here in New Zealand)
  6. I would try Resistance 2!
  7. PS3ExclusiveFien
  8. Naruto Shippuden You're so close!
  9. I hope Lads like Raheem Stirling and Jordan Ibe stay! They are both having great preseasons!
  10. I support Liverpool and I would expect a top 4 finish this year. They just need to turn the draws into wins that what I felt held us back on the table last year. Transfers have been a bit quiet so far probably because they are in Aussie. Sad to see Reina go but I think Mingolet will be great this season.
  11. Probably AC2 since I really wanna plat it but can't be bothered with feathers and subject 16 things etcWell Dne
  12. 9/10 It's a Football Club!
  13. I fail so bad... I have very little platniums and they are all easy games..
  14. Red dead redemption
  15. Yakuza: Dead Souls
  16. My easiest plat would have to be the Book of Spells if you have the move stuff. Or else The Sly Trilogy
  17. Will hopefully get on release date. Will probably start with the Grass or Water type. Might have to look at final evolutions first.
  18. Crash Spyro Dogs life
  19. Rugby Challenge 2 - Only one more Trophy should get it next time I'm on the PS3
  20. Mine was Lego Star Wars the complete Saga. Unfortunately has no trophies ;( still great fun with your mates.
  21. #yellowyoloswagg Have "Swag" I'm your Username.
  22. Football Enthusiast Own five or more Football games.
  23. Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)
  24. From my favourite boss in the Sly Cooper Series!