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  1. Haha yep! He's the one.
  2. M8.. Exams start Wed!

    1. CptCookieMonsta_


      And its gonna be meeeeaaannn!

  3. I'm a massive Warriors fan! Was so happy after our win today over the Storm! Yea I agree with you about the top 4 and I think the next 4 will be Doggies, Sharkies, Warriors and I feel maybe Gold Coast?
  4. School Monday? xD

    1. Mio



  5. Fav - Coke Least - Dr Pepper (It taste disgusting here in New Zealand)
  6. I would try Resistance 2!
  7. PS3ExclusiveFien
  8. Naruto Shippuden You're so close!
  9. I hope Lads like Raheem Stirling and Jordan Ibe stay! They are both having great preseasons!
  10. I support Liverpool and I would expect a top 4 finish this year. They just need to turn the draws into wins that what I felt held us back on the table last year. Transfers have been a bit quiet so far probably because they are in Aussie. Sad to see Reina go but I think Mingolet will be great this season.
  11. Probably AC2 since I really wanna plat it but can't be bothered with feathers and subject 16 things etcWell Dne
  12. 9/10 It's a Football Club!
  13. I fail so bad... I have very little platniums and they are all easy games..
  14. Red dead redemption
  15. Dis guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy