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  1. Thanks for the response man 🤙 Definitely gonna make this one a priority before I regret it for the rest of my life lmao
  2. So the Tier 1 servers are down again?...
  3. I suppose I played my part for the time being... I went ahead and retweeted, most importantly I commented 3 heartfelt and hoping messages to them on the tweet. We can only hope that they bring the contract servers back up and are respectful enough to give a set in stone date of closure..... I'm hoping just as much as you guys are that at minimum that will be the case... for the time being let's just do what we can to cause influence to their judgment and try to gain attention to the situation (:
  4. Game is currently on sale for only $1.99 USD. I was throwing this message in this thread here, seeing if perhaps anyone may have any more clear information if the trophies are still bugged? Is it only possible to obtain the platinum from scratch by not updating the game and keeping it at V1.00? @HuntingFever has a very extensive and in depth resource up for virtually all games that have trophy issues... And, Although I took a very careful examination at it, I was unable to locate this game In any section of his forum. I understand we are all human and can't possibly keep up on all information, all of the time. So any information on this would be highly appreciated and would clear it up for future reference... Thank you (:
  5. It seems that this game is only possible to get all trophies done on the PS4 version of the game... Vita version looks to be glitched or impossible to 100% 🤔
  6. Regardless of what a situation is, you have no right to jab at someone's trophy list that they have put hundreds upon hundreds of hours into. Just because it doesn't live up to your standards.. Very immature and quite rude to bring that up 😒 that in itself loses a lot respect for your profile. Disagreeing with someone's opinion is one thing. But dissing their list is really disrespectful.. ChromeSaw has plenty of titles on his list that require skill and time to complete. Smh
  7. Anyone know if there is further progress in this project for other games? (: how do things currently stand? I havn't seen any bit of information surface but maybe a few of you might have? 🤗
  8. Check it! I doubt it will work especially since it would have been a used work around method that is known alot more. But ya never know I guess
  9. How rare are the glitched challenges??
  10. How rare are the glitched Murphy Challenges?
  11. I wanted to thank @mekktor personally for finding this method and giving hope to anyone who placed all of their diamonds and also who refuses to change their name to fix their mess up on placing all of their diamonds. And a thank you from the bottom of my heart to @Razorsharp420 for sitting through 214 hours of this grueling online with me. And doing an extra 100 some hours using this method to finish the online portion of this game. Thank you so so so so so so much honestly. I couldn't have done it without your patience, dedication, and kindness.
  12. 10/10 Explanation Kumquat!!!!!!
  13. How often does it happen and take to resolve? I know that is a question highly unanswerable but do you have any idea if it it happens often and comes back on after a few days? Any info would help tremendously...
  14. This is happening again actually. Everyone I have encountered has not been able to save any maps in almost 24 hours.. We are all very worried
  15. Honestly wished they added trophies for Sigil, Final Doom, No Rest For The Living, Etcc...