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  1. Which trophy is unobtainable?
  2. Diablo III (PS3) (Also wrote the site's guide for the game) All that glitters trophy , days and nights on end farming gold to gather 5 million. Watched so much Netflix and podcasts during this. GTA IV (PS3) Countless hours online when it released and then gave up. Got back at it in 2020 via private matches and managed to finally do it. inFAMOUS (PS3) So. Many. Shards. GTA San Andreas (PS4) The game is a masterpiece ofc, but the PS4 port is trash. Camera angles and shooting almost made me dump the plat hunt but I finally did it.
  3. How is NFS Rivals plat? Harder than Payback? Its a steal at that price.
  4. My opinion may be biased since I'm from Greece. Loved the game and got addicted to it. I can see however how it may seem boring to a true AC fan. It's more of a twist to an open world combat game than a true Assassin one.
  5. SR 4 PS4 is at 15.38%, and PS3 is 10% ,neither version is Ultra Rare.
  6. I fired up my phat PS3 and earned Little Big Planet and Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time, both completed after many years. Also Saints Row IV Re-Elected on PS4. Currently working on Sly 3 (PS3) and Need For Speed (PS4).
  7. Man you got an awesome completionist list there, congrats. But I can’t help but choose Killzone 2 since I used to play all day long 10 years ago. Never managed to get the plat though.
  8. Motorstorm Pacific Rift, bundle with the console. That 80gb phat one.
  9. My Diablo 3 guide is published, check it out :)

  10. So the free games for this month were leaked by GamePointsNow. PS4: Mercenary Kings PS3: PES 2014, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Vita: Hotline Miami, Moto GP13 What will you pick? I will get both of the PS3 games
  11. 1)Sly 1 Apr 13 2)Red Dead RedemptionMay 24 3)Sleeping Dogs Aug 3 4)inFAMOUS Aug 7 5)Diablo 3 Dec 22 6)Minecraft Dec 25 7)Terminator Dec 28
  12. Hey guys I noticed that even though I have completed the story, I didn't get 2 of the story related trophies.. These are : Sons Of Mexico:Complete "The Gates of El Presidio". No More Fancy Words:Complete "An Appointed Time". Needless to say,I replayed them but still no trophy popped.Any ideas?
  13. Red Dead Redemption 31/49 :D

  14. #18 -The Walking Dead. Man I loved this game.It has so much replay value and the ending brought a tear to my eye.
  15. Hitman Absolution or Far Cry 3?

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      I have not played either but, my 1st thought is Hitman Absolution.

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