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  1. I'm actually half tempted to get this.
  2. Story progress has nothing to do with your level cap.
  3. It's got to be a glitch, because there is no speed boost ability. Unless they've upped the movement speed in the recent patch...or broke it.
  4. Quite a bit late response, but since nobody else answered it, no. It does not as you don't don't lose your "virginity" in that quest.
  5. I don't know why Match 3 is marked as missable, because it's not.
  6. Good to know, I'll wait on this edition.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty much in the same boat. I need more free space.
  8. Glad I read this thread, as I didn't know the new Pokemon game doesn't support the Pro Controller. Well, I won't be getting it until it does.
  9. I have to agree that this was more difficult than what's been out yet. Those new shield guys are a pain in the ass. Never really died in the main game at all, or the first DLC, but I ended up dying quite a few times in this one, all because of those shield guys.
  10. I just noticed this as well. I was maxed out on everything and then when I went to go look at my new crew theme, I saw I wasn't maxed out anymore. I went back through the patch notes and didn't even see anything mentioned about this. They just kind of snuck it in there, but I suppose they have to since the enemies will get stronger with you like always, so if your 70, your ship needs to reflect that as well.
  11. It's all still glitched. I've done well over the amount of breakables needed, obtaining the potions. The kill counter still doesn't work right, neither does reaching the 3rd floor of the dungeons. The only way I've been able to get them to pop, is to go back and do it all in one sitting and not turn off the game at all.
  12. I know exactly what I'm doing that day. I love The Witcher series and can't wait to jump back into it again.
  13. It would be the Ghostbuster's video game. That's the only one I'm locked out of for getting the platinum. I wouldn't mind bringing back The White Knight Chronicles server either. I can platinum it without them, but it takes MUCH longer to do.
  14. Welcome to the site Skarlet.
  15. The tracking is great isn't it?