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  1. @FarSideOfSaturn Hey, I was wondering if your able to help with the center of the galaxy trophy. I have a permadeath save with 5 warp cells. Thanks in advance Edit: No worries now g got the trophy
  2. Forge fall sharpshot bow upgrade it fully, use some good coils i.e. long range damage boost and combine it with powershots valor surge and you can hit 2000s sometimes. Good for boss fights
  3. Use the F12B2 kombo as Raiden (doesn't matter which variation) right at the start. Sometimes it will hit sometimes it wont; he can also jump at the start which will fuck you over. Practice the F12B2 move in training if you not familiar with it. After you hit the combo what I have been doing is hoping I get my xray, usually through being hit loads lol, if you hit your x-ray thats 13 hits.
  4. It just says damage dealt and i believe that is coming from breaking his armor
  5. Ok, so im hitting the combo at the start, is that actually counting towards the hits for the trophy?
  6. Bro I can get get a distance between me and him, I cant even knock him down lol, literally after his first hit I just get fucked.
  7. Yh dont spend any of ur honour, essense until u get everything to 105, get one character with a decent build, but u can deffo just hop into raids and use the preferences to find people with mics at 105 ki and u will most likely get trough it, once you have done chapter 2 ur basically done i did chapter 3 with randoms in like 10 mins
  8. I cant get the wrap artist trophy because the share wrap button is always greyed out, any fixes? Edit: I was being stupid, you have to fully create your own wrap you cant download one from the community tab and try to share that
  9. Edit: I got it working, thanks @HuntingFever, iive just started a new world, if I get the trophy I will make a thread so others can also use this method Second Edit: Okay so the trophy is also bugged on the 1.0 edition of this game (fuck these developers), furthermore when you install the bedrock edition from the old game you still dont have the 'edtions' button which is the only way you can get this or the online trophies
  10. Yooo, thanks for this guna try it now!!
  11. you cant download gams without patches if you have the digital version