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  1. Thx for the hint. It seems that each level is 0.5% because I aced two levels now and it increased by 1. The mini game quests also belong to that. Ok got it. That was it. You have to ace the 3 main levels und two of the side quests. Thx again
  2. Fifth time: From scratch again. This time I played alone, completed the main levels first. Then went to the last level and collected the first bubbles. No early crowing cock this time. After that add a second controller, collected the keys and completed quest by quest and collected the presents at the last level after each. No early crowing cock. With the last bubble the crowing cock, I was confident. But: 97% Played the first level of the main game, but that didn't help. Don't know what to do.
  3. Tried it the fourth time. Deleted all save games first. Started Journey Home, skipped intro > Game crashed with error CE-34878-0
  4. Played it for the third time now. Deleted everything, game and savegame, started from scratch. Collected everything to 100%, with two (in psn logged in) local players. Stuck at 97% What I noticed is, that the cock crowed at several bubbles at the top right level (with the presents) I deleted the profile save game and tried to play the last level again. The cock crowed too early again and after leaving the level the game crashed und the profile save game was corrupt. (tried it with both: boost mode on and off) [PS4 Pro, LBP3 digital version]
  5. I'm frustrated. The first time I had 97%, now I stuck at 99% at the DLC. I played offline the second time, did the aces first and invited a guest with my second controller for the 2 player stuff. Whats wrong with that game? What did I wrong? Why can't the developers just fix this? Collecting one bubble within the main game didn't work either. I think I have to play the DLC again.
  6. You are so damn right. I had a really hard time to finish these. Even with boosting it is insane. - find 8 people that will stay - try to organize teams and set up rules everybody stick to - wait a long time to get paired with other team - pray that no one gets disconnected and random ruins everything - pray that you get the maps you need I am really looking forward to the ps4-mp version
  7. Top 10: Germany: 4 USA: 1 Poland: 1 France: 1 United Kingdom: 1 Russia: 1 Belgium: 1 Top 100: USA: 19 Germany: 18 France: 11 United Kingdom: 8 Japan: 7 Poland: 6 Belgium: 5 Canada: 4 Hong Kong: 4 Austria: 3 Korea: 3 Spain: 3 Switzerland: 2 others: 1 According to the amount of players of each country, germany seems to be the most trophy addicted one. If you count in Hakoom (who has more than 1,196,000 pts and is officialy registered in usa), than usa has one more player. Just sayn
  8. https://store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/検索/f=%5Eアーケードアーカイブス%7Cbucket~games ¥823 each, ¥19,752 in total (Thats about €180 if you buy "¥10,000 cards" on eBay)
  9. edit: got it finally
  10. Anybody know if it is still possible? Cant connect at the moment
  11. There is a difference between rarity and difficulty. The current value shows the difficulty, NOT the rarity!! Thats what people confuses, and thats also why there are discussions about that. I would simply show both at this website. Problem solved.
  12. psnprofiles does not get my recent trophies when I update here. There seems do be a problem at psnprofiles. I have tried it here several times. psntrophyleaders works fine. I earned my 100st platinum about 10 hours ago.
  13. Visit PlayStation®Home on 50 different days
  14. ..and then no third party trophy site will work anymore, perhaps..